How to repair block abs with your own hands

Automakers strive to make their products as safe as possible for consumers. To do this, almost every vehicle gets a set of all new blocks of electronics and other automation. The presence of ABS in the design of the car is hardly possible to surprise anyone. However, with an increase in the number of nodes in the car, the probability of failure also increases. We have to learn how to repair the ABS unit.

Some drivers simply "fold back" contacts from this node, but this solution reduces the level of driving safety. This is especially important when driving in the off-season and on a slippery road.


  • 1 The functioning of the electronics in the anti-lock system
  • 2 Actions when the ABS indicator lights up
  • 3 Self repair of sensors
  • 4 Repair of electronics
  • 5 Conclusion

The functioning of the electronics in the anti-lock system

The job of ABS is to provide straightforward movement of the machine in critical situations. Under heavy braking of the car, this unit does not allow to completely block the wheels. Thus, the vehicle does not skid. Often this function helps during maneuvers on slippery roads.

The anti-lock system includes the following components:

  • several sensors located on the wheels;
  • electronic control unit responsible for switching on / off individual elements;
  • light indicator mounted on the dashboard by the automaker.
how to repair the ABS with their own hands

Block ABS

Electronics also monitors the health of the entire complex and the resulting defects during operation. When they occur, a light signal appears on the dashboard, notifying of the problem. After that, you will need to repair the ABS yourself or ask for help at the service station. The second option will be more expensive. Most often there they are offered to completely replace the unit, and not to bother with figuring out the exact place of an open circuit in a chain or a non-working element.

Actions when the ABS indicator lights up

When the driver turns the key in the ignition, the computer system diagnoses the performance of the main components through the sensor system. It is considered normal that the indicator with the word “ABS” lights up for about 3 seconds after cranking the key. Further, it should go out in order to confirm the health of the unit.

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When the attenuation does not occur or the light comes on while driving, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  1. Vehicle is parked in the nearest permitted area.
  2. Using a multimeter, we diagnose the voltage on the battery, which should not be less than 10.5 V.
  3. We check visually and by disconnecting / connecting the contacts on the battery.
  4. Inspect the wires from the ABS sensors for integrity or breakage.
how to do repair the ABS sensor do it yourself

Diagnosis of ABS

If simple troubleshooting methods fail to identify the problem, then you will need to contact the station for more accurate computer diagnostics. The equipment will determine the error code, deciphering which will reveal the fault. Further, the defect will only eliminate. In this case, there are two ways: independently or with the help of the workers of the bus station.

Independent repair of sensors

Various reasons can cause the indicator light to come on. There are serious problems that cannot be ignored. And it happens that it is enough to clean off the dirt from the sensor, and we can assume that the repair of the ABS sensor with your own hands is almost complete. In any case, a visual assessment of the state of the sensor must be carried out.

This will require jacking the wheel. Next, unscrew the bolts and remove it from the hub. After that, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction from the wheel being diagnosed. Unscrew the bolts that block access to the sensors.

how to start repairing your own ABS

Dirty ABS sensor

Clean rags clean the sensors from plaque. It is advisable not to use the aggressive "chemistry". You can moisten the cloth in a mild soap solution, and then remove moisture with a dry cloth. Repairs with sensors are usually not carried out, and if they have obvious mechanical defects or damage, then such parts must be replaced.

After cleaning, we return everything to the places in the reverse order of disassembly. Check the information from the indicator light on the dashboard. If the issue is resolved, the “ABS” will go out, and if it is not resolved, then it is necessary to identify problems in the electrical unit.

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Repair electronics unit

The main problem associated with the inoperability of the ABS electronic unit is the lack of contact between the elements. This can occur from mechanical (shaking or sharp vibrations), chemical (due to corrosion) or electrical problems (burned out by increasing voltage).

how to repair the ABS unit
Step 1. Removes the block
how to do the repair block ABS
Step 2. Using the knife open it.
how to quickly repair the ABS unit
Step 3. Identify the failure
how to do the repair of the ABS unit in a foreign car
Step 4. Solder the contacts
How much will it cost to repair the ABS unit?
Step 5. Check with a multimeter and wait for cooling
how to repair the block ABS
Step 5. Hermetically close the case and put the block back

For repair, you will need to disconnect the problem node and take it to the workbench for easy repair. We open neatly housing with a construction knife. Usually for sealing part of the plastic case taped. We do not run the knife deeply so as not to damage the wiring or other elements.

We reveal the place of break or other malfunction. With the help of a pulse soldering solder the damaged wires. Also soldering station Weller is suitable for soldering. Ceramic base can not be overheated, otherwise all the work will lead to complete failure of the entire board. It will only throw it away.

We assemble the unit after repair. Then install it in its place and check the signal on the dashboard. If the indicator has ceased to light constantly, then this means that the problem has been solved.


When an ABS fault signal appears on the dashboard, it is worthwhile to quickly check its condition at least visually. If the mechanical cleaning of the sensors did not bring a positive result, then you will need to repair the ABS unit yourself or with the help of specialists. Tightening the repair is not worth it, because this system increases driving safety. It is allowed for some time to drive without ABS, but it is better to do it in dry weather, at low speed and on a good road.