A comparative review of the german trinity cars: crossovers


What is a compact crossover and what is the reason that most motorists respect this particular segment? In this article, we conducted a comparative review of crossovers that represent the "big three". In other words, we will try to compare the three most popular German models of crossovers: Mercedes, BMW and Audi and find out which one is more suitable for the Russian buyer.

Compare Mercedes GLA with Audi Q3 and BMW X1

Compare Mercedes GLA with Audi Q3 and BMW X1

It is noteworthy that people like crossovers like because of the rather big engine power, good accelerating dynamics, relatively low fuel consumption, endurance and amazing performance. According to the preferences of most buyers, our three crossovers are equipped with a diesel engine, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

Читать далее о сравнении лучших немецких кроссоверов-->Действительно, любой такой компактный кроссовер, если понадобится, способен взять на буксир передвижной дом или даже лафет с катером. Официально заявлено, что они способны тянуть грузы массой до 2 тонн.

Crossover Information
Car model:Mercedes GLABMW X1Audi Q3
Debut:year 2013year 20092011
Engines:benz, 1.6-2 l (156-211 l / s) diesel, 2.1 l (136 l)benz 2.0 (150-184 l / s) diesel. 2.0 (184-218 l / s)benz 1,4-2,0 l (150-211) diz. 2.0 (177 l / s)
CAT:7-pole robot6MKPP, 8AKPP6МКПП, 7-pole robot
Price of basic versions, rub:1 430 000 — 1 590 0001 389 000 — 1 795 0001 244 000 — 1 684 500

All three crossovers are ideally designed for movement on an asphalt and flat road, therefore they are shod in low profile tires. This makes it possible even for the tall and highly leaning Audi Q3 to pivot with great gusto, and BMW and GLA to behave like sports cars.

Video on how to choose a modern crossover:

What forced to go to Riga

To test we went to Riga. Why was the capital of Latvia chosen for this? The answer is ridiculously simple. Only in Riga did we manage to get a Mercedes-Benz GLA car. A thousand kilometers did not become an obstacle for us. Having learned about the presence of a test crossover in Riga, we soon loaded the Audi Q3 car trunk with the necessary equipment, placed the measuring device in a BMW and arrived at one of the most amazing capitals in the world. Here we have to arrange a hard exam in order to identify the winner.

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA

В Риге нас уже ждал компактный кроссовер Mersedes GLA, оснащенный 2,1-литровым дизельным турбодвигателем мощностью в 136 л/с. Коробка передач семиступенчатая роботизированная и в Латвии такой бриллиант автопродукции стоит около 40 тыс. евро, конечно же, без учета НДС.

BMW X1 car with a capacity of 218 hp and with an 8-speed automatic transmission, equipped decently, costs already 2,542,228 rubles!

As for the Audi Q3, this car turned out to be the most democratic in price - 1,788 thousand rubles. On the Audi Q3 installed 2-liter gasoline engine producing 211 hp and seven-step robot.

Late exit Mercedes GLA - advantage or mistake

Audi Q3 car, which was released three years ago, looks like new. As for the old BMW X1, then he knocks already for five years. It turns out that with the launch of the youngest of the three crossovers of the car late years of commercials by 4? Whether this is suitable for GLA or not, we will not judge it thoroughly. The test will show everything.

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA: вид сзади

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA: вид сзади

On the one hand, getting out of the late car model probably gave manufacturers some advantages: to explore the weaknesses and advantages of competitors, to analyze the demands of customers and much more, contributing to improving their car better than it was. The Germans can and do it like no other in the world.

On the other hand, the delayed exit of the automobile model prevents the conquest of “a place under the sun”. The quick guys from Munich and Ingolstadt have already managed to divide the leading places between themselves.

But the son of difficult mistakes is built on the basis of A-class cars, which by itself explains such a solid appearance and an enviable quickness on the roads. The model line of the same car provides a gasoline engine and a turbo diesel. The base price of the car also does not cause any complaints - 1.5 million rubles, which is very good. Is this not enough to easily establish itself in the list of the most compact premium class crossovers?

It turned out that a little!

