New 2018-2019 hyundai santa fe - hyundai santa fe 2018:

One of the most prolific Asian manufacturers Hyundai never ceases to please its fans, not only creating new model lines and configurations inside them, but also periodically releasing new generations of existing cars - in particular, Santa Fe 2018 (photo below).

Photo: New Hyundai Santa Fe 2018

Photo: New Hyundai Santa Fe 2018

The question of which class the new Hyundai Santa Fe belongs to (the photo below) is not at all accidental. The line of cars, named after the American resort town located in the state of New Mexico, includes five, six and seven-seat models, the length of which ranges from mid-size crossovers to small SUVs produced by the same Hyundai or his compatriot and closest competitor Kia .

For Western-style Hyundai, there is no problem at all: the 2018 Santa Fe (photo below), like its predecessors, belongs to the SUV class, to which both crossovers and SUVs and some other types of large vehicles can belong. What is it that domestic motorists should do, who cannot or do not want to simply ignore this question? The easiest and probably logical answer is to turn to an existing experience. In Russia, Hyundai Santa Fe cars traditionally belong to the class of crossovers - it means, so be it.

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