The network has a photo of a restyled hyundai santa fe


South Korean Hyundai Motor Company is actively experiencing updated model of its crossover Santa Fe. This car belongs to the third generation of this brand. As always, long before the official presentation, the restless paparazzi produced several photos of the updated SUV during road tests somewhere in Argentina and sold them to the Autoevolution portal.

It is clear that no one will demonstrate a restyled copy in all its glory, but even despite the prudent camouflage of the car body, the first general idea will not be difficult to get. Restyling is rarely when the appearance of the updated model changes dramatically, and here we also see nothing revolutionary. Is that change the "face" at the expense of a few tweaked front optics, and the rear, now the LED lights will no longer frame the traditional chrome trim.


If you look into the interior, then a slightly different multimedia system panel with climate control buttons immediately catches the eye. Maybe myself салон обновленного Huh-id It will be sheathed with more serious and high-quality materials than its older brother.

It is known for certain that the technical equipment of the restyled version will be different. It is about what will be under the hood. New "heart" Huh-id will be a hybrid version: a gasoline engine for the front axle and an electric one for the rear wheels.

Huh-id Officially present at the auto show restyled Huh-id is planned closer to the end of this year - the beginning of next year.