Rating the best cars in the station wagon


Wagon buyers are mostly family people. Because of the car they are waiting for reliability, practicality and good capacity. The station wagon was always positioned as a family car with spacious interiors, a good level of security and large luggage compartments. This greatly increases the practicality of the car and makes it a preferred choice in comparison with a hatchback, sedan or liftback. In the ranking of the best cars in the station wagon, we tried to select the most appropriate models for their original purpose. This is not necessarily an expensive car, since many families have a limited budget. When buying a car for several million, which will also be expensive to maintain, one of the key factors characterizing generalists is lost.

Top wagon rating

Top 10 best wagons.

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Criterias of choice

Choosing the best wagon in 2018, several basic criteria were taken into account:

  • cost;
  • spaciousness;
  • reliability;
  • profitability;
  • operational cost.

This is what most customers rely on who need a full-fledged family wagon. Nobody argues with the fact that some buyers can afford cars in a similar body from BMW or Mercedes. But since we are repelled by the notion of a classic, practical and economical challenger, such cars did not make it into our rating of universals.

BMW wagon

In determining which wagon is best to buy for a family, the main points are:

  1. Spaciousness. This is both the cabin space for passengers and luggage space. The larger the trunk, the higher the position eventually taken by the car.
  2. Efficiency. Here we are talking about the level of fuel consumption. Given the current prices for fuel, in a large family it is important that the car can drive a maximum of kilometers on the minimum amount of fuel.
  3. Operating cost. This is the amount of money needed to maintain the wagon. This includes the cost of fuel, consumables for planned maintenance, seasonal tire change, etc. The less money spent on maintaining a car, the better the station wagon and the higher its position in the rating.
  4. Reliability. Not the last role is played by the reliability rating of wagons, which predetermines the possible service life of the car, tells about the characteristic breakdowns and the frequency of owners contacting the service.

The logic of choosing a practical family wagon is simple. The less we spend time and effort on maintenance with maintenance, and the more advantages the car is ready to provide to its owner, the higher the likelihood of getting into the top 10 best generalists.


There are companies that initially focus on the more expensive car segment, and they do not offer budget solutions. We did not turn to such ones, given the fact that the task is to find the most optimal and budget wagon. It can not be the best, if initially it is very expensive. But there are a number of automakers who confidently occupy a niche of interest to us. The competition there is very impressive. But representatives from the following concerns got into the final rating of wagons:

  • Volkswagen;
  • Skoda;
  • Chevrolet;
  • THAT;
  • Opel;
  • Lada;
  • Peugeot;
  • Seat;
  • Renault.

Peugeot wagon

Names are more than famous in the automotive world. You just have to determine which car to choose and how specifically one or another station wagon will suit your requirements, requests and financial possibilities. We offer to explore the best low-cost wagons. We will move from the car closing the top ten, and the best car will complete the rating according to the presented criteria and characteristics.

Cruze FL

To a greater extent, with its hit in the top 10, this car in the station wagon from Chevrolet is bound to have a low cost. For a fairly good initial equipment, official dealers ask for 800 thousand rubles. If you choose this wagon, you will get a good value in price and build quality. Among all the cars that fell into this rating, the Cruze has the most compact luggage compartment. It is 500 liters. Also, not the highest rates of efficiency. In the combined cycle, the 1.6-liter gasoline engine installed on the car consumes an average of 6.6 liters. fuel per 100 kilometers.

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The manufacturer allows buyers to choose which engine to put on the wagon. An alternative to the atmospheric 1.6-liter engine is the turbo version of the 1.4-liter engine. Its average fuel consumption per liter is less than 1.6. But the price from the start rises immediately to 150 thousand rubles. If you are ready to pay about 1 million, then definitely it is worth choosing the best equipment option among the Cruze FL generalists. Such costs are fully justified.

Cee’d Sportwagon

This is the best Korean wagon among all the options offered by the market. The KIA car got its place in the rating fairly. Let it be located only on the 9th line, you should not make hasty conclusions. Here prices are higher when compared with the previous car. But the volume of the luggage compartment increases to 528 liters. For the basic equipment will have to pay about 1 million rubles. Koreans offer quite favorable terms of purchase, and also in the initial equipment provide the buyer with a wide range of equipment.

