Jeep renegade and cherokee have identified problems with

Jeep had the opportunity to take part in another revocable campaign, which is associated with problems in the AKP, which were made by ZF. Thus, a large-scale review was announced, which will also affect a number of other brands.

Jeep Renegade

ZF has found that their 9-speed gearbox can itself involuntarily shift to the neutral position due to some kind of malfunction in the wiring of the unit control cluster. Therefore, the US National Road Safety insists on withdrawing cars with their gearboxes released between May 1, 2013 and July 15, 2014.

Among these cars were Jeep Renegade and Cherokee, as well as the Chrysler 200, the recall of which was already announced in the United States and in Europe, as well as representatives of other brands: Honda CR-V, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque and a number of cars brands included in the FCA alliance. However, apart from Jeep and Chrysler, no one has yet officially launched service campaigns.

It is reported that because of the unsuccessful design of the lever of its own transmission, the owners, for example, Jeep Grand Cherokee could not always be sure that the box was transferred to the "parking" mode. This circumstance, according to one version, caused the death of the American actor Anton Yelchin.

Meanwhile, the Jeep Wrangler was tested in Death Valley.