How to protect your car - declare war to the hijackers


A nightmare of any car owner - in the morning, at lunch, in the evening or at any other time of the day to detect the theft of his car. Each of us knows that the most sophisticated locks on the doors do not save from experienced hijackers. Locks are opened, and almost any criminal will start a car without an ignition key without any problems. Protection against car theft seems to be an almost impracticable action, many car owners believe that it remains only to hope that the attention of the hijackers will bypass your property side. This Russian "perhaps, will carry." In general, the picture is bleak. Let's see how realistic it is to really reliably protect your car from being hijacked by intruders and how difficult and expensive it is.

The best means of protecting cars from theft

What means will help protect the car from theft.

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How to protect your car from theft

A car is an expensive thing on wheels, which means it is much easier to steal it than many other expensive objects. They steal expensive cars under the order, steal cheap "wreck" - for parts. Car is stolen at night - while you are sleeping, during the day - while you are working, and even in 1 - 2 minutes while you are gone to the store. Every minute you can become the object of attention of autochiefs, and many of this thought actually drives you crazy.

Signaling will not save

Signaling like an angry dog: it will scare away a random hooligan, and an experienced thief will come with a gun and just shoot her. So it is here: an occasional bully without experience in such matters will run away when the defense system squeals, and an experienced hijacker will make her not squeak. We will not delve into the technology of hacking alarms, you just need to understand that this is not a panacea, and not even a serious obstacle, even if you have paid a tidy sum for the latest-generation anti-theft system.

How to protect against theft

There is no reception against scrap: mechanical means of protection against theft as opposed to mechanical means of theft by the attacker

Turning off the alarm, the attacker will climb into the car in the old fashioned way: press the door, pull the lock, connect the wires, that is, act as they did 10 and 20 years ago. Mechanical actions are the most reliable. Hence, they should also be confronted with the help of mechanical actions. We will think from the point of view of the hijacker: let's go through all the stages of hacking in order, at each of them choosing the best tool that will most easily prevent simple and quick hijacking. So. You decide to steal a car and disable the alarm. What's next?

Step One: Door Lock

First of all, you need to get inside the car. An ordinary lock is cracked very easily: it is a technology that has been constantly debugged and constantly improved. The task of the car owner is to insert sticks into the wheels at this stage. The action of the door lock is based on penetrating pins. A special button by pressing activates the pins, and it becomes almost impossible to break the door. Great, huh? So, not so. Doors with such pins, most likely, do not break, but breaking the glass does not hurt. And to get into broken glass is a matter of technology, it is easy and fast. This state of affairs does not mean that it is not necessary to install door locks, but it does mean that this is not the most reliable system with comprehensive protection against theft. Go ahead.

Theft Protection: Door Lock

Step two: install locks on the seats

From locking the doors, we proceed to the seats - this is the next “pier”, on which the hijacker gets after it gets inside the car. Sly engineers are well aware that if you move the seat to the steering wheel and tilt its back forwards, you will not be able to drive. Another fixture is based on this - the mechanical locking of the seat, again, is locked. Immediately it should be noted that such “pieces” are rather the author’s protection against theft, which should be sought in the automotive markets from specific craftsmen. In auto shops such clamps are unlikely to be offered to you. The fact that a seller sells special secrets to a car from a carjacking is usually well known in narrow circles, such news spreads quickly.

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Step three: lock the steering wheel

Suppose the hijacker opened the locks on the seats through the broken glass, pushed them away, got into the salon, how else can we stop him? What obstacles will we prepare on our way? There is one more thing that is installed directly on the steering wheel. You, undoubtedly, heard about this adaptation earlier: in the people such stick is called a poker. The poker locks the steering wheel, not allowing it to rotate. In order for it to begin to act, it (in fact, a long forked stick) is installed between the steering wheel spokes, and sometimes “stuck” into the brake jack. Thus, the struts are mounted directly on the steering wheel and interfere with the rotation, which theoretically should prevent driving.

We can say that such a device is not the most (to put it mildly) reliable and efficient of these. The hijacker will deal with him very quickly - just eat it and that's it. In the case, if he, carelessly, didn’t seize worthy nippers (which is unlikely), then he would have enough tools to simply have a bite on the steering wheel rim. The remaining "penek" allows you to normally operate the machine, and then just put a new steering wheel. In general, one-two and gotovno.No many believe that such a beacon on the steering wheel - we were waiting for you, Mr. auto thief - a rather serious signal for the car not to be interested in thieves at all. Well, it is quite possible.

