Is there any benefit from the esp function in the winter?

Unlike ABS, the ESP system on modern cars began to be installed since 1995. Working in tandem, these two systems make movement in extreme conditions safer. Anti-lock system allows you to maintain manageability during heavy braking, and Stability (ESP) aligns the vehicle. In winter, on Russian roads, extra security has long been a necessity. Researchers at Bosh claim that the ESP system is capable of preventing 80% of emergency situations caused by skidding. But is it really?

Есть ли польза от функции ESP зимой

How does ESP work

Stability system of the car can not work by itself. Her work is always combined with other auto security systems: ABS, ASR, etc. In short, ESP constantly monitors the driver’s actions. As soon as she "felt" that the driver loses control of the car, she adjusts the course of the car. Here is the step-by-step work of the system:

  • on the angular acceleration sensor receives information about the drift;
  • the sensor transmits information to the controller;
  • steering wheel position and wheel rotation sensors transmit information to the computer;
  • the rear left wheel braking function works;
  • in the car is automatically reduced fuel supply.

As a result, the ESP system levels the car in a turn and slows down its course, regardless of the driver's behavior. Sensors instantly record a skid on a winter road. The reaction rate of the electronic system is much higher than the reaction rate of the driver. At the critical moment the actuation of the brakes occurs in a split second.

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Есть ли польза от функции ESP зимой

Disadvantages of ESP

The system has two drawbacks. Both have nothing to do with design flaws.

  1. Human perception. When a warrior realizes that he loses control over the trajectory of movement during a skid, he begins to turn the steering wheel reflexively and try to solve the problem on his own;
  2. Physical laws. If the turning radius of the car is small and the speed is too large, then even the most modern ESP system will not help.

However, it is sometimes necessary to disconnect the ESP system. Consider a few such cases:

  • Car jam in a pit or snowdrift. When rocking a car for departure, the stability control system will be an obstacle;
  • Chains are mounted on the wheels of the car;
  • Too slippery ground or loose snow can interfere with the system to behave confidently;
  • On the car tires are installed inappropriate size.

As you can see, the exchange rate stability can be a reliable assistant in the season of drifts and ice. Particularly appreciate its drivers with little experience. For experienced car enthusiasts who are accustomed to hold everything in their hands and do not trust the computer, there is an ESP disabling button. It will also appeal to lovers of snow in the winter off-road conditions. For all others, the ESP system in the winter will be a useful feature. Obviously, such assistance can save more than one life.