Why do i need tuning skoda octavia a5?

Indeed, why? There may be several reasons for this. You can do the internal and external tuning of the Skoda Octavia A5, using what manufacturers offer, for example, interesting body kits. You can restrict only the tuning of headlights Skoda Octavia A5, making them different from the factory and be able to distinguish their "swallow" from others standing in the yard.

You can not pay attention to the appearance, but to make the chip-tuning Skoda Octavia A5, increasing the engine power. Here, as they say, there would be a desire and means, and you can always do a lot for every taste. But - about everything in order then.

chip tuning octave a5 chip

External and internal tuning Skoda Octavia A5

In order for both tuning to be done at the highest level, we advise you to turn to professionals - this is if you yourself do not have enough experience in this matter. The cost of work and materials will depend on the volume of what you want to do.

External tuning Skoda Octavia A5 will include the installation of an aerodynamic body kit, a change in color (if you wish, you can, of course, apply airbrushing or make an auto matte), the replacement of optics and disks. The body kit will improve the parameters of the car, significantly reducing the resistance to air flow. This will increase the maneuverability of the machine and its speed, reducing fuel consumption.

tuna school octavia a5

Another of the useful external tuning Skoda Octavia A5 we can call the installation of a new radiator protection, with which you can cope on your own, saving money. To do this, you will need to buy a large galvanized grille measuring sixty-five to fifty-one centimeters.

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On the side to be facing up, make a notch ten centimeters deep: from the left edge to the notch there should be fifteen and a half centimeters, and its width should be four and a half centimeters. Now take a small aluminum grill and attach to galvanized, using plastic ties, copper wire and the like. Border make the grille of the door seal from any model VAZ.

It is important that the seal has clamps - otherwise it will not be possible to attach them. To the side of the grille that will be facing the radiator, attach a rubber hose or other water-repellent material to prevent the grille from being pressed against the radiator and to allow air to flow in the required amount into the lower part. New radiator protection is ready. You can install it in front of the radiator, even without making changes to the design of the machine.

Internal tuning Skoda Octavia A5 involves hauling the cabin, changing the dashboard, replacing the steering wheel and gear lever, tuning the torpedo, installing another audio system and a GPS navigator. For entertainment, you can install other gadgets, such as an OEM car stereo with multimedia capabilities or OEM cinemas.

Facilitate the movement in reverse will help special rear view camera. For passengers, you can install overhead monitors and multimedia car stereos. This will allow them not to be bored during a long journey and not to distract you on the road. In general, tuning the Skoda Octavia A5 cabin can be done and done, bringing it to perfection, which, as we know, has no limits. The same is true for tuning the cabin VAZ 2109.

tuning salon Skoda Octavia A5

Chip-tuning Skoda Octavia A5

That he is the easiest and most effective way to increase engine power.

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Chip tuning increases engine power and torque by reprogramming the ECU control unit. That is, the change in the characteristics of the motor is achieved without any intervention in the mechanics of the power unit. Probably, in detail about how this is done, we will not talk, since all the same reprogramming is better to be entrusted to professionals.

Tuning headlights Skoda Octavia A5

But tuning headlights Skoda Octavia A5, the most minimal, you can do it yourself. To do this, take the paint for tinting, primer, waterproof LED strip and can proceed to the process. Remove the headlights and fog, put the last in the oven for five to seven minutes at a temperature of fifty degrees Celsius. Take a sharp object and disconnect the glass from the base.

Repeat the same process with the headlights. Taking the primer and matte paint, make the chrome-plated surface matte and paint it with paint. Collect foglights and headlights by installing LED strips instead of light bulbs. In general, it is done simply, but the result is impressive. In general - contact the professionals who can completely change the shape of the headlights, making it, for example, more predatory.

tunning headlamp octavia a5

Finally, we recommend watching the video and photo tuning Skoda Octavia A5.

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tunning headlamp octavia a5