Chevrolet suburban: car for lovers of harsh vehicles

Big American Car - in the case of Chevrolet Suburban These words should be written only with a capital letter.

Chevrolet Suburban SUV

On the other hand, this is another huge SUV, for which the concepts of "environmental friendliness" and "economy" are two unknown words with the letter “E” in the explanatory dictionary.

Generations change, power remains

In 1933, General Motors Corporation opened a “gold mine”, presenting to the public the first generation of Suburban SUVs. Throughout the following years, the car was consistently well dispersed among motorists and was extremely liked by brave American guys from various special services.

The first cars were released in a limited series and were used as official vehicles for senior officers of the US National Guard. Suburban became the base for the platform from the one and a half Gon galleon. Part of the body was made of wood. Inside, eight representatives of the commanding staff could fit in right away.

The second generation was not long in coming, having appeared already in 1935. Its body became completely metal, its capacity remained unchanged - 8 passengers.

Шевроле Suburban 2014

Since 1957, cars began to be equipped with all-wheel drive. It was already the fifth generation of the Suburban, which continued the evolution of the SUV. The car became more practical, its appearance more and more rounded.

But in 1960 there was a real revolution in the Suburban series. The sixth generation of cars was presented already full-fledged off-road cars with three doors and high ground clearance. These were real jeeps in the modern sense. Updated not only the appearance, but also a line of engines and transmissions. The volume gradually increased, reaching already the rate of 4.6 liters.

However, after 7 years, the car began to be produced again in the station wagon. Off-road version could be found except in Brazil - here it continued to be officially distributed. By the way, in this South American country from 1973 to 1991. the version of the American SUV’s eighth generation pickup was also sold. In those years, there was a separation of headlights on the low and high beam, which then became a characteristic feature of the model.

Car Chevrolet Suburban photo

Power units, engine size changed, but the appearance remained about the same, becoming only more representative. Designers are generally quite conservative in all that relates to the exterior. If there are changes, they are purely cosmetic.

For example, in the eleventh generation, introduced in 2006, a new grille appeared, and the headlights combined into one unit. On the modified bumper round fog lights appeared. Rear optics on the contrary, became rectangular. Body added to streamlined.

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Overview of the current generation of the largest SUV

Appearance Шевроле Suburban causes an ambiguous reaction. Some consider him to be a freak, without which the family can not do, even if it is the concern General Motors. Others admire not just power, but the real monumentality of this car. It is as if knocked out of the rock by the hands of mythical titans in order to fly rapidly towards uncharted expanses.

Chevrolet Suburban 2014 Rack

Этот внедорожник не стремится понравиться всем. Он не будет удивлять новейшими технологиями и интересными дизайнерскими решениями. Но если суровая, мужская техника – это ваше, то Шевроле Suburban бьет прямо в точку.

But let's finish with odes and move on to the review. Шевроле Suburban 2014 - This is not just a restyled model, but practically a new generation of cars. All the main indicators were improved: the frame was strengthened, the body was lightened, a new engine appeared, the steering and various electronic systems were updated. Salon has become more and more comfortable.

Immense spaces of the cabin

Inside a lot of space. Three rows of leather seats accommodate seven people. The pram fits here freely even without folding the third row. Therefore, some motorists consider Suburban the best option for a family car. The statement is rather controversial, but if we consider from the point of view of free space in the cabin, then a small family can even live here.

Salon new Chevrolet Suburban

On the panel you can find an 8-inch color screen. There is also a modern MyLink system, and passengers in the rear seats will be able to pamper themselves by viewing on two screens disks with the highest quality recordings. Six USB ports, 12 sockets - even if you consider how many people fit in the cabin, there should be enough connectors for everyone.

A trip to Suburban: the pros and cons

The hood of the car is very big - you need to hide a powerful motor somewhere. Nothing should stick up under the bottom of the car, despite the abundance of mechanics. Outside, the sound of the engine resembles the work of a small diesel locomotive. But inside the acoustic accompaniment of the trip will be quite comfortable regardless of the mode of movement.

