The best driving schools in yaroslavl


Driving a car can be carried out not only in state organizations, but also in private driving schools. According to official statistics, there are more than 60 such educational institutions in the Yaroslavl region.

Driving at the driving school

Choosing a driving school, pay attention to the percentage of students who successfully pass the exam, using only one attempt - this will be the best indicator of the quality of education. In addition, it is worth remembering that performance also depends on how comfortable a person feels in the learning process.

Читать далее о лучших автошколах Ярославля-->Поэтому рейтинг автошкол Ярославля стоит составить не только на основании данных официальной статистики, но и с учётом отзывов учеников.


The driving school, whose classrooms are located on Volodarsky Street and on Tutaevskoye Highway, began its activities within the walls of the military academy. Despite the fact that the main educational institution has already ceased to exist in its then form, the driving school still exists today, and teachers use many principles of military training - the need to maintain discipline, strict program sequence, a very detailed study of the material with the development of practice to automatism.

Yarfina Driving School of Yaroslavl

Another feature is the presence of academic degrees from teachers who conduct theoretical training courses - this affects the quality of presentation of the material. The result is a phenomenal rate of 80% of students who pass both examinations of traffic police without a second attempt. This indicator is the best in the Yaroslavl region, with the exception of driving schools that train less than 10 students per year.

The cost of training is 32-42 thousand rubles, depending on the type of transmission, which is equipped with a car. The material base of the driving school is very good - in addition to the widespread VAZ training machines, it includes cars made by Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, KIA, Opel. For lovers of large SUVs driving school in store Hyundai Santa Fe - training on it helps the driver to better feel the dimensions of a large car in the city.

Отзывы показывают, что преподаватели образовательного учреждения «ЯрФИНА» очень вежливы и используют исключительно профессиональный подход к выполнению работы. При этом никакого духа «военщины» в автошколе не чувствуется — о прошлом напоминает только результативная строгая программа подготовки водителей.


The second place in the rating of Yaroslavl driving schools is occupied not by a prestigious private institution, but by a regular vocational school No. 13. Of course, there is no need to expect miracles from the state lyceum - there are no modern simulators and computer classes to increase the efficiency of training, and practical training is conducted mainly on VAZ cars and trucks.

Driving school Pu-13 in Yaroslavl

However, a significant advantage of driving schools on the basis of a vocational school is a strong teaching staff. As a result, the percentage of students who passed the traffic police exams successfully at the first attempt is 77%, which is beyond the reach of most educational institutions.

Стоимость услуг автошколы для сторонних лиц составляет 29–31 тысячу рублей в зависимости от времени записи. Для учеников профессионального лицея предлагаются существенные скидки. Однако статистика показывает, что численность учащихся в автошколе PU-13 уменьшается с каждым годом, поэтому не будет неожиданностью, если она прекратит своё существование в ближайшем будущем.

Driving School Virage

Third place in the ranking is occupied by the driving school “Virage”, the branches of which are located at the Red Congress and Uritsky Street. The percentage of successfully passing exams among her students is also quite large - 63%. A good teaching staff and modern material support give excellent results, as evidenced by official traffic police statistics.

In the training program, special emphasis is placed on various everyday situations - parking, entry to the garage, reverse driving, driving in the center of a large city. Pupils have the opportunity to choose an individual form of training with personal planning of the length of the program and the start time of classes.

Driving School Virage в Ярославле

The cost of training in a similar driving school is 28-31 thousand rubles. For students undergoing retraining from another category of driver's license, this amount is reduced to 24.5 thousand rubles. The technical base of the driving school is quite impressive - it includes:

  • VAZ cars;
  • Machines manufactured by Opel, Hyundai, KIA, Chevrolet, Haima;
  • Big SUV Great Wall Hover Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% ;
  • Light trailer.

Feedback from a driving school shows that instructors are patient with students' mistakes and try to teach them not only the minimum required for passing exams, but also the skills that are required for safe driving.

Driving Russia

The rating of Yaroslavl driving schools also included the training center "Rus", located on Sverdlov Street, which took a high place thanks to the proportion of students who successfully passed the examinations equal to 62%. The material support of the educational institution is at a good level - for training, VAZ hatchbacks and station wagons, as well as Renault Logan sedans and trailers for passenger cars are used. Thanks to this, driving school students have the opportunity to master all the features of driving a modern vehicle.

Driving Russia в Ярославле

Tuition is equal to 28 thousand rubles, which approximately corresponds to the average market prices. Reviews show that training is conducted exclusively professionally, although two students had conflicts with instructors. However, the learning process was completed in these cases, which allowed people to get a driver's license. The driving school graduates a limited number of students, so the question of its future work remains open.

Driving school Svetlana

Nearly 62 percent of those who successfully passed the exam in the traffic police are also among the students of the Svetlana school, whose classrooms are located on the streets of Volodarsky and the Main. All teachers of this educational institution have a very long driving experience and experience in this field, due to which it is possible to achieve excellent learning performance.

The advantage of the driving school is also the presence of modern simulators and computer equipment, which helps to improve the quality of the educational process. Among the services of the school there is also the restoration of driving skills in people who have rights - this will be especially important for people who have spent a long time without a car. Schedule training in a driving school and payment for services in such a case is determined individually.

Driving school Svetlana в Ярославле

Driving school website Svetlana

The fleet of the educational institution is impressive - there are new models of VAZ, Renault, Ford and Hyundai. For those who want to learn to drive with an automatic transmission, Renault Megan is offered with the appropriate equipment. The cost of the main program in a driving school is 33 thousand rubles, which is only slightly above the average level. Reviews show that training is carried out very qualitatively, although some people lack additional elements of the program, for example, extreme driving or analysis of problem situations.


Стоит также рассмотреть школу «Autopilot», расположенную по улице Кудрявцева. Показатель учеников, успешно получивших водительское удостоверение в первый раз, составляет 60%, что позволяет говорить о её высоком уровне. Профессиональные инструкторы имеют немалый опыт, что позволяет им обучать будущих водителей основам правильного и безопасного управления автомобилем. Однако специальные элементы в программе автошколы отсутствуют — обучение ведётся строго в рамках государственных нормативов.

Driving Autopilot in Yaroslavl

As a material base of the school, cars VAZ, Ford and KIA are used, which allows students to get acquainted with the features of modern vehicles. Tuition is 30.5 thousand rubles. For students and some other categories of students driving school provides significant discounts. There are no retraining programs for other categories of driver's license.

Which school is better?

The first feature of a driving school that you should pay attention to is an indicator of learning performance, which is the proportion of students who successfully passed the exam on the first attempt. Only then you need to look at the material base of the institution and other features, because they can not replace an experienced teaching staff.

Renault training car

However, when choosing from the best, you should give preference to the school where you will be most comfortable studying. This is due to the fact that a person best acquires information and gains new skills, if not in a state of tension. Also, do not forget to check whether the driving school has a license that allows it to carry out training for future drivers.