Cee'd Sportwagon

In terms of fuel consumption, this car is far from gone. In the standard version, where a 1.6-liter gasoline unit is provided, the consumption in the combined cycle is 6.5 - 6.7 liters. Again, if desired, and financial opportunities, you can purchase a more expensive version of the station wagon, where a diesel engine is installed. It has good performance, and also regularly uses less fuel. But the price tag on it begins with a mark of more than 1 million rubles.

Astra K Sports Tourer

Excellent, but from the start already quite expensive car from the German manufacturer Opel. Basic equipment will cost about 1.2 million rubles. The only problem is that the German company left the domestic market. But this does not prevent to get such a wagon in Russia through gray dealers. The model rightly falls into the rating, because it has a decent price-quality ratio, and also offers attractive technical specifications.

Astra K Sports Tourer

The base is considered a 1.4-liter gasoline power unit with an average fuel consumption of 5.4 liters. At the same time its power is 140 horsepower, which allows to obtain excellent indicators of dynamics. If we talk about capacity, the luggage compartment here is superior to previous competitors. With the standard position of the rear seats, the trunk volume will be 540 liters.


The creation of the company Lada (AvtoVAZ) owes its low price to the top 10. The car currently costs from 550 thousand rubles, which makes it the most affordable wagon in this rating. At the same time, it cannot be said that the affordable price turned out to be the only advantage of the car. Not at all. The car shows good performance on fuel consumption, has an impressive luggage compartment.

Lada Largus

This is partly a tribute to the domestic manufacturer. But since Largus is in great demand in Russia and the CIS countries, it can in absentia be called one of the best generalists. Yet popularity does not come only because of the low price. If this were the case, then all our motorists would move exclusively on Chinese cars. The luggage compartment provides the ability to transport cargo in 560 liters of free space. If you fold the back row, the volume will increase many times.

On the technical side, everything here is not so rosy. Under the hood there is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which produces only 84 horsepower. The fuel consumption is about 7.9 liters. The ratio is not the most optimal. In the presented rating this is the worst indicator of profitability.

308 SW

Through the efforts of the French company, Russian motorists got a great and impressive wagon from Peugeot. Very average representative rating. It does not have outstanding performance, but in comparison with competitors is almost not inferior. Under the hood is the base 1.6-liter engine with 115 horsepower. The line also offers a more solid engine for 150 horses, but its fuel consumption will immediately increase. But the flow is clearly better than the same Largus. On average, for 100 kilometers the engine needs to consume 6.5 - 6.8 liters. gasoline.

308 SW

Prices for the French wagon start at 1.4 million rubles. Not the most expensive, but it will not be able to clearly outperform the leader of the rating. The size of the luggage compartment is 563 liters. Again, the average, but a decent result for its price segment. Also worth noting is the good build quality, a very practical and comfortable interior, excellent ergonomics of the internal space and an extremely attractive appearance. Only for one design 308 SW deserve to be among the best wagons. Hence the fair 6th place.

Superb Combi

Open the top five of one of the best cars for Russia and CIS countries, regardless of body type. Skoda engineers and designers who work closely with the Volkswagen Group, managed to find the formula for the ideal ratio of all characteristics. The statements are quite loud, but many owners of this station wagon will agree with them. Let's start with the price. For the basic equipment Superb Combi official dealers are asking from 1.3 million rubles. Not the most expensive option, but the price tag is fully justified. In fairness it should be clarified that the basic package should not be taken. It is better to collect several hundred thousand rubles, but to purchase a complete set closer to the average.

Superb Combi

The top version will cost 2.5 million rubles. But there you will get literally everything that the owner of Skoda can dream of. This is rightly the most expensive car in the station wagon, which managed to get into the top 10 and take the 5th place. But now you need to understand what the owner receives for such money. The standard average engine has a volume of 1.8 liters. and power of 180 horsepower with torque of 320 Nm. There are simpler options for 1.4 liters with a capacity of 125 and 150 liters. with. Top engines offer you to evaluate 220 and 280 liters. with. under the hood wagon.

Taken as a basis, the 180-strong petrol power unit consumes an average of 6 liters per 100 kilometers. For such power, this is an extremely high level of efficiency. Yes, and the luggage compartment to the envy of many. Its volume is 620 liters. Fold the back row and get a huge space where you can even sleep together without any feeling of lack of free space.

