Mercedes-benz v-class roomy minivan with the makings of

Having a ride on a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, it becomes clear why some people buy it for so much money, for the same money you can buy an SUV or a luxury sedan. But the V-class can also provide luxury and a pleasant driving experience.

mercedes v class

For many years, the minivan Viano from Mercedes-Benz shows itself from the best side. It is usually used as a company car, and sometimes as a family car. After 2014, Viano has evolved into the V-class and now the car began to contain all the advantages of the S-class sedan: high-quality interior, space and modern technology.

The new Viano began to use adaptive LED headlights Intelligent Light System, they immediately go to the basic configuration Avangarde. High beam automatically switches when driving on the highway, so as not to dazzle oncoming cars, and in the city this function is turned off, because the city lights normally illuminate the road and there is no need for high beam.


Externally, the car looks like a normal minivan with elegant and sporty notes. In the Mercedes V-class has a full drive, it can be distinguished by the nameplate 4MATIC. And the ground clearance is the same as on the ordinary rear-wheel drive Viano. With all-wheel drive you can confidently drive on slippery roads. There are several options for the body, which will depend on how much the car will be passable.


V-class in the back of Marco Polo, you can even live in comfort in such a car thanks to a special roof

There is a version with an elongated body, its wheelbase is the same as on a regular body - 3200 mm. The difference in length is 245 mm. But in the long version more space for luggage. The luggage compartment volume of the long version is 420 liters. A third version of the body - a super long version, it is even more spacious, its length is even 230 mm longer. In all these cars, regardless of the length of the body, equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, the volume of which is equal to 2.1 liters.

In the configuration V 200d engine power is 136 liters. with., and in V 220d - 163 l. with. There are also more powerful equipment - V 250d, in the engine of which there are already 2 turbines, and the power is 190 liters with. The gearbox in the V 250d version comes with an automatic 7-speed 7G-Tronic Plus. Also here there is a system of all-wheel drive.


In the cabin of the Mercedes-Benz V-class, everything is made of expensive materials, the same used in the S-class sedan. If the performance of the cabin Avangarde, then its quality is even better. On the dashboard artificial leather, on the chairs - nappa, wooden decorative inserts. If the car travels in the evening, you can turn on the lights, then the car will be more comfortable.

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mercedes-benz-v-class salon

Emotions from the minivan are quite pleasant. You can order a sports package, and then the car will be installed sports steering wheel and pedals made of aluminum. There is a system of Command Online, it includes navigation, Internet browser, audio system, telephone, hard disk and DVD-drive.

There is a Mercedes-Benz Touch application with which you can use the functions of the car through a tablet and smartphone. As for the front seats, they are not very spacious, and the bottom cushion is a bit short, but it is comfortable to get behind the wheel, despite the fact that the seats are quite high. Next to the seat there is a place in which you can put a lot of various small things.

v-class seat

There is heating and ventilation of the front seats, but if you wish, you can also order these options for passenger seats. Sitting behind the wheel can not fail to notice the beautiful glowing threshold on which is written by Mercedes-Benz.

When the car is driving on a rough road, the seats do not rattle, because it uses a rigid mount without turning mechanism. This design is considered safer. Even the passenger part of the cabin is framed as high quality and beautiful. The cabin contains compartments in which you can put some small things, there are USB-connectors, holders, sockets and USB-connectors.

mercedes-benz-v-class electric drive

In the basic configuration of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class - 6-seater. But there is a complete set of 7-seater, thanks to a separate 3-m seats in the rear of the car. These chairs are quite narrow, so lateral support is well felt on them. You can fold the middle chair down and get a table.

For those who are going to sleep in the car there is an opportunity to order a one-piece sofa.

Security systems

Mercedes-Benz V-Class has a huge variety of security systems. There is a remote control button on the key, with its help you can open or close any door selected from the driver.

