Changing the gearbox oil

Most motorists pay attention to the quality of engine oil in a car, and changing the oil in an automatic transmission often fades into the background. Such neglect of the transmission units can lead to costly repairs.

The replacement procedure is carried out at almost every service station. However, you may encounter unscrupulous workers who poorly conduct such an operation. In order to be confident in the result, the drivers independently discharge the working out and fill the tank with clean oil.


  • 1 The need for replacement
  • 2 How to choose the oil for automatic transmission
  • 3 Partial replacement of automatic transmission oil
  • 4 Cleaning the filter system
  • 5 Self complete oil change
  • 6 Conclusion

The need for replacement

As a result of the operation of the gearbox, wear products are formed When the teeth of gears rub against each other, small metal particles break away from the surface and move along with the oil. A large number of such particles gradually increases the viscosity of the liquid and pollutes it. Additives, which were originally protected from foaming, corrosion, are gradually developed, and the remaining small part can no longer cope with their functions in full.

how to make a quick oil change in an automatic transmission

As the oil for an automatic transmission becomes thicker over time, viscous oily liquid is poorly distributed at lubrication pointstherefore, the wear rate of rolling and sliding bearings, bushings, and other rubbing surfaces on the ACCP parts increases. Consequences from improper lubrication are detected by indirect signs, for example, problems with gear changes regularly occur, when you press the brake pedal in the “D” position, the vehicle’s traction decreases, etc.

How to choose the oil for automatic transmission

Initially, you need to find out what is in your gearbox. To do this, you can refer to the service book, instructions for using the car or the official website of the car company. When replacing, you can follow the rule of generations of oil. When a mineral liquid of the type Dexron-3 was poured into the car, the next generation of Dexron-4 will not harm either, even if the new is semi-synthetics or synthetics.

The “automatons” of the last century are not so fastidious as to the brand of lubricating fluid, unlike the modern six-speed units. In four- or five-step, sometimes similar analogues are poured, while the mechanisms successfully digest this product.

You need to know that changing the oil in the gearbox automatic with six steps requires a more careful selection of fluid than for mechanisms with fewer steps.

More "capricious" modern units are designed for a narrow range when choosing oils, especially because of the settings of the transmission control unit (TCM), so you need to carefully follow the recommendations of automakers.

what is the difference between automatic transmission oil

The difference between new oil and refining

It is also not recommended to mindlessly mix various types of oils so that a mineral-synthetic emulsion with unclear properties is not formed. Such a “cocktail” can be badly pumped by a pump, which means that the pressure will decrease with negative consequences for the entire gearbox.

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Partial oil change in the automatic transmission on its own

Before you change the oil in the automatic transmission, you need to get rid of mining. There are two ways to do this: remove the fluid by gravity flow or use machine vacuum pumping. In this case, it is required to remove the underside protection and find a drain hole in the pallet of the gearbox housing. It is often closed by a screw plug. Before it is necessary to substitute a container for draining, which will hold several liters of old oil. The method allows to get rid of 60-70% of the old liquid.

After removing partially contaminated liquid, add pure ATF oil to the required level. On this mixture, you can drive about 150 km, and then repeat the operation with the discharge and topping up. This way it will be possible to upgrade about 80-85% of the fluid in the system. However, the disadvantage of this process is the loss of about 40% of the purchased transmission oil.

how is the complete replacement of the oil in the automatic transmission do it yourself
Step 1. Stocking up the necessary amount of oil and filter
how to perform a complete replacement of the oil in the automatic transmission do it yourself
Step 2. Unscrew the drain plug and dispose of the old fluid.
how is the complete replacement of oil in the automatic transmission with their own hands in a foreign car
Step 3. Remove the pallet and remove the residual mining
how to change the gearbox oil in Japanese cars
Step 4. Flush the dirt sump with kerosene or gasoline
how to change the gearbox oil in German cars
Step 5. Remove the magnets from the metal chips, and the filters from dirt
How cheap is the replacement of oil in the gearbox automatic
Step 6. Fill new little

A little more effective will be the way with the removal of the pallet. The amount of liquid to be removed at one time will be more, although this option is more easily soiled to perform, the loss of oil is also present, but in a smaller amount.

Cleaning the filter system

Oil upgrades are not enough to fully resume the lubrication system. Requires still update all filters. There are two types of oil cleaning: magnetic and mechanical. In the first case, metal products that fall into the liquid during the interaction of steel rubbing elements are eliminated. For the second case, a mesh filtering unit is integrated in the system.

Both filters open after removing the bottom case cover. Magnetic catchers are located at the lowest points of the pallet. The second filter is located with the valve control box.

If a large number of “hedgehogs” have gathered on the magnets, then it is worth understanding that the automatic transmission has a significant wear of the elements. This may be a signal for major or preventive repair of the unit. Wear particles can be removed by flushing the cap in kerosene or gasoline. Reusable cleaning filters with mesh also wash with gasoline. For more thorough cleaning, the net is often flared to clean the insides, and then rolled back.

If the filter is disposable, then it is simply changed. The period of their recommended replacement, depending on the intensity of operation of the car, is from 15 to 20 thousand kilometers.

After all washes, it is necessary to set the pan to its previous position and pour clean oil. To fill all the cavities and install the correct oil level will take some amount of time, so you should not plan for long trips during this period, you also need to control the oil level in the box with a feeler gauge.

how to pour oil for an automatic transmission

Vacuum pumping oil from the system

The method of controlling the oil level on different brands of cars may vary. For example, Toyota can be measured on a running motor and the position of the switch "P". For Honda, the correct level of the probe will be only on a muffled engine. Therefore it is necessary to consult the instruction manual.

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Self complete oil change

It is also possible to completely replace the oil in the automatic transmission with their own hands. The method was invented by the “folk craftsmen”, therefore, it is better for those who are well-versed in the car’s device to take on it.

The car must be heated to operating temperatures. To do this, you need to drive in quiet mode a few kilometers. Then you need to install the car on the overpass or inspection pit. Next, we drain the oil from the automatic transmission through the hole with a threaded plug, and then unscrew the screws on the pan for maximum drainage of the liquid.

In the next stage we clear the pallet and the filter of pollution using solvent or kerosene, if necessary, change the gasket and assemble the structure in working condition. Now you can pour new oil.

You can pour a little from the maximum level. Disconnect the wire hose from the radiator and use the extension tubes to direct the flow into the tank so that the fluid jet is visible. The assistant must start the engine and wait for the engine to stop after the outgoing oil jet is not polluted, but transparent. This will indicate that working out almost extruded from the system.

The pipe can be connected to the radiator, securely fasten it with a clamp and pour oil to the working level in the automatic transmission.


It is possible to replace the transmission oil independently without visiting the service station. To do this, you need to stock up with double the volume of liquid in the case of a partial replacement or a small additional amount with a full replacement. In the second case, you will need an assistant.