A year has passed since the start of the serial assembly of

Прошел год с момента старта серийной сборки Lada Vesta: время подводить итоги Yesterday AVTOVAZ celebrated the anniversary of the departure of the new sedan Lada Vesta in the "series". Despite the fact that one year is so little, the anniversary of the production of this particular model is still significant for our automobile industry. Because the model range of the Togliatti Automobile Plant has not experienced such dramatic changes for quite a while, and because the new product, “correctly submitted” to the mass consciousness of Russians, especially during the economic crisis, was expected by many motorists with particular impatience. In the spring of this year AVTOVAZ published the data of opinion polls about cars of various brands sold in our country, and as it turned out, Russians began to love cars of the domestic auto industry, and specifically, LADAmore than the rest. More precisely, more than to other cars, the loyalty of motorists is growing. The peak of the growth of this loyalty came just in the year before last, just at the time when the information company developed in Lada West and dealers got the first copies of the novelty. Vestu started selling last November, with only medium and luxury assemblies in the car line, the basic equipment appeared a little later, right before the new year. At the beginning of 2016, the initial configurations were upgraded, and the price tags for them remained the same. In March Vestu began to paint in four new colors, and later another equipment appeared - Luxe/Multimediawhich after some time promised to supplement with lateral airbags. In addition, the announced version Vesta Exclusive. The announcement of this version was held at the Moscow Motor Show and it was called so directly - special version of Lada Vestaas the extended version Vesta Signaturewhich is produced only on special orders.

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Прошел год с момента старта серийной сборки Lada Vesta: время подводить итоги By the end of 2015 at Izhevsk facilities AVTOVAZ they collected the promised five thousand cars, and after another three months more than fifteen thousand units were assembled in the finished Lad Vest. And in the summer, the work shift at the car factory rose to ten hours, which allowed producing up to four hundred cars a day. Price tags on Lada West in the year they changed only once - in May. Then the sedan in the basic configuration jumped in price from 514 thousand wooden to 529 thousand. Since the beginning of this year The news hit the top ten best-selling cars in Russia. And by May, she had already snuck into the top five. January 2016 AVTOVAZ начал экспортировать Ладу The news на заграничные авторынки. Через месяц Lada Vesta won four stars of security according to the ARCAP method, winning on this most important indicator the Solaris and Focuses popular in Russia. A month later in line of motors Vesta A 1.8-liter AVTOVAZ engine will be added. By December, the assembly line will be launched in Kazakhstan. In addition to the gasoline version Лада The news AVTOVAZ developed bitstream Vesta CNG and electric Vesta EV. They are preparing to see the light of Vesta Sport and Vesta Cross.

Прошел год с момента старта серийной сборки Lada Vesta: время подводить итоги

The results of this year since the start of production Lada Vesta for the model is very good. No matter how much skepticism many may have been about the development of AvtoVAZ, it must be admitted that a completely different model has finally emerged in the Russian automobile industry, and a different one in principle. She won the market, pushing it competitors with more sonorous names. And this was probably not the case with Russian cars. Yes, there are some flaws, but the work on the improvement of Lada Vesta continues. But the main thing is that the Russian car industry has finally made a huge step forward by presenting a car to motorists, an order of magnitude higher than what it had been before.

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Прошел год с момента старта серийной сборки Lada Vesta: время подводить итоги