What to do if the perpetrator of the accident disappeared

Undesirable situations can trap motorists on any part of the road. It is also possible to become a participant in the accident in a regular parking lot when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel of the culprit, “hooking” your wing or bumper. But not everyone knows what to do if the perpetrator of an accident escaped from the accident scene, while there were damage to vehicles or victims.

This situation is deciphered using the rules of the road, taking into account several scenarios. There are clear guidelines for each of the participants in this process.


  • 1 The culprit fled from the scene of an accident
  • 2 Actions with victims
  • 3 Working with witnesses
  • 4 Preservation of evidence
  • 5 Work with law enforcement agencies
  • 6 Interaction with the insurance company
  • 7 Clarifying with the culprit when he is found

The culprit fled from the scene of an accident

Probably the most wrong action in such a situation would be to catch up with the one who broke the rules and began to hide from responsibility. Since if you leave the accident site at the same time as the culprit, the traces will be hidden in this case, the witnesses will disperse and restore the overall plausible picture will be problematic.

what to do injured if the culprit accident quickly disappeared from the accident scene

Scratched bumper after an accident 

When such an event occurs, it is required to stop, stop the motor of the car and mark the place of the accident. This is especially important for the night time, as the road continues for the rest of the participants. need to warn with special signals.

The first sign is placed warning of an emergency stop, and then turn on the alarm in the car.

Actions with victims

Affected participants are required to provide assistance in all possible ways. It is allowed to install some kind of precautionary fence around the victims or to stop the ride and send them to the nearest hospital. You can call an ambulance, but you must report the incident to the traffic police.

Bring witnesses to help the victims.

what to do if the culprit of the accident disappeared from the scene of the accident before the arrival of traffic police

It should be understood that often in a stressful situation, not everyone can get together, so it is necessary to give instructions clearly and distinctly.

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Work with witnesses

Those who do not know what to do if the person responsible for the accident escaped from the scene of the accident, it is necessary to understand the importance of testimony in this situation. You need to quickly collect passport data and phone numbers in order to contact those who saw this incident. If possible, some data should be documented and get a signature from the witnesses of the event.

It is better to work with the staff of the nearest organizations, whose windows face the scene. Also, it is useful to inquire about the presence of stationary surveillance cameras and video recorders included. A flash drive from the devices can be redeemed or taken on bail. You should not lose time in this case so that the digital data is not destroyed.

what to do if the culprit accident quickly disappeared from the accident scene

Can later to advertise the search for similar informationand. It is preferable to do this through popular radio stations broadcasting in the area.

Preservation of evidence

The event zone should be carefully examined for items left or parts of the perpetrator’s car. Sometimes it can be wheel covers, fenders, even fallen off license plates.

If there are traces of the culprit's car paint on the victim's car, then you can send this evidence for examination. It is necessary to keep the scene of the incident as untouched as long as possible before the arrival of the traffic police. This will allow you to accurately recreate the events.

Work with law enforcement agencies

When the traffic police patrol car arrives on the scene, the inspectors should tell all the details of the events, explain that the perpetrator had left the scene of the incident, and also provide all the material data on this process. A law enforcement officer will log testimony.

what to do if the culprit accident quickly fled the scene of the accident

Submitted for signature document must be carefully studied in order to identify the entry of all the facts and the completeness of the description of events. Only after that you can endorse and append your explanations.

Then you will need to visit the police station to submit an application to find the guilty driver. The document states that he left the scene of an accident. Then it is required to inform the employees of the insurance company and describe these events.

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Interaction with the insurance company

For insured citizens under the hull insurance system, information on further actions can be obtained from the rules issued with the policy. They are similar in most points in almost all insurance companies. The list of documents that must be provided for the insurance company is listed in a separate chapter. There are spelled out the terms and methods of delivery.

Often the payment on the hull insurance can be obtained from the insurance company after providing a certificate from the traffic police. In such a document, the culprit is prescribed as well as in the protocol on administrative violation. For owners of CTP, the procedure lasts longer.

Finding out the relationship with the culprit when they find him

With those responsible for the accident, which have insurance policy, you can clarify the relationship through insurance companies. It is allowed to make applications both to your insurance organization and to the one that issued the policy to the second party.

If the opponent does not plead guilty, the issue is resolved through the courts. For this purpose, a statement is drawn up, to which the act issued by the traffic police inspector is applied, as well as documents containing information on the assessment of material damage.

If the driver scratched someone else's car, but he did not notice it and left the place of the accident, it still falls under an administrative violation. Mitigating circumstances can only be the transfer of the injured to the hospital, but still then it is required to return to the scene of the accident for the hearing.