What is parking sensors

Not only novice car owners, but also experienced drivers often have difficulty parking their cars. Fortunately, technical inventions of mankind come to the rescue: parking radar or parking sensors will help to park without stress and damage to property.

For several decades we have known what parking sensors are in a car. So called the device, consisting of a block of parking sensors, parking sensors and beeper (distance indicator). This car gadget determines the distance to nearby objects and, in case of their critical proximity, sends the driver warning signals or displays information about the danger on the monitor in the cabin.


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How it works

working principle of parking sensors

Parking radar will help you safely park your car in almost any situation.

Законы физики составляют основной working principle of parking sensors. Парковочные датчики излучают звуковые волны. Те, в свою очередь, если на их пути встречается препятствие, отражаются от его поверхности и возвращаются обратно. Принятые обратно волны из датчиков передаются в блок парктроника, где информация о них обрабатывается, а результат появляется на дисплее устройства. На практике это оказывается очень удобной системой мониторинга – водитель видит, с какой стороны на его пути возник объект и сколько метров до него. Современные устройства паркинга имеют показатели точности до двух метров. Самые простые парктроники выпускаются без дисплеев, поэтому предупреждают автовладельца о приближении объекта только сигналом бипера.

For every taste and wallet

The choice of parking sensors is great - the taste and color of each driver will find its own copy. They are classified according to the number of sensors installed outside the car (there may be from 2-8 pieces), the method of notification (sound, voice, image or all together), the installation location of the sensors and their design features. Consider the most interesting specimens:

parking sensors with rear view camera

The most modern devices are equipped with a rear-view camera and LCD display.

  1. Parktronic with a video camera - the most modern option for those who want everything at once. How does the parking sensors of this type? It is equipped with a rear-view video camera, which is activated when the rear speed is switched on, and a projection is displayed on the display in the cabin with data on the distance of the obstacle with an accuracy of centimeters.
  2. Tape parking sensors - a device in which the point parking sensors are replaced with a flat band antenna. It is installed inside the plastic bumper and allows you to achieve higher sensitivity when detecting objects around. Such Parktronic are gaining popularity in Europe and America, but in Russia it is used very rarely.
  3. The most budgetary parking sensors - with two sensors attached to the rear bumper of the car. The price in this case also speaks about the quality of its work: since the sensors are installed only on the right and on the left, a “dead zone” is formed between them, appearing in which the object will not be visible to the gadget. That is why, even on the smallest cars, experts recommend installing parking sensors with at least four sensors.
  4. The best version - Parktronic with six sensors. Four of them are mounted at the back of the car, and two - at the front. This modification is perfect for novice drivers, who at first can be very difficult to navigate in space. Over time, if necessary, it will be possible to install a switch for the front parking sensors in order to turn them off completely or turn them on separately from the rear, for example, when parking in front.
  5. Eight sensors - an improved version of the previous version. Four front and four rear sensors. The front sensors are included together with the rear when the reverse gear is engaged, and also work in the process of braking when moving forward. If desired, they can also be disabled.
what is parking sensors

Parktronic kit with eight sensors

Parktronic have different installation methods. Parking radar with embedded sensors - the most common variation. His sensors are placed in the holes prepared in advance for them in the bumper of the car. In the case of dvuhdatchikovych PDCs very often resort to the installation by gluing them to the car. An obsolete option - outboard sensors mounted on special brackets at the bottom of the bumper.

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All nuances are equally important.

Только правильно выбранный вариант поможет понять, what is parking sensors, прочувствовать пользу от его использования. Необходимо помнить, что, помимо вышеописанных особенностей, все модели имеют разные технические характеристики. Какие-то из них способны «видеть» на расстоянии нескольких метров, другие улавливают опасность с точностью до сантиметров. Одним водителям при использовании электронного помощника достаточно только звука, другим проще ориентироваться на картинку на экране. Кому-то больше по душе устрашающий писк сигнала парктроника, а кому-то приятнее голосовые сообщения. Важной особенностью некоторых парктроников является то, что некоторые из них не способны качественно выполнять свою работу при пониженных или повышенных температурах окружающей среды. Совокупность всего этого нужно обязательно учитывать, планируя совершить покупку. В этом случае парковка и езда задним ходом подарит вам комфорт и ощущение не зря потраченных средств.