Leon ST

Extremely interesting car from the company Seat, which promise to update in 2019. Whether the Russian buyer will see this car is difficult to say. But Leon ST is actively used on domestic roads, which is explained by the excellent performance and quality that the Spanish automaker is ready to offer. In the basic configuration wagon costs more than a million rubles. For the money from the start, you get a modest 1.2-liter engine with 105 horsepower. But he spends just 5.2 liters. in the combined cycle.

Leon ST

If you open the tailgate, you will see a space equal to 587 liters. A very decent indicator with other good parameters. The car attracts many with its dynamics, despite being not the most powerful engine, its efficiency, practicality and appearance. You can buy this wagon and with a more powerful engine, although then the rate of fuel consumption will increase slightly.

Octavia Combi

Another representative of the company Skoda. This is an option for those who find the Superb too expensive. For such a C-class wagon, official dealers ask for from 940,000 rubles. The top version will cost the buyer 1.7 million rubles. The list of basic equipment is not the most impressive, therefore, experienced car owners advise taking the option for about 1.2 - 1.5 million in order to appreciate all the advantages of this Czech station wagon.

Octavia Combi

The youngest gasoline engine available has a capacity of 110 liters. with. Although by volume, it is in second place, ahead of the 1.4-liter version and behind the 1.8 liter engine. Their capacity is 150 and 180 liters. with. respectively. There is also one 150 liter diesel. with. volume of 2.0 liters. Its consumption in the city of 6.6, and on the highway about 4.0 liters. on 100 km. Consumption at the 110-strong version is 6 liters. in the combined cycle of 100 km. of the way. But the optimum for such a station wagon is considered a power unit of 150 liters. with. For transportation of baggage manufacturer offers 568 liters. space. This is one of the best indicators in its class. Therefore, deserved 3rd place in the ranking.

Golf Variant

If you are a fan of Volkswagen, or you want something more premium than Skoda, then you should look at the Golf Variant model. The car is from cheap. But here the volume of the trunk exceeds 600 liters. To be precise, the figure is 605 liters. Under the hood are very economical, but dynamic engines. A striking example is the 1.2-liter gasoline unit, which manages to demonstrate power in 105 liters. with. To whom such power is small, they can choose among the more productive units of 125 and 150 liters. with.

Golf Variant

The cost is quite controversial. Not everyone considers it fair to pay from 1.2 million for not the most well-equipped wagon. Yes, in the basic configuration to fully assess the car is difficult. We have to collect more money and take the version for 1.5 million and above. That's where Volkswagen does not spare the parts, allowing you to appreciate the German quality, practicality, efficiency and incredible security. It was the high cost factor that did not allow the car to be in the top of the ranking. Because deserved second position.

Logan MCV

For many, such a choice will seem unexpected and not entirely logical. But since the task of the ranking was to find the best station wagon that best meets a certain list of criteria, the winner was a French car from Renault. The car was the most practical, roomy, economical and affordable, second only to Lada Largus.

Logan MCV

For this wagon official dealers are asking about 750 thousand rubles. The most budget version comes in pairs with a 1.2 liter engine. But we strongly recommend taking a version with a 1.5 l diesel unit. This engine is very economical to fuel consumption, on average, spending only 4.5 liters. per 100 kilometers traveled. Additionally, it offers a huge trunk of 573 liters. Not as big as the Golf Variant or Skoda Superb Combi, but still the pricing policies of the cars are completely different.

The rating results make it clear that there are a lot of decent cars in the station wagon, for which you don't have to pay a lot of money. They will give you the desired efficiency, a large space in the cabin and trunk, a decent level of safety and comfort. Of course, if the budget allows you not only to buy, but also to maintain expensive cars, then you should look for a station wagon among such auto giants as BMW, Mercedes or Audi.

The versatile person is an orientation on the maximum practicality. These cars do not buy for speed, dynamics and adrenaline. For this there are sedans, coupes and other body types. Here, buyers are interested in how much baggage will fit into the trunk, how convenient it will be for family members in the cabin, and how the car will be able to protect them from the big waste of buying the cheapest fuel.