Comparison of xenon and bi-xenon car headlights


Safety is the most important factor for every car owner during the operation of the vehicle. How not to jeopardize your life and other subjects of the road in the process of driving? Safety on the highway depends on many factors: the driver's experience, the technical condition of the car, the quality of the road surface and many situational details. In cloudy weather, in conditions of poor visibility or at night, the quality characteristics of the vehicle optics directly affect driving safety.

What is better to put: xenon or biksenon

Comparison of xenon and biksenon.

Обеспечение автомобиля оптикой достойного качества – это первостепенная задача автопроизводителей. Большинство современных машин с завода оборудованы светодиодными блоками современного поколения, в качестве осветительных приборов в них применяются ксеноновые или биксеноновые элементы иллюминации. Владельцам же бюджетных машин приходится самостоятельно решать вопрос об улучшении качества освещения, повышения своей безопасности путём замены устаревших галогенных генераторов света на современные элементы. В этой статье рассмотрим, что такое ксенон и биксенон, расскажем об их отличительных критериях, а также проанализируем, какие лампы лучше поставить в фары своего автомобиля.Читать далее про то что лучше поставить: ксенон или биксенон-->

What is xenon?

To understand what kind of lamps should be preferred, first you need to understand the features of modern lighting devices. Xenon is ranked among the class of gas-discharge lamps, its functionality is ensured by the presence of an inert gas in it and the absence of a thread of pricking present in halogen lighting elements. The role of the conductor in the lamp is performed by the gas with which it is completely filled. Structurally, the lamp is modified by two electrodes, between which the gas glows under the influence of high voltage. As a result, illumination is formed, which is characterized by the constancy of the luminous flux, which does not have the ability to change the direction of light.

In terms of price, xenon lamps are much more expensive than conventional halogen lamps, however, the financial policy is justified by the duration of their operational period, which is at least two years, as well as by the quality lighting indicators that provide decent visibility on the road, and, accordingly, the maximum level of safety.

What is biksenon?

Bi-Xenon is a newer technological invention. Bi-xenon lamps, like the previous form, belong to the category of gas-discharge lighting devices. The operating principle of bi-xenon lamps remains the same, however, the so-called “metal curtains” have been added to the design of the device, the mechanism of action of which is aimed at the possibility of changing the light region. The curtain is set in motion due to the magnet effect, which makes it possible to cut off light vectors that are unnecessary at a certain moment or switch to various areas of visibility when switching.

At the present time, bi-xenon lighting elements, although having a high price, occupy leading positions in popularity, are considered the best solution to the problem of vehicle lighting, safety on highways during the night time of the day.

Bi-xenon car lamp

Functional and structural differences between xenon and bixenon

The need to modernize the standard illumination in a car most often arises from a car owner when discomfort arises while driving at night or under unsatisfactory climatic conditions. Limited visibility makes the driver look for solutions to the problem, which results in certain difficulties: replacing regular lamps with new ones often does not give the expected result, you have to choose alternative options from automotive lighting elements of the modern category. In the situation with the selection of a suitable class of lighting for your car, the rule “the more expensive the better” does not always work. Let's try to understand the design and functional features of xenon and biksenon, find out what the difference between advanced lamps of high brightness, which will help determine the option of the most suitable products for a specific consumer.

It is worth noting immediately that the difference between xenon and bixenon in terms of the operating period, quality criteria for luminescence, brightness and reliability is not significant, these parameters are almost identical for both types of lighting devices.

The main fundamental difference between xenon and biksenon is their various modes of operation. Xenon, although it belongs to the class of innovative illumination solutions, is characterized by the possibility of obtaining exclusively a passing beam due to the lack of moving structural mechanisms in the device that can change the focal length. The design features of bi-xenon are more sophisticated and multifunctional due to the presence in them of a specific mechanism that allows you to change the vector and the range of the light flux. With the help of a bi-xenon class lamp, the consumer will simultaneously receive both distant and dipped lights in a single base.

Combination of high and low beam

The need to change and buy light bulbs in the headlights is accompanied by the problem of how to distinguish xenon from bi-xenon clearly. Xenon headlights consist of two lamps designed for high and low beam. In turn, bi-xenon lamps have the following constructive structure, according to which the devices are distinguished:

  • a glass flask filled with a gas mixture, the predominant coefficient of which is xenon;
  • metal screen;
  • a magnet with which the screen or base is brought into activity, depending on the modification of the lamp itself;
  • high voltage wires;
  • unit designed to control the switch.

And one more important difference - the price of the lighting device. Bi-xenon lamps are significantly more expensive than xenon lighting elements.

What is better to deliver?

The question of which is better - xenon or biksenon, is common among car owners who want to improve their road safety by improving the main optics of the vehicle. An unequivocal answer for all to this question does not exist, since everything depends on many factors, in particular, on the financial possibilities of the consumer.

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Bi-xenon lamps are much more expensive xenon devices. At the same time, the difference in price is substantial, and may exceed the cost of the latter by more than fifty percent. In addition, when switching from halogen lamps to any type of modern devices, it will be necessary to purchase additional elements for their correct installation. This is all necessary in order to eliminate the possibility of ignition wiring, since the improved lamps operate under more powerful voltage.

If the financial issue is not paramount, then an analysis of the preferential operating conditions will help: the purchase of bi-xenon headlights for drivers who often leave the city at night time will be relevant. If the car is mainly operated in urban environments, the need for high-beam light is extremely rare, which makes the purchase of bi-xenon illumination unprofitable.

The most common variant of improving the optics of a vehicle with modern lighting lamps among domestic car owners is the following: a combination of a xenon headlight for low beam and halogen light for high beam. This option allows you to perfectly combine innovative, high-quality illumination when driving in a city where the high beam is turned on extremely rarely, with time-tested halogen high beam when the need arises.

Bi-Xenon headlights with AFS

Based on the foregoing, for each particular consumer, the choice in favor of xenon or bi-xenon should be made on the basis of financial possibilities and preferential operational features, to which experts attribute the frequency of the need to switch on the main beam. If the price question is not relevant, installing bi-xenon optics, the car owner at the same time due to one lamp will receive dipped and main beam of excellent quality. Combining is a more democratic solution to the problem, a budget way to increase the level of safety of one’s own and other road users.

Let's sum up

The choice of xenon or bi-xenon lighting devices is an extremely subjective decision for every car owner. To make the right choice, you should carefully examine the structural and functional differences between modern lighting headlights, their superior performance and disadvantages.

When buying lighting fixtures, in no case save on their quality. Expensive, compared to halogen, bi-xenon and xenon lamps are increasingly subject to falsification, therefore, prefer to buy goods in certified automotive stores, and also purchase products only from reputable manufacturers.