Dodge ram srt 10 sport truly american pickup

Today we are under the scrutiny of the Dodge Ram SRT 10 Sport - a very powerful machine, but not useful in terms of traction. American developers installed a powerful engine from a sports car in this rustic rear-wheel drive pickup.

Dodge Ram SRT 10 Sport

Yes, it is very cool when the car is powerful, it's great when you press the gas to the floor and you understand that you are driving an unprecedented power. And the thing is that it is located under the hood - an 8.3-liter V10 engine with two turbines, this engine produces 980 horsepower! Not bad, is it?

Dodge Ram SRT 10 Sport

In general, all American cars are impressive for their huge size and powerful engines, so this car is another confirmation of this. For example, Americans have another good car, but it is more thoughtful - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

This Dodge Ram SRT 10 Sport has enormous power, and the result is not very impressive - the wheels are constantly stalled as soon as you push the gas to the floor. The control is not very convenient, because when the rear wheels are slipping, the car starts up, you need to keep control. But for a huge American pickup, this is normal.

Another unpleasant moment is the price, which is 10,000,000 rubles, this is an incredibly large amount for such a bag with nuts. This car is not fun at all in traffic jams, so you have to drive fast to at least somehow feel at ease, the normal speed for this car is 200-250 km per hour.

A huge car and eats a lot of gasoline, but accelerates in 5 seconds to a hundred. Not thought out - all the power of such an engine, each horsepower should be used to pull, and so it turns out that this machine is designed to burn rubber. And during the turn, when you give gas, then this wheelbarrow unfolds, it is very inconvenient and dangerous, especially in the city.

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