Passengers have their own climate control zone, which they will be able to control themselves using the remote control, which is located in the ceiling. As soon as the door opens, the system automatically airs the cabin. This is especially true in the heat. There is even an autonomous heating and ventilation system; it can be programmed or used remotely.

The remote control of this system is even more beautiful than the ignition key. In terms of control, the car is not much different from driving a car. In the car there are many security systems that will provoke the driver to do the right things, for example, the system warns if the distance to the front has greatly decreased, also shows that there is a car in the blind zone. Even if you run into the dividing line, the system will also let you know.

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mercedes-benz-v-class salon

Also, the system can determine whether the driver is tired, and offer him a rest. In addition to the warnings, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class can also interfere with driving - for example, there is a Collision Prevention Assist system, it starts braking the car itself if it gets very close to the driving object.

You can also turn on the Distronic Plus function, which will maintain the distance, the system will accelerate and slow down itself, so that the distance to the front of the traveling car remains the same - given by the driver. Also in the V-Class can be ordered complex Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, which includes all the most modern auxiliary systems designed to improve comfort, safety while driving and help the driver.

There is an ESP stabilization system that counteracts the strong side wind and levels the machine. As the light here, adaptive LED headlamps Intelligent Light System, which automatically turn on and off high beam. This is convenient when cornering. Also, the system turns off the main beam in time so as not to blind oncoming drivers.

There is a system that helps to find a parking space and can even park the car itself, because it is not always easy to do, because the length is more than 5 meters, but the visibility of the car is good and easy to maneuver. Due to the high landing clearly visible front dimensions of the car.

With a parking assistant, you can see everything around the minivan. You can also choose the view from the right cameras. You can bring the front or rear wheels up close, which is very convenient for such a long car.


The most popular modifications are V 220 d and V 250 d, they are equipped with motors with a capacity of 163 liters. with (380 Nm of torque) and 190 l. with. (440 Nm), respectively. A more powerful motor develops its maximum torque already at 1,400 rev / min. This is very important when overtaking, rebuilding, when you always have the maximum torque.

mercedes-benz-v-class motor

Also in the V 250 d there is an overtorque mode; if it is turned on, the power will increase to 454 l. with., and the torque will be 480 Nm. The machine in this mode becomes more frisky. Transmission switch faster, but still comfortable and smooth.

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There are paddle “petals” with which you can switch gears yourself. But if you press the gas pedal sharply, the automatic transmission still includes a kick-down, so there is no special need for paddle shifters. If you take a complete set with a 190-horsepower engine, then in a pair to it is the automatic transmission 7G-Tronic Plus.

If you drive on a dry road, then the work of all-wheel drive is not noticeable, and even on a wet road, it will be invisible, because the system itself thinks up how much torque to give to each of the wheels. Four-wheel drive works well with the stabilization system ESP and 4ETS.

mercedes-benz-v-class trunk

There are 2 types of suspension - comfortable and sporty, in the basic version of the all-wheel drive car there is a comfortable suspension;

In the sports suspension ground clearance of 15 mm. less than comfortable. But there is an adjustable suspension Agility Control, it is originally in the configuration Avangarde. Depending on the driving mode, it changes its properties. But the fact remains that in sports mode, the suspension is more rigid and road defects are more felt.

In comfort mode, the system adapts the shock absorbers to the driving style and condition of the road surface. In each mode, the suspension works thoughtfully, does not emit noise. In the pits the body almost does not shudder.

mercedes-benz-v-class table

But there is still vibration on the pavement, you cannot escape from it. Noise isolation is good, there is even a system that broadcasts through the speakers what the front-seat passengers say. Capacity here is quite good, if you fold the passenger seats, the cargo compartment will be 4200 - 5010 liters, depending on the length of the body.

S-class spirit

In this minivan, everything is not the same as in a regular bus, expensive interior trim is everywhere, new technologies, therefore, it is not necessary to compare the V-Class with other minivans, and the price for them will differ significantly.

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