The car is equipped with a good power steering, which makes managing this whole colossus easier. The turning circle from the cabin may seem small, but this is a deceptive impression. In fact, within a radius of 15 meters there should be no obstacles, living or not. Otherwise, Suburban may cause a small accident.

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Chevrolet Suburban 2014 фотоШевроле Suburban photo 

The car does not swing on uneven and almost does not roll when cornering. It is possible to order the installation of the suspension, which is used in American military vehicles. Judging by the countries in which these same American military vehicles successfully plow roads, there is no reason to doubt the quality of the suspension.

Front disc and rear drum braking mechanism contribute to a good slowdown of the heavy machine. The ABS starts to work only in an emergency situation during heavy braking, but it does not cause inconvenience.

Is it an SUV?

Body length - more than 5.5 meters. The ground clearance of 250 mm allows you to move over rough terrain, without worrying about the obstacles that might be waiting around the bend. This applies to the city. When the indicator is turned on, the driver of the Chevrolet Suburban becomes the owner of a unique right of priority.

You look at photo Chevrolet Suburban - SUV. You begin to look in life - a monster and all-terrain vehicle. In fact, his ability to pass impassable places and overcome insurmountable obstacles are greatly exaggerated. In the snow, the car feels just fine. But if you decide to take a ride through the swamps or stones, then a slight disappointment awaits you. Long base and heavy weight - these are the two main reasons because of which the car can get stuck. It is necessary to call a tractor (perhaps even a few), in order to later pull out such a colossus, therefore it is better not to risk it.

Chevrolet Suburban 2014 года

Шевроле Suburban любят американские фермеры. Российское крестьянство подобными автомобилями побаловать себя возможности не имеет – уж больно дорога повозка будет. Обычно российские автолюбители готовы тратить много времени, чтобы выбрать недорогой внедорожник. В России вообще отношение к большим, полноприводным, черным автомобилям несколько иное. Уж точно мало кто решится купить Шевроле Suburban for agricultural needs.

Often in Russian reality, such cars are hung with all sorts of additional "trinkets", which, according to the owner, should emphasize the power of the car. The suburban looks ascetic, but there is hardly any fan of competing on the road or just beating it.

Usually an SUV is used as an escort vehicle. On the basis of the brainchild of General Motors often create armored monsters that become an indispensable part of tuples, so unloved by motorists. The weight of such an armored vehicle can reach 6 tons. If you get stuck, then push out your hands just will not work. It is clear that escort cars can not boast of a special refinement of the cabin.

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Power units

In the latest models, the word “economy” is gradually beginning to enter the Suburban owners' lexicon. Despite the fact that an eight-cylinder monster continues to live under the aluminum hood, requiring a constant offering of fuel to the victim, its appetites are reduced.

Engine Chevrolet Suburban 2014 photo Двигатель Шевроле Suburban photo

Modern models to choose from are three gasoline engines, the volume of which is 5.3, 6 and 6.2 liters. Outside of mass production remain more powerful engines of 7.4 and 8.1 liters. By the way, despite such serious figures of volume, the power capacity of such units does not exceed the 6-liter engine.

Optimal at the moment the ratio of power and fuel consumption can be achieved through direct injection, variable valve timing systems, as well as the ability to turn off half the cylinders at low load. Helps to cope with the difficult task of restraining appetite six-or four-speed automatic transmission.

If the real herd of 355 "horses" does not satisfy the car requests, you can install a more powerful 6.2-liter engine, which will please 420 hp Under the pavement, the suspension is adjusted automatically due to the continuous monitoring of the condition of the road with the help of special sensors.


Americans love to sweep. Especially acutely you begin to understand this in the cabin Suburban. Wide seats, space for legs and head, a large box in which not only a couple of bottles of water will fit, but also a lot more.

The European driver is unlikely to ever be able to fully appreciate all the advantages of this SUV. But residents of the United States and Russia, despite all the contradictions and differences in the way of life, such SUVs are close.

A car often likes to deliver its owner to a gas station, and its maintenance will be very expensive. However, the charm of the power of Shevrolet Suburban is so great that if the motorist, after its operation, decides to change the car, then only with a similar one.

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