Little hyundai getz in the secondary market

Hyundai Getz - a compact, comfortable, well-managed car, you can buy it for less than 10 thousand dollars. When these cars first appeared on sale, they began to find their owners very quickly, not only because of the low price.

Hyundai Getz with more than 80,000 mileage

In Hyundai Getz work really trouble-free motors, the only thing that can happen after 60 thousand km. run - This is the current crankshaft oil seals. Spark plugs do not stand very often 30,000 km and because of them the Sheck Engine light comes on. Therefore, as soon as this light bulb caught fire, it is not necessary to take time and immediately start replacing the candles, because if this is not done, the oxygen sensor can fail and even an expensive ($ 800) neutralizer. It was also noticed that after about 4 years it is time to change the corrugation of the exhaust system, which can burn out or make it, especially if you do not follow the cleanliness in the engine compartment. You can also instead of the corrugations to put the harmonica.

After Goetz rolls 80,000 km it's time to change the engine mounts, which cost about $ 60. Usually, everything starts with vibrations, then a knock appears in the supports, if at this stage they are not changed, then the body will collapse on one of the supports, after which the engine may fall and damage the wheel drive.

Hyundai Getz in the secondary market photo

Also, do not forget that the timing belt should be changed once in 60,000 km., to avoid serious consequences. There are engines with a volume of 1.3 liters, and there are 1.4-liter engines, and so, the latter are more picky about the quality of the fuel. If the quality of the fuel is low, then the engine will stall until the car warms up, or it happens that the engine turns around. These situations can be fixed quite simply - to reflash the control unit, such an operation will cost about $ 100, if the machine is not under warranty.

You also need to monitor the cleanliness of the throttle unit, if this unit becomes dirty, floating speed will appear on all engines in the Goetz. The culprit in the contamination of the throttle unit is the crankcase ventilation system, so it is necessary to periodically clean, and the work is quite delicate, it must be trusted by professionals. Also desirable once in 15000 km. do the replacement of the air filter, the benefit that you can even do it yourself. And of course, once in 60,000 km. It is necessary to change the fuel filter, which is located in the gas tank.

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Replacing the control unit stove Hyundai Getz photo

After 100,000 km. пробега cooling radiators often failed because lower tanks began to flow. After restyling, they began to install stronger tanks. Also, the automatic durability does not differ from the Hyundai, which were installed on the Goetz of the first years of production, there were frequent cases that these boxes were worn out на 100,000 km. пробега. There are also cases that the input and output shaft speed sensors fail, there are problems with the electronics on the automatic box, after which the car starts to twitch, and the automatic box goes into emergency mode - the third gear will always be engaged. Fortunately, the repair of this box is inexpensive - about 200 dollars. And if you follow the box and once in 45000 km. change the oil and filter, then there will be no problems at all.

In most cases, a manual gearbox is installed in Hyundai Goetz, it may also require some repairs after 60 thousand km. - gear shift drive cables are torn, as for the clutch disc, it already fails after 120,000 km. run. A new one is worth $ 90. About на 100,000 km. пробега Usually it is necessary to change the seals of the drives, intermediate axle bearing, release bearings

Second-hand Hyundai Getz purchase second-hand photo


Even if the rear suspension is OK, then it makes a considerable amount of sounds. For example, knock top mounts on the shock absorbers, if they do not have time to warm up. This, of course, is nothing, but if these noises strain, you can change the regular shock absorbers to softer ones.

Rear shock absorbers can hold out no more than 70,000 km. run. Такой же ресурс и у втулок, и у стоек стабилизатора. Что касается передних амортизаторов, то они дольше смогут отслужить – около 100,000 km., после чего их придется менять, а они стоят по 90 долларов.

Usually it is necessary to immediately change the thrust bearings, each bearing costs $ 10. You can also replace the wheel bearings, steering tips, silent blocks, ball bearings of the front levers.

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Коробка передач Hyundai Getz бу

There is still such a problem for the Getz - these are rather weak studs for attaching wheels to hubs. But the good thing is that these studs are inexpensive - $ 1.5 and can be easily changed. Almost all Hyundai Getz are equipped with power steering, but on older versions, still dorestaylingovy, with a 1.6 liter engine, there are electric boosters.

In the hydraulic booster, the tube connections may mist up, and knocks on the worm shaft appear on the electric booster when the car is driving on a bad road. But this is all nonsense. If there is a backlash then 120000 kmthen it can be adjusted. There may also be a slight crunch during torsion with the steering wheel, which means that it’s time to change the steering shaft bearing for $ 20.

Hyundai Getz city photo


Brakes в Гетц служат довольно долго – передние колодки служат about 40000 kmfront discs 100,000 km. The rear wheels are drums, the pads on them are about the same. On 1.6-liter vehicles, there are disc brakes on the rear wheels.

Getz's body

The body of the Hyundai Goetz resists rust well, if the paintwork is in order. Galvanic zinc-containing primer is applied under the paint. But the metal itself is not good enough, so as soon as chips or scratches appear, they should be immediately painted over so that the rust does not grow.

On dorestaylingovyh cars paint is not particularly resistant, and after 7 years of service, it can swell on the doors, trunk and thresholds.

Interior used Hyundai Getz


The salon retains its appearance for a long time, it uses low-cost materials, but the fabric on the seats is not wiped. Sometimes there are creaking in the cabin. The car has air conditioning, however, it must be recharged every 4 years. In the trunk you can put a considerable amount of luggage, thanks to the correct shape of the luggage compartment.


Hyundai Getz is a budget car, but it is in demand, for the year it loses about 9% of the initial cost. Now a decent car with a volume of 1.1 and in the 3-door body can be bought for about 240,000 rubles, but it is cramped and you cannot accelerate much. But the most nimble 1.6-liter modifications can be bought for about 300-350 thousand rubles. But they will have a manual box, and for those who want a machine, you will have to add about 30,000 rubles more. But modifications with a 1.4-liter engine are considered the most popular; they can be taken on the market for about 250-340 thousand rubles. Hyundai Goetz - this is a liquid car, then you can always sell it, because budget cars are always in demand.

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Hyundai Getz бу

Driving Hyundai Getz

Design Getz was developed in the design studio Hyundai in Frankfurt, so the car looks like a real European - smooth lines, beautiful bumpers and headlights. In general, the interior looks quite businesslike, even the center console is turned towards the driver, which means that this car is a driver’s car.

Если взять мотор с объемом в 1,3 литра, у которого 12 цилиндров, то на нем машина спокойно разгоняется, правда без особой резвости. Suspension здесь достаточно мягкая, в салоне не слышно шумов. По городу автомобиль ездит уверенно, без какого-либо напряжения.

Goetz steering wheel is not sensitive enough, especially noticeable when a sudden obstacle appears. With a sharp turn of the car heels, but directional stability is maintained. When the car enters sharp turns, it feels like the car behaves confidently, holds the trajectory well, the diagonal swinging appears slightly. In general, the car is reliable in management, good brakes, compact size and favorable price - all these are undeniable advantages of Getz.

Straight to the point: a short video about the state of the Hyundai Getz's clutch after 126 thousand km. run God forbid you face such a nuisance!