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The Chinese economy is perhaps the fastest growing economy in the modern world. It has already achieved world leadership in the production of consumer goods and various electronics. Widespread automotive. For the past five years, China has been at the forefront of the global car market. And Chinese trucks own almost half of this market. The equipment is supplied to the countries of the Commonwealth, almost completely captured the market of Southeast Asia, but in the CIS countries so far little is known. This article is designed to expand knowledge about their products, and possibly help determine which Chinese truck is better.

Chinese trucks today are in great demand in the global automotive market

Chinese trucks today are in great demand in the global automotive market

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Pros and cons of Chinese trucks

The production of such equipment in this region developed very rapidly, which was promoted by a good demand for it from the countries of South-East Asia. These cars were chosen because of the relatively low prices, short delivery times, good technical characteristics for this class of equipment, the use of systems and components of world manufacturers and confirmation of their various certificates of conformity. Unfortunately, along with the pluses, there are always minuses and the Chinese dump trucks could not pass them by. Dealership and service networks were underdeveloped and as a result, there were regular interruptions in the supply of spare parts, a shortage of vehicles themselves that meet Euro-3 environmental standards, sometimes poor product quality and very serious transportation costs.

Machine categories

The entire flow of machinery produced in China can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Machines whose release is aimed at the domestic market.
  2. Machines, the release of which specializes in export supplies.
  3. Consumer machines, the so-called "consumer goods".

The first Chinese truck

Ahead will be considered brands of the most famous and most actively supplied to the CIS countries of trucks. In the post-Soviet space, trucks of small and medium carrying capacity are most actively in demand, therefore, mainly the equipment under consideration will belong to this class. All suppliers who export Chinese trucks to American and European markets occupy leading positions in the automotive industry. Beijing Light Automobile Co. - The Beijing plant of light vehicles was the very first to start the delivery of this type of transport (until 1988 - the Beijing Automobile Plant No. 2). In May 1966, it was at this factory that the first Chinese light-bonded truck rolled off the assembly line.


This brand is an independent development of Chinese designers. A distinctive feature is the balance of the most important characteristics. On crash tests, the car showed decent reliability and received well-deserved points. Cab suspension perfectly cope with vibrations on any pavement, successfully quenching them. The steering wheel has standard tilt and vertical control mechanisms.

Howo truck

Howo truck

The package includes an air conditioner with heater function, and when installing a full package of options there will also be climate control. An ergonomic sleeping place that will provide all the comforts for the driver.

Also, the cab soundproofing system passed the most severe tests, which made it possible to achieve a world-class noise reduction in the cab. There is a diagnostic system that works independently in automatic mode.

In trucks with large dimensions of the 7-series HOWO, 9, 8, 6-speed Fuller or ZF gearboxes are used. In addition, trucks of this class can boast of an option that other Chinese trucks do not have - a fully automatic box coming to China from the USA.


The Shaanxi plant in comparison with the rest of the players in this industry can be called small. Trucks of this brand, supplied to the Russian market, are nothing more than MAN F2000 series and are distinguishable only by the grille. The cab of the Shaanxi dump truck is one hundred percent equivalent of the MAN F2000 cab. It is equipped with a proven and proven Bosch fuel system, a Schwitzer turbocharger and a FleetGuard filter. Available with nine-speed manual gearbox FULLER. Especially for the Russian market, dump trucks are equipped with electric torch-heated fuel and an electrically heated fuel filter. Present cabin heater.

Shaanxi truck

Shaanxi truck

Since 2008, SHAANXI machinery manufactured for export has been marketed under the brand name SHACMAN.


Dong Feng is a leader in the automotive industry in China. The company was founded in 1969. It works closely with the Cummins American campaign. Cooperation is so tight that there is a joint design office.

Dongfeng truck

Dongfeng truck

A distinctive feature of Dongfeng is the presence of a traction coupling device in the basic configuration. The engines are equipped with a Bosch fuel system, as well as the manufacturer Shaanxi, but the turbocharger and air filter are already in-house development. PPC still nine-speed.

Dongfeng has completed technological training of production facilities and is now producing trucks compliant with the Euro-3 standard. Prior to this, assembly with such a quality standard could only be carried out on specially equipped areas. All this has led to a significant reduction in production costs, and accordingly, distributors offer their customers much more attractive prices. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% for products.

FAW Dump Trucks

FAW (First Automobile Works) - the first automotive corporation, originating in the distant 1953 and standing at the origins of the automotive industry in China.

Tipper FAW

Tipper FAW

Today, FAW owns a list of more than thirty companies and sixteen companies that are managed by subsidiaries.

JAC Dump Trucks

Jiangtiuat Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC) is a young Chinese company, founded only in 1991, however, it has already gained popularity not only in its native market. We can say that it is a pioneer in the production of freight technician. The company's ideology is aimed at creating dump trucks for the whole world, embodying in its brand the best experience gained by various enterprises.

Tipper JAC

Tipper JAC

The cab of this brand of trucks can boast enviable comfort. There are anatomical seats, a very informative instrument panel, with which no important indicator of the operation of technology will be left without proper attention. There is a bed. The steering wheel has become the already standard adjustment for height and tilt.

A distinctive feature of the JAC dump trucks, distinguishing them from the competition, is the stunning visibility from the cab, which, undoubtedly, is facilitated by large rear-view mirrors.

The frame of these dump trucks is also equipped with a complicated construction. It is made of two channels having a diameter of 5 and 8 millimeters. As you already understood, the smaller one is inside the larger channel. Thus, the design added in strength.

Foton dump trucks

Foton (Beiqi Futian Motor Co., Ltd) is another young company, formed only in 1996 from more than a hundred small ones, as a result of their merger. The state campaign and to this day does not miss the leading position in the market of large cars.

Самосвал Фотон

Самосвал Фотон

Foton Motors strictly monitors compliance with international quality standards "ISO 9001", which allowed it to achieve exceptional reputation.

The company has found its share of the consumer and produces equipment under the brand AUMAN.

AUMAN dump trucks began to leave the assembly line in 2002, and two years later they received an award for the commercial vehicle with the most safety points. Technologically, AUMAN differs little from Shaanxi and almost completely repeats them along the main aggregate nodes.

Beifang Benchi Dump Truck

Beifang Benchi products are a joint development of two campaigns: FIRMAKO and DaimlerChrysler. Dump trucks of this campaign are manufactured under a license purchased from Mercedes, however, in China, their production began only after eight years of their removal from production in Europe.

Самосвал Beifang Benchi

Самосвал Beifang Benchi

In 2003, the license expired, and the company was forced to switch to developing its own models and components. As a result, the emergence of a new player on the market - the campaign Baotou North-Benz (Beifang-Benchi) Heavy-duty Trucks Co. And although the exterior of these trucks is the grayest compared to competitors, but they remain the most popular in China.


Today, Chinese trucks have no equal in such a popular ratio as price-quality and the majority of consumers will find the best Chinese truck for themselves. In addition, he will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of models and their quality. So when choosing a good truck, do not bypass the Chinese production and pay proper attention to it.