Step Four: Lock the steering column

The next available lock, which is sometimes called the best mechanical anti-theft protection, also blocks the steering wheel, but in a completely different way. This is no longer a stick, but a clutch, it is attached to the shaft on the steering wheel, where the pedals are located.

Well, if we could call the previous item a beacon, then we will consider this already a serious beacon. An inexperienced thief, most likely, will not cope with such a clutch at all, and an experienced person will need quite a long time - up to half an hour - to neutralize this malicious structure. Chances are good that he will simply spit and decide to engage in some other, more accessible four-wheel target. The time it takes the hijacker to disarm the coupling depends on which lock is installed on it. Somewhere the most common master key will work, somewhere you will have to apply all your talents to a cracker. But all the locks will fall, if the hijacker has the same scrap, against which there is no reception - in this case - any modification of the grinder.

Steering shaft lock

Step five: pay attention to the pedals

Pedal protection also has a very dubious value. And she terribly interferes with driving, and no, not to the hijacker, but to the driver himself. Not very happy, huh? The pedal cap blocks their movement, and it needs to be unscrewed and screwed several times a day. And every time it is very unpleasant to remove it and reinstall it: a large, cumbersome structure, which, due to its location, gets very dirty in bad weather. In general, this design against car theft give the palm as the most useless. Moreover, in many cases, a good driver (do not hesitate, the hijacker will be a good driver, the type of activity requires) will easily do without pedals. And all the torment down the drain.

Step Six: Lock the gearbox

The car on the mechanics allows you to block the gearbox, which many people use. And they do it slyly: they close the reverse gear, leaving the opportunity to go only in reverse. Not too convenient to steal a car. It would seem - here it is, efficiency! But any action creates a reaction: in this case, the hood is cracked, the transfer is rearranged manually and ... everything. No barriers. Yeah, happy owners of all-wheel drive cars will exclaim, but it won't work on my car! But they can be upset: the Bulgarian will easily provide access to the locked lever.

Lock on gearbox

Step Seven: block the handbrake

Such an invention can be bought and handicrafts, and corporate. The handbrake is fixed with a special locking design and is locked with a lock. Here our hijacker will set aside the grinder and get the nippers. A couple of minutes under the car, and the handbrake on the car will cease to exist. Some even act radically in their desire to protect themselves against theft as much as possible. They connect the handbrake and hydraulics, thus cutting the parking lot with pliers does not work. Only this is interference with the brake system, which can be very dangerous for the owner. Is it worth it? You decide.

Step Seven: Seal the hood

Another way to protect a car is to block the ignition with a special bug. Thus, from the salon to start the car will not work. And on the hood is installed a reliable lock that will completely protect the inside of the car from unauthorized access (only this is not true). Any locks are easily removed using a set of tools from the hijacker. But it may be worth trying

Locks break open by hijackers

Step Eight: Mark Parts

So that the parts of your car do not appear on the stolen market, many are engaged in indelibly marking parts. It is believed that a special label will protect the car from theft for sale for parts. Only this is not true - practice shows that marking car windows, engines, batteries does not help to avoid the attention of the hijackers. Another thing is that if such tools do not help to avoid theft, they can then help to identify the criminals at the time of the attempt to sell the stolen goods. And they may not help. If we get lucky.

Instead of persistence

What to do? Does this mean that there are no funds from the hijackers, and nothing will help you? In fact, even some devices from the list can help you (and greatly) bring attention down. Planning a crime, the hijackers want to commit it as quietly and quickly as possible. The streets are full of cars that are not burdened with any protective mechanisms. It is easy and convenient to steal them, and no noisy grinders will be needed. Why waste time on a car that is hung with all sorts of uncomfortable "secrets".

Thus, even if there is no super-reliable means to 100% secure the car from theft, you can make its hijacking such a confused business that the criminals will pass by themselves, not wanting to waste time and expose themselves to the danger of disclosure. To do this, you can not even use all the above tricks, and select some of the most attractive steps for you. That will be enough for your car to stop being interesting to criminals. A car owner more something is not necessary.