The french are going to bring to our market new models of

Французы собираются вывести на наш рынок новые модели Renault

French automakers, despite the difficult economic situation in our country, are still going to start selling not one, but several new car models. The details, technical characteristics and other nuances of interest to the intrigued Russian consumer will be reported as new products are introduced to the market. Now the management of the company is limited only to general information. The first model, which will soon debut on our car market, is, of course, restyled, Renault Duster. It has already appeared on the markets of other countries, but most likely, it will be supplied to us in a slightly different configuration. It is possible that together with updated Duster Russian dealers will appear and Renault Capture compact crossover which will compete in the niche with the Nissan Juke and similar cars.

Французы собираются вывести на наш рынок новые модели Renault

But much more interest, according to producers' expectations, will be caused by models designed for passenger and cargo transportation Renault Dokkerlovingly called "heel" and minivan Renault Lodgy. These cars are built on the Logan base platform, and therefore will not be too expensive for the Russian consumer. Given the popularity of Logan, Renault leadership will read these two cars of the "people's car" laurels. However, the Germans also positioned the Volkswagen model range at the time. However, folk in Germany, in the Russian realities, Volkswagen did not become such. After all, what is good for a Russian, then a German ... you know yourself.

Французы собираются вывести на наш рынок новые модели Renault

The fact that Dokker and Lodges will be made for Russians, by the way, was told by the leadership of the French Automobile Corporation a year ago. We hope that Renault managers promoting their brand in Russia took into account that this year the circumstances have changed dramatically, especially the cash weight of the average Russian’s wallet.

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In addition to these models, we face the appearance Sandero RSThis charged version of the famous hatchback, which has never appeared anywhere else in the world. And the latest revelation from Renault for the Russian consumer is quasi-circle Sandero Stepway. Hatchbacks with high ground clearance are generally very popular in Russia.