Let's start with the ground clearance, which the front-wheel drive version of the car is only 148 mm. This will not give way to accelerate the gully. In addition, the Russians are so far offered the only all-wheel drive version of the car - the petrol GLA 250 4Matic, which costs 1,590,000 rubles, again, without taking into account the options. It is much more expensive than the initial all-wheel drive versions of competitors.

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA: вид сбоку

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA: вид сбоку

Касательно эргономики у GLA также не все ладно. Да и что там – больше всего вопросов, касательно отделки возникает, как это ни странно слышать, именно к автомобилю Mersedes GLA.

This does not mean that the salon GLA is bad. Not at all. To him no complaints. The salon was borrowed from the A-class, for which the front panel with three central deflectors became a kind of calling card. For some connoisseurs of retro-style, such a design of the car evokes sentimental nostalgia: the same rounders were on the classic Italian car of 1996, loved by many. Who remembers will understand.

We set up a perfectly shaped seat in the style of Sport, embrace the steering wheel covered with soft leather and are already mentally transferred to the dealership cash desk where we pay the first installment. Indeed, the strength of a brand is some kind of magic that can enchant everyone, even a qualified expert. But after the euphoria has subsided and the emotions have subsided, some disappointment has come. Glance came upon a dubious view of details. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru car and solutions, after which the euphoric three-radiance completely disappeared.

Well, who needed a 5.8 inch “photo frame”, which is definitely out of place here and all the time looms before your eyes. This is not only annoying nerves, but can actually become a threat to a car being hacked by car thieves. If law-abiding Germans are unaware that the hunters of automotive electronics have not yet transferred, then we know what these barbarians are capable of. Understand that the display can be pulled out of the car only with meat, they can only after they break the window of an expensive crossover.

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA: салон

Автомобиль Mersedes GLA: салон

Everything would be fine, but also confused by the design of the car’s instruments, the white numbers of which look clearly faded against a gray background. Hard plastic, which is allowed on the bottom of the front panel, is no better than the material used by less well-known automobile brands. If we add to these drawbacks a low roof of the car, modest exterior mirrors and uncomfortable too huge rear head restraints, which worsen the view, it becomes clear that GLA designers were completely bothered by different ideas that were not related to improving the interior.

The rest of the car is good GLA. Its trunk not only has an enviable volume of 421 liters, but is also equipped with an electrically operated lift door, which its competitors do not even have to pay.

I also like the box-transformer, which is located in the niche of the car under the floor. Here you can attach the most diverse "staff". Impressed and neat hatch of the car, designed for dlinnomerov and made in the rear seat backrest. The sofa of the car pleases with a large supply of space, which allows the knees not to stick in the front seats and not to support the ceiling with the head.

Our GLA pleased and smoothness. Although he was shod in low-profile 18 “tires, the praised Mercedes’s smoothness didn’t go away.

In the GLA car, the suspension is slightly relaxed, but this in no way affects the car’s handling. True and the light is not necessary to wait, but there are no problems with controllability. At a decent level, the relationship of the suspension with the driver and its reliability, which does not cause fear or panic even at the highest speeds. In short, the chassis is worthy of all praise.

Not bad proved and diesel version of the car with 136 liters. with. Such an engine, of course, will not be able to compete on equal terms with competitors in terms of power, but the car pulls briskly from its place - the 10 s / 100 km declared by the manufacturer are completely real. In addition, the diesel is not too noisy and perfectly copes with a 7-speed robotic box with two clutches.

In addition, GLA clearly stands out from the competition and the correct form. Audi looks roundish, BMW is universal and only the new Mercedes looks geometrically correct.

But, as they say, one beauty will be clearly not enough to win this tough competition, where the GLA opponents are not any cars, but representatives of the German automotive trinity!

Тест-драйв автомобиля Mersedes GLA:

BMV X1 спортивный баварец

Интерьер автомобиля BMV X1 по сравнению с Mersedes GLA, где все вызывало недоумение, напротив хорош. Чем больше времени проводишь в салоне этого спортивного немецкого автомобиля кроссовера, тем лучше чувствуешь эстетическое удовольствие.

Автомобиль BMV X1

Автомобиль BMV X1

Немаловажную роль в интерьере «баварца» играет богатое оснащение, на которое немцы явно не скупились: приятного цвета кожа светлых оттенков создает ощущение небывалой легкости, а удивительной красоты панели сделаны под живое дерево и смягчают неприятное впечатление от грубоватого пластика. Но все-таки преимущества автомобиля BMV X1 лежат глубже.

