Comfort on wheels. why lexus ls and luxury cars are

LS series began its history in the past millennium. Car dealerships of Detroit and Los Angeles in 1989 became the site of the first presentation of the Lexus LS400. The car quickly found its admirers in the United States, but because the Japanese were thinking about entering the European market.

Lexus Ls 460 awd photo

The roads of the Old World new "Japanese" began to plow in 1990. Then they were equipped with only the V8 engine, whose volume was 4 liters. Power - 235 hp. Other power units were not provided.

Time to change

The first small restyling occurred in 1993. Small cosmetic changes were made, increased by 30 units and power - now it was 265 hp

The first generation was able to last more than a decade. But the year 2000 came, the next expected end of the world did not happen, and therefore the Japanese developers decided to show the world a new car series. Already in spring models with an index of 430 began to assemble on conveyors.

New Lexus ls 600h

In terms of dimensions, the second generation car was almost the same as its predecessor. Only the wheelbase increased - but immediately by 8 cm. The salon was again pleased with leather trim, the presence of wood and expensive plastic. The seats were equipped with an electric drive, and therefore a passenger of any configuration found in them the comfort of a loved one.

The main driving force was the engine with a volume of 4.3 liters. Engine power was again increased - up to 281 hp Up to a hundred, the car now accelerates in 6.7 seconds. The markets of the USA and Europe received cars with air suspension, but only optional.

The updated 430 had to wait for three years. In Frankfurt in 2003 another model was introduced. Lexus LS. The car received new bumpers, a "combed" grille and modified headlights.

Changes in the exterior were only cosmetic in nature, but the technical filling was replenished with more serious innovations. Under the hood of a sedan was placed power unit V8 with a volume of 4.3 liters. Power - 282 hp The maximum speed level increased to 250 km / h. Acceleration to hundreds accelerated to the tenths and amounted to 6.3 seconds. Decreased and the drag coefficient. As a result, the car has become more economical and acoustically pleasant to use.

Design models Lexus ls 460

The road lighting system has received the sonorous name Intelligent AFS. The beam of headlights varies depending on the speed of movement of the car and the angle of rotation of the steering wheel.

The car's interior is made in the best traditions of Lexus. Leather, wood, the abundance of electronics. Even in the basic configuration, in terms of comfort and safety, the model tends, if not to a warm home bed, then to a comfortable chair near the fireplace at least. Upgraded air suspension, ten airbags, knee protection of passengers. The multimedia system, which combines the DVD player and navigation system, is the crown of all this magnificence.

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Generations alternate

In 2006, the launch of the third generation of Lexus LS series cars begins. The car was built almost from scratch. The engine, transmission, chassis, platform, body - everything was completely new. Added a model and in size, increased wheelbase. Lexus LS460 at the time of its debut was rightly recognized as the most expensive project in the history of the Japanese group.

Lexus ls 460 car engine

Engineers with the utmost attention to the smallest details of the body. Chrome edging windows made without joints. Chrome itself is polished by hand. When painting a car, a double hand polishing system is used. The manufacturer declared the lowest level of noise and vibration in the classroom. Frontal resistance has the smallest coefficient in its segment - 0.26.

The interior is designed in a classic style for Lexus. The finish is dominated by leather and high-quality plastic. Wooden elements of decor Lexus LS 460 created by the specialists of the music department of the company Yamaha. Perhaps that is why in this salon you want to sing.

Adjustment of seats is made by buttons. You can adjust everything, even lumbar support and the position of the head restraints. The control keys are thoughtfully and logically as possible.

Power, comfort, safety

Index 460 in the next model of the series Lexus LS indicates the presence of a new engine. V-engine with 8 cylinders has a volume of 4.6 liters. Its power reaches 380 hp The D-4S system implies the presence of two fuel injection nozzles. This reduces its consumption and increases the draft by more than 7%. In the combined cycle of 100 km car consumes a little more than 11 liters.

