The right approach when choosing a used car


Buying a used car is risky, you can buy a hundred times beaten and a hundred times repainted, or even criminal nature. It is easy to buy a good car from your hands, you just need to be patient and know some nuances.

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The initial stage of choosing a used car

The choice of a used car, of course, begins with a search for a suitable option. When you begin to view ads for the sale, most of them simply drop out immediately. The reasons can be any number. For example, you read the ad and, it seems, everything is fine: both the price is affordable and the equipment is good, but you’re watching, and the owners were in total darkness. Or mileage is written a little, and for years, and in appearance, this is not exactly say. There can be a lot of nuances in the search, but first things first.

Search options

Before you start looking for a car, think about what you want to get for your money. It will save you a lot of time, do not chase the price. Prices on the secondary market are completely different, the same model can differ dramatically in cost.

In fact, it would not hurt to imagine in advance what kind of car you want. Need an automatic transmission? So write in the search parameters "Automatic", need a hatchback? Write in the search for this version of the body. Although in reality this is extreme. Usually, a particular car model is scored in the search, “I need a Nissan Almera”, for example, they write it in the request, then the necessary device is selected within the available purchase amount. No need to look at other models, it will only increase the search time, well, except to choose from two, a maximum of three cars of different brands, of the same class and price category. In this case, you do not spray much on the search.

Renault Logan 2014

Not many do it, but in vain. Subtract from the amount you have at least 10 percent. Buying even a new car, not to mention a used car, requires additional costs.

Buying a car is one thing, but you will need funds to design a car, a set of new rubber, a dry-cleaner cabin, replacement of consumables (it is recommended to immediately change the engine oil, change all filters and fluids), of course, the seller may say that everything is done literally before leaving. To believe or not is a voluntary thing, but it is better to be calm, knowing that there will be no further problems on this side. Having spent all the money on the purchase, you may simply not have enough money for such trifles as new wipers or replacing several light bulbs.

Price selection

It is highly recommended not to pay attention to the suspiciously low price and to the excessively high. It is unlikely that the seller, when he puts an inflated price, makes it based on the real cost of the car. Any owner wants not only to buy cheap, but also to manage and then sell it expensive. Too low a price should also be regarded as an inappropriate option. One car owner is aware of the problems of his iron friend, and he is unlikely to honestly talk about this and why the price is so low.

Hyundai Solaris 2014

Therefore, it is best to focus on average prices, with a spread of 10-15% up or down. You need to understand that for too low a price you will most likely get a car that may have a crime, or it’s just a pile of scrap metal. But as for the unreasonably high price, everything is also not so simple, the choice of a used car is associated with some specific features.

For example, you have found a suitable option, but the price bites. This may be because the owner has invested a lot of money in the car. It can be expensive tuning of the body or the cabin, expensive speaker system, a bunch of electronic assistants that are not even in the maximum configuration, and much more. Here you have to choose, you want to pay for it - a matter of taste, as they say. The overpriced price may also be because the owner is not oriented to market prices and wants to sell at a higher price.

Selection and comparison of the run with the year of manufacture

Of course, many may say that mileage is often reeled up and how to choose a properly used car in such conditions is not clear. But it also happens that the price tag is very tempting. There are a lot of nuances. Even an experienced person is sometimes difficult to deal with this issue, not to mention the newbies. The only thing that can be advised is to think a little and turn on logical thinking.

Daewoo Matiz 2014

Here is a simple example, a car produced in 2009, that is, it is already 7 years old, the declared mileage is 30-40 thousand km. Here you need to compare the facts, if you buy in a large metropolis, then with these traffic jams, bypass, ring and other cars, any vehicle will pass this run in a year or two. Because in this situation it is worth thinking about the fact that the run is simply twisted. Although the car could only be used in the summer season as a gardener grandfather, then it will be noticeable only by external signs, but more on that later.

Popularity model

In the matter of choosing a used car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% should be guided by such an important factor as the popularity of a particular model with a certain category of drivers. Recall the grandfather of the gardener, such people, as a rule, choose low-end models, but they also have a fortune like a brand new car, despite the years.

The next category of cars are women, for example, Daewoo Matiz, Chevrolet Spark and other small car. They also do not differ in large numbers on the run board, but they often have problems in another part. Cars whose owners are women, very often have minor defects on the body. It may be scratches, abrasions and chipped paintwork (paintwork), and there may be dents. You can talk about women's psychology for hours and it will still be incomprehensible, everyone knows only one thing: the majority of women relate to their car to the best of their knowledge about it, i.e. to put it mildly, not very good.