Landing in this car crossover is certainly the best in comparison with competitors. We are talking exclusively about the sports landing, which is available for a certain surcharge. Everything is there - a lot of settings. This electric adjustment of the lumbar support, and rollers lateral support, and comfortable chairs. In short, any driver, even the most picky one, will be honored to sit behind the wheel of this Bavarian car.

Что касается центрального дисплея, то он имеет высокое разрешение. Если в стандарте диагональ представлена семью дюймами, то на тестовой модели автомобиля BMV X1 он был равен 8,8 дюймам. И самое главное, что дисплей аккуратно вписывается в переднюю панель. Что же до шайбы системы Idrive, то и она выглядит намного лучше, чем мерседесовский контроллер.

Visibility in a BMW car also deserves praise alone. Explain such a successful idea, you can probably compact front panel, close fit to the windshield or thin front racks.

The chassis of the BMW X1 is the ideal for superb handling on smooth surfaces. The smoothness of the course, though inferior mersedesovskoy, especially on broken roads and asphalt ruts.

The engine of the car, as mentioned above, the BMW X1 with a capacity of 218 hp As for the work of the 8-speed box, it showed itself in many modes only from the best side.

The main thing is that the car driver is happy! But the negative from communicating with the machine is transmitted to the rear passengers, who in the “Bavarian” will not be too comfortable. A car sofa cushion, first of all, causes, to say the least, strange feelings - it is too short and it is not clear what it is intended for. There are no air vents at the back, which, especially in hot weather, will have a negative effect.

The volume of the trunk of the car is not frail - as much as 420 liters, but there is no electric door. The smallest in the dough was the height of the raised door of the BMW, about which a person 180 cm tall would hit his head precisely if he did not pay attention to load things into the rear compartment of the car.

Test drive a BMW X1:

Audi Q3 or nothing foreshadowed victory

It was the turn of testing Audi Q3 - this German car, who was familiar with the test in Moscow. There he showed himself well on all four Moscow rings or on Malaya Betonka, Moscow Ring Road, the Garden Ring and the Third Transport Ring.

Audi Q3 Car

Audi Q3 Car

The equipment of the car Audi Q3 looks relatively modest. Excellent sports seats provide extra charge. The same can be said about the display and the steering wheel dotted with all sorts of useful buttons. Although again, with all this, the car is perceived as not enough premium.

But in Audi all the decor materials are good. It looks great retractable LCD display, which is also well read, and which at any time can be hidden at the touch of a button.

The seats can be called perfect, because they do not suffer due to the lack of electric drives. But still, the number of adjustments for BMW more. But the drum volume control audio, located on the steering wheel, is still considered the most convenient car accessory.

Audi Q3 Car: салон

Audi Q3 Car: салон

With all these advantages, Audi still gave rise to discontent. The absence of the rear armrest of the sofa and the backlight of the driver's mirror of the sun visor immediately catches the eye and causes bewilderment. How can you miss these important components in a car of this class, is it not clear? Surprise caused and completely ridiculous shelf trunk, not rising with the door, because of the lack of fasteners. The trunk itself turned out to be “naked”: there are no nets, no organizer, or any hooks here. But they are available from competitors, which is definitely not in favor of Q3.

On the other hand, the trunk itself is more voluminous than that of the same BMW and GLA. Although Audi has the shortest wheelbase in the top three, but the reserve space of the rear seat is comparable with competitors.

Here riding is for Audi, as for fish is water. There are no complaints here. Q3 happy smoothness, not inferior to the Mercedes in handling. The Audi engine is great and comparable in dynamics to the Bavarian engine, and the box switches almost imperceptibly and soon. Audi buyer will be satisfied with the quiet and almost silent operation of a gasoline engine, the noise of which is several times lower and more elegant than the roar of the diesel engine of competitors.

