Skoda octavia tour: repair and maintenance

In the secondary market, you can now find a lot of the first generation Skoda Octavius. If the car has a Tour prefix, then this is a restyled model. These cars are sold for affordable money, and sellers say that the car is reliable, the same as the Volkswagen of those years. A lot of cars with mileage of 200 000 km. and more.

Skoda Octavia 2

Initially, the Skoda is a Czech car, but with German roots. Joint work with the Volkswagen concern began in 1990, and after 5 years, Skoda owned 70% of Volkswagen. In 1996, the first result of joint work appeared - Scoda Octavia I, which was built on a new for those times platform PQ34. It also built the Audi A3 Mk1, VW Bora, 4th generation Jetta, some Seat models.

Octavia turned out to be modest, for affordable money. Under the hood, Skoda Octavia before restyling was installed engine with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 75 liters. with. After the restyling, the power remained the same, only the volume of the engine decreased to 1.4 liters and instead of 8 valves it became 16. Also in the cars with the Tour prefix electric windows appeared. Until 1996, there were simple manual window regulators in the Skoda. But outwardly Tour is not much different from dorestayling. Changed a little bumper and optics.

Skoda Octavia tour

Today you can find an 11-year-old car in good condition, it all depends on the previous owner, but there are also dead specimens.


For this engine is oil 5W40, 4-liter canister enough. There is no binding to the manufacturer, so the oil can be chosen to your liking, as long as 5W40 is important. The filter costs about 300 rubles, here you need a filter with a 6-sided head on the body. The air filter also needs to be changed, but it is not difficult to do this - you need to use a screwdriver. The cabin filter itself costs 250 rubles. If you change the filter in the service, then for this job they will ask for up to 500 rubles.

But when it is time to change the belt, it is better to immediately contact the service if there is no experience. It is necessary to change the belt with the roller, it will cost 1100 rubles. You can also change the timing belts, there are 2: 130 and 58 teeth. Usually, the other 4 rollers change at once, and the cooling pump. About 7,000 rubles will be spent on everything. And the work itself will cost the same. Total - 14,000 rubles.

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skoda octavia motor 1.4

Often there are cases that it is already time to change the radiator to this mileage, usually it is inexpensive - about 1,500 rubles, and the work will cost about the same. Repair is not better at official dealers, because they have any work will cost more.

The cooling system must be monitored in any car, and even more so in the new Octavia. Usually after 150,000 km. It is necessary to replace the thermostat. But it all depends on the operation and the habitat of the car, it happens that the radiator lasts longer if cleaned periodically. The thermostat itself is inexpensive - 350 rubles, but the work of replacing it will pull 1000 rubles. But those who are able, they can change it themselves, it is also desirable to immediately change the coolant.

The motor is not very powerful, so there can be no problems with it, it serves for a long time, especially if it is serviced in time. Engine oil does not eat even after 200,000 km. run So, with the engine problems rarely happen.

Skoda Octavia 2 photos

Transmission and brake system

The gearbox here is also reliable - the usual 5-speed manual. The clutch serves for a long time, even to 200,000 it usually does not have to be changed, but if it fails from aggressive driving, the new clutch kit will cost about 9,000 rubles.

Transmission will last a long time, especially if you drive carefully. Pads and brake discs, as in every car - consumables, are inexpensive - the front pads - 800 rubles, the rear - 850 rubles. This is not original, and the original will cost 4 times more. Prices for brake discs start at 900 rubles. The cost of work - 600 rubles for the front pads, for wheels - 900 p., The rear pads change will cost a little more. On the rear wheels are drums, the price of which starts from 1500 rubles.

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Octavia tour фото


The suspension in the Skoda Octavia Tour is also reliable, especially the rear - there is nothing to break in it. If necessary, you can change the silent blocks and shock absorbers. But with the front suspension is not so simple. Hobs are unpressed here, so everything can be changed individually, and not like in some cars - the lever assembly with the silent block. Ball bearings are also bolted.

Prices for parts of the front suspension are not that big - silent blocks of 450 rubles each, a bearing with a rack support - 500 rubles, a ball bearing - 900 rubles, a spring costs about 1,700 rubles. But it is better to put the springs from the car with the engine 1.8 liters, then they will be more rigid. Shock absorbers of the front suspension cost 1600 rubles each, but the work will pull in 2000. Replacing the ball is 600 rubles, springs 1800, and the silent blocks of the levers 1200 rubles for each silent block.

После замены деталей передней подвески надо сделать развал/схождение, это будет стоить около 1500 рублей. В общем, работа по замене деталей подвески не особо дорогая, а также запчасти стоят умеренных денег. Suspension служит долго.

Octavia tour

Body and interior

Exterior body parts can withstand the effects of corrosion. Even with age, the body does not rust. Defects may appear on the trunk lid - to the right of the Skoda badge and near the lining above the number. In these places, it often happens that the paint swells up. If chips appear, it still does not appear rust, because the body is well protected. And despite many years, with a body rarely when problems occur.

Thresholds over time, it is better to somehow protect against damage and paint, because they are wide and take the dirt from under the wheels.


With age, some problems may also appear in the cabin: the driver's seat is wiped off, and places of frequent contact wear out, but it all depends on the run.

Skoda Octavia Tour Salon Photos

Also over time, the window rails will rot and break, but they can be replaced separately, the electric motors and the drive usually still do not need to be changed. To change the cables - you need to remove the door cards, the upholstery elements can be hooked with a regular plastic card. Another happens that burns relay turn signals, which is installed under the emergency gang button. A new such relay costs 490 rubles, but the reason why it burns out is that debris accumulates in the wing.

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Since in the front wings, near the side repeaters, inside there is a cavity, which over time accumulates a lot of leaves and other debris. Then, when this dirt accumulates too much - it reaches the repeater and the positive contact starts to short. Because of this, the relay starts to burn out. To clean everything there - you need to remove the liner and do the cleaning.

Skoda Octavia Tour salon

You can also change the cabin filter, you can do it yourself, there is a cabin filter behind the jabot in front of the windshield. It is necessary to remove that part of the jabot, which is located opposite the front passenger seat. This is not so easy to do, but you can - for this you need to remove the wiper blade, open the hood, stretch the leash of the janitor between the hood and the windshield. Then you can get to the filter. The price of the cabin filter is about 300 rubles.

It happens that the glass is rubbed or cracked, then you can buy a new glass for 3,500 rubles and the installation work itself costs 1,500 rubles. Basically, the interior is stable and even on cars produced in 2005 looks pretty bearable.

In general, the Škoda Octavia Tour is a simple, unpretentious car to take your family to the country. It perfectly copes with its functions. The machine is moderately reliable, there is little electronics, so that it can last for quite some time. Even the oldest instances, if they require investments, are small.