Very often, you can run into a car with a twisted mileage, which worked well in the fleet of taxi services. As a rule, this is a category of inexpensive and reliable cars. In a taxi, you can often find Renault Logan (car, frankly, scary, but really reliable), the VAZ of the latest models. If you take a big city, then Hyundai Solaris and other low-cost foreign cars that have proven to be in the taxi on the positive side. Most of these cars have a very high mileage, naturally it is wound, and no one will tell you that he was engaged in this unflattering business.

Chevrolet Spark 2011

In addition, it is necessary to treat with suspicion the cars of stolen brands (for example, the Toyota Camry or the Land Cruiser), and to some with caution. Take at least Gelendvageny or BMW, they can find not only scratches, but also well-painted bullet holes, not to mention the banal problems with documents.

Appearance on a photo

Information written by the owner can be greatly exaggerated, much more about his car can tell his picture. Human nature is arranged in such a way that the choice will be made exactly by the eyes. In fact, this is not far from the truth, because the photo can tell a lot.

Any announcement of the sale without photos of the product can weed out immediately, agree that no one will go to buy even shoes, not looking at them beforehand, not to mention the car. Especially how to treat the seriousness of such a seller, if he did not bother to just show everyone what he sells.

If the photo is still there, but it is of poor quality (blurred or made on a 0.3-megapixel camera), also say mentally - “goodbye”. The same words say, if you see photos of only individual parts of the car.

The conscientious owner, selling his iron friend, will not only tell, but also show in the photo to all potential buyers the so-called “shoals” (rust, scratches, chips and other defects of the body or interior).

In the photo you can see the fact of repainting, for example, if a separate body element is different in color from the rest. This means it was either an accident or other damage. The same applies to the photo salon. First of all, according to its condition, you can see how the owner treated the car. By the way, the fact of an accident can also be seen. Look at the steering wheel, if the airbag pad glistens like a new one, the conclusion suggests itself - the airbag shoots for a reason.

Pay attention to the date of the sale, if the ad is already far from the first month, then either no one wanted to buy it, or the ad does not correspond to reality. In addition, during this time the car could have been in an accident.

read carefully

The description of the car is given for a reason, it contains enough information (if the seller does not care about selling the car) In the ad must be a maximum of important information about all the advantages and disadvantages of the machine. If it says “bargaining, questions over the phone,” this is at least not serious. A normal buyer, after reading the information, must call to find out all the details and arrive at the inspection.

Comments of this type “sat down and drove” or “with the steering wheel with one hand, wipe the other with tears of happiness” are also no good. But if it is clearly described where exactly the car was serviced, what changed, the presence of the service book indicates that the person is confident in his car, as is the person writing “any checks”. This means that the person is not afraid of them and is confident that the car will pass them without problems.

Of course, you can choose a lot and take a long time, but it is worth remembering that a used car is sold not only because of buying another, but also because it has problems that “got” the owner and he really wants to charge these problems to another.

Choosing a used car "live"

Finally, the car is selected, and you go to the inspection. It is better to take with you an experienced driver, and even better - a good mechanic.

Where to start inspection

Naturally, the inspection begins with the appearance. Go around the car, carefully examining the LCP, even with a magnifying glass, it's okay, you pay for it. Look from the bumper to the door sills without missing the smallest scratch. Do not forget to wipe the place of this defect, then the seller will see for sure that you have noticed the defect, and therefore the price may have to be thrown off.

As a rule, the first impression is the most important thing, the car may not like it at first sight, which means it’s definitely not your option. Inspection of the car body is one of the most important events, because body repair is not cheap. If there are obvious signs of an accident, then know that in the future there may be major problems, for example, the inability to make the correct alignment of the wheel alignment or the violation of the body geometry.

If you know that the car was broken, never buy it, even if the car is expensive, and is cheap. Rapid wear of rubber, moving the car to the sides and cracks on the glass are only the most innocent consequences.

Car diagnostics

The best option is to diagnose the car in a service center. If you had a car to your liking, be sure to go through this procedure, and even if the seller is confident in his iron horse, then he will easily agree to this.

In a specialized center you will be told in detail about all the shortcomings of the car, from the chassis and engine to the body and lighting engineering.

Remember that choosing a properly used car is not difficult at all, and even if you have experience maintaining a car, it will be much more difficult to deceive you. In addition, bad experience is also an experience. So do not be afraid of this, cars are sold by the same people.

Good luck and, as they say, neither a nail nor a rod.