Comparison of technical parameters
Car model:Mercedes GLA 220 CDI 4MaticAudi Q3 2,0 TDI Quattro S-tronicBMW X1 xDrive 20d Automatik
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km:6,16,36,3
Engine power, l / s:170177184
Price in euro, thousand:45,15533,4935,85
Test tires:Yokohama C.drive 2Michelin Latitude SportMichelin Primacy HP
Interior width front / rear, mm:1435/14101490/14401455/1465
Track width front / rear, mm:1569/15601571/15751500/1529
Width, mm:1804/20221831/20191795/2044
Engine type and location:4-cyl in a row turbo front pop-chno4-cyl in a row turbo front pop-chno4-cyl in a row, longitudinally in front
Number of valves / camshafts:4 per cylinder / 24 per cylinder / 24 per cylinder / 2
Timing Drive:chainbeltchain
Working volume, cm3:214319681995
kW (HP) at rpm:125 (170) 3400130 (177)/4200135 (184) 4000
Nm at rpm:350/1400380/1750380/1750
Maksim. speed, km / h:215212213
Drive unit:fullfullfull
Wheel size:235/50 R18V235/55 R17v225/50 R17V
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km6,0/4,5/5,17,0/5,3/5,96,1/5,1/5,4
Tank volume, l:506461
Trunk volume, l:421-1235460-1365420-1350
Acceleration, s / 100 km:8,47,67,9

Off road

If we evaluate our crossovers on the ability to drive off-road, then none of them are suitable for this. As one expert successfully put it, they are all “frontier guards”, meaning the habitat of these German crossovers, limited mainly at the junction of asphalt and dirt roads.

Off-road driving test

Off-road driving test

In the basic versions of all three cars monoprivodnye, but there is a difference in the BMW, which is built according to the classical scheme, involving the removal of the drive to the rear wheels. Audi and GLA front wheel drive.

All three models have modest engines, which is also due to low prices.

Если планируете выезжать на бездорожье, то без полного привода точно не обойтись. И GLA в данном случае, представленный в российской линейке 211-ым бензиновым двигателем в разнообразии уступает конкурентам. Те же Ауди и БМВ предлагают full привод не только в бензиновых, но и в дизельных версиях.

As for the transmission, it is more or less the same for all three models. This means torque, which is transmitted to the second axis by a multi-plate clutch.

In a word, the not very muddy black earth was chosen as an off-road site, as there were fears that at the end of the exam the tractor would have to be called up for help. But it was a difficult country road with obstacles that can be easily found along the road to a picnic.

BMW showed itself well, but was hampered by a long front overhang. The car now and then caught the bumper of the bends of the roadway, before getting on the belly. And all this with a solid ground clearance of 198 mm.

GLA with the declared clearance of 187 mm, sat on the rapids before competitors.

As for the ride height of the Audi, it is 170 mm, but due to the short base and small overhangs, only this crossover coped with its task - not to hit the face in the dirt on the roads.


In fact, competitors are practically on an equal level. If there are disadvantages, they pay off with advantages in other parameters.

Хотя GLA и оставил слабое впечатление свои дизайном, бензиновая версия Мерседеса получила высокий балл за акустический комфорт и отменную динамику, а недостаточная плавность хода BMV X1 компенсируется шинами с более высоким профилем. То же можно сказать и про Ауди, который если оснастить побогаче, то благодаря отличной обзорности и отменным задним сидениям, встанет в один ряд с конкурентами.

Expert points
Car model:Mersedes GLABMV X1Audi Q3
Management bodies:999
Front compartment:899
Rear compartment:988
Behavior on the road:898
Smooth running:989
Geometrical performance:889
TOTAL SCORE:8,38,48,5

Let's try to become tougher, because this is an exam. So, the Mercedes-Benz GLA is definitely a smart and stylish car, but only its expensive version GLA 250 4Matic, which has all-wheel drive and good ground clearance, can be called a truly compact crossover. As for front-wheel drive versions, active drivers may not like them and seem boring.

В отличие от этих моделей, даже базовая комплектация BMV X1 выглядит лучше и скучать не заставит точно. Там, где проедет GLA, даже по пересеченной местности, не спасует и БМВ, хотя и может изваляться в грязи, ведь его конек точно не бездорожье, а ровный асфальт.

Audi Q3 - a car with a thoroughbred asphalt manners and at the same time quite good inclinations of an SUV. This is the most universal of all in the trinity and its poor equipment pays off at a modest price, which will not prevent its logical victory in our comparative review.