Lexus LS 600H black

Air suspension copes with any irregularities, of which there are countless on certain roads. One of the main advantages of the Lexus LS 460 is the presence of the vehicle dynamics control system (VDIM). It can not be disabled, but this is not required. The system operates quietly, controlling the traction and braking the wheels if necessary.

It is clear that such a representative car must meet the highest safety requirements. There are a lot of security systems here. The glasses are covered with a water-repellent coating, which, even with the strongest rain, provides the driver with an excellent overview. Impact impact during an accident is significantly reduced due to the competent location of energy-absorbing deformable zones. All this and much more is the result of excellent ratings on crash tests of the car.

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Technology Pre-Crash Safety System monitors with the help of radar and cameras for the road. If there is any obstacle, but the driver does not respond to it, the system starts to brake the car. The driver of such a miracle of engineering cares about other road users. Mirrors are covered with anti-glare composition, and therefore traveling behind the car will not be blinded by the headlights.

Lexus ls 600h on the road

By the way, the 460 has an extended version. It passes under the name Lexus LS 460L and is intended for serious people who have a personal driver. All the extra length goes to increase the comfort of the passengers sitting in the back. In the “long” version, you can install Ottoman seats, with an adjustable backrest up to 45 ° and support for the legs. There is even a massage function. Multi-zone climate control allows you to set the required temperature for each passenger.

We are waiting for changes

The next restyling had to wait also for three years. An updated version of the Lexus LS 460 was introduced in Frankfurt. External changes were not so significant: a new grille, front bumper with a different form of air intake. Inside the car, a new LCD display, built-in audio system with two dozen speakers and 10 GB hard drive.

Further, new models began to appear at intervals of two years. 2011 - Car Touring Edition, having a modified form of the front end. Sportiness and dynamism added five-spoke rims. The seats also began to look more sporty. But leather and wood trim is not gone anywhere. Today, you can purchase a special modification of the F-Sport, which has everything you need for a real sports car.

Lexus ls 460 appearance

In 2013, the updated LS sedan was introduced in San Francisco. Everyone was waiting for a new generation of the flagship model, but in fact it turned out to be the next “redecoration”. The new front bumper and trunk lid, embossed hood, another grille - the list of external changes turned out pretty short.

But the interior has undergone a more significant alteration. The front panel in the cabin is completely new. It is equipped with a 12-inch display and a Lexus Enform system with Internet access. Changed and front seats. The basic version is still offered in two versions - with rear and all-wheel drive. In the first case, the 4.6 liter engine produces 386 hp, all-wheel drive - 360 hp.

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Caring for nature and owner's pocket

A separate conversation - about a hybrid car Lexus LS 600H. The letter H says just about the hybrid nature of the car. In addition to the internal combustion engine (5 liters), there are two more electric motors. The advantages of this system are easy to assess in daily and long traffic jams. Energy during braking does not go into heat, but is converted into electricity, thanks to which the driver starts, parks, or makes minor maneuvers.

The hybrid drive also provides significant fuel savings. When the battery is sufficiently charged, the internal combustion engine shuts down, the revs show zero. When standing in a traffic jam or at a traffic light, when maneuvering or moving slowly, only an electric motor will work when parking, which will push the car.

Lexus LS 460 salon

The fuel is not consumed, and there is no exhaust gases. Such a system is very environmentally friendly, economical and productive. True, some motorists perceive a hybrid with skepticism. The main argument is the phrase that "if a person has the funds to purchase such a machine, then due to a couple of extra liters, he definitely will not be worried."

The question is quite controversial. It is quite possible that the happy owner of the Lexus LS 600H could therefore earn money on it, that he knows the value of money and treats even such trifles extremely rationally. Anyway, the system works without failures, and a certain number of liters per year definitely saves. According to the manufacturers, from every hundred kilometers about 12 liters remain unused due to the presence of electric motors.

Despite all the experiments with the use of electric motors and the desire to save on fuel, Lexus LS remains a luxury car, emphasizing the high status of the owner and his taste.

By the way, how do you like this opposition? In this video, the Lexus LS 600H will merge in a fight with its main competitors: