Yesterday, the long-awaited korean compact crossover hyundai

Вчера долгожданный корейский компакт-кроссовер Hyundai Crete вышел в серию

Actually, they waited. Yesterday at the St. Petersburg Automobile Plant Hyundai started mass production of the car about which so much has been said lately in all media. New Korean compact crossover Hyundai Crete begins its journey to the heart of the Russian car enthusiast. And he already won the hearts of motorists from other countries without difficulty: high demand for this parquet SUV has already been recorded everywhere, where its sales began earlier than the Russian, the most ardent love to the car is expressed by Indians.

In Russia, the new Hyundai Crete the official presentation ceremony was held at the beginning of last June. Under the hood, the crossover can be installed by choice as a 1.6-liter gasoline aspirated with a capacity of 123 horsepower, or a two-liter, capable of demonstrating the power of a herd of 149 mares. Work these gasoline engines can be paired with a manual six-speed gearbox, and with six-speed automatic transmission. You can purchase both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive version of the car. The basic equipment of the new compact crossover will cost the Russian 750 thousand rubles.

Koreans themselves say that this car will find a new audience in our country, which will be amazed at the technical capabilities of this crossover and will love it specifically and the brand itself. Hyundai in particular sincere love. The name of the novelty in its meaning is a figurative play on the notion of "creativity" and the toponym "Crete". At the expense of new South Korean Automobile Corporation Hyundai is going to significantly strengthen its already strong position in the Russian car market.

Вчера долгожданный корейский компакт-кроссовер Hyundai Crete вышел в серию And in fact: this brand is constantly on the ear, and mostly only from the positive side. Models Hyundai Constantly occupy top positions in all automotive ratings of our country, you can not talk about foreign ones, they also love Korean cars. How to show yourself Хёндэ Крета, it’s not even worthwhile to think, although the ruble began again slowly, but to fall steadily against the background of the fall in the cost of the oil barrel. If the government continues to continue to act criminally inactive, and the Russians in their mass - to grow poor, then even such a successful project as Hyundai Crete, bent on Russian open spaces banal due to the permanent economic crisis. Excuse me, brothers-Koreans, we have no money for your miracle of technology ...

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Вчера долгожданный корейский компакт-кроссовер Hyundai Crete вышел в серию By the way, the novelty promises to be the most durable Korean car, since its body is welded from a special type of steel that has never been used anywhere before. In terms of technological excellence, there is no need to doubt the Koreans: there is everything necessary for a comfortable and, most importantly, safe ride in the car's body kit.