The best dvd headrest for comfortable rides


During long journeys and even recreation in the countryside, we cannot do without the usual things of civilization, this applies not only to the air conditioner and the DVR, but also to the TV. Fortunately, the developers of new devices take care of the additional comfort of passengers and constantly offer useful audio and video equipment. The headrest with DVD and monitor is a nice novelty for fans of movies, games and music.

Currently, there are more cars. They are fast, reliable and fast. That is why they