The japanese introduced a restyled toyota highlander for the

Японцы представили рестайлинговый Toyota Highlander для американского рынка Updated crossover Toyota Highlander 2017 I received one more engine in my engine range, an automatic transmission was added to it, the electronic body kit was expanded due to the start-stop system and improved standard security systems. Another new equipment appeared, well, Japanese designers did not manage without traditional facelift. Petrol 3.5-liter "six"coupled with an automatic eight-band transmission, appeared under the hood Toyota Highlander 2017. With a peak torque of 356 Nm, it is capable of demonstrating the power of a herd of 295 horses. About twelve liters of fuel eats this engine in a mixed style of driving, on asphalt - about nine liters. Compared with last year's model, these pozchchatel look much more attractive. The new engine and transmission are available in the new crossover configuration, called the SE. BUT hybrid version Highlander instead of one basic configuration got them as many as two: LE and XLE. All assemblies received an updated exterior design and increased comfort inside the cabin.

A basic security package called Toyota Safety Sense expanded with a system for preventing a frontal impact, recognizing road markings and pedestrians, traffic control in the lane, radar-equipped cruise control and automatic high-beam driving appeared. Японцы представили рестайлинговый Toyota Highlander для американского рынка Initial front wheel drive package Toyota Highlander LE received under the hood of a 2.7-liter "four" for 185 "horses" with a torque of 250 Nm. This motor is paired with a six-speed automatic. In the city, the engine's appetite is limited to almost twelve liters of gasoline, on the suburban route it eats about ten liters of fuel.

Under the hood Highlander Hybrid there is the same 3.5-liter "six" paired with eletromotorom. The total power is 306 horsepower. This hybrid crossover Toyota Highlander has the most modest appetite: 7.84 liters for country asphalt and 8.4 liters in the city. All hybrid configuration Toyota Highlander 2017 all-wheel drive. Японцы представили рестайлинговый Toyota Highlander для американского рынка The front-wheel-drive assembly of the LE stands on an eighteen-inch cast, the cabin has an audio system with a six-inch touchscreen, it is synchronized with the smartphone via bluetooth. In the cabin can ride eight people. Seats of the last two rows can be folded, forming a giant luggage compartment. At least elephant carry. Corner repeaters are integrated into the side mirrors that are heated. Slightly more advanced equipment LE Plus has become more comfortable due softeksovskoy finish seats. Fog lights, an electric tailgate, a driver's seat received additional adjustments and belt support, an audio system with an eight-inch touchscreen and a satellite antenna, are updated. For the atmosphere in the cabin will now be responsible three-zone climate control. The leather is sheathed steering wheel and gear selector. Японцы представили рестайлинговый Toyota Highlander для американского рынка But the assembly XLE has a fully leather interior, heated seats, start with a button, electric sunroof, roof rails and blinds, multimedia system, anti-theft, navigator and a lot of other "goodies".

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The top grade SE got a "tinted" grille, the same color lights and roof rails. Leather-covered seats stitched with silver. The beauty of this nineteen-inch multi-spoke casting also black looks irresistible. If you pay extra, passengers can enjoy the entertainment system Blu-ray during the trip. Японцы представили рестайлинговый Toyota Highlander для американского рынка Dorestaylingovy crossover Toyota Highlander We sell for 3 159 thousand rubles. But it is no longer shipped to Russia. The Japanese said about the restyled version: we will bring it to you. Just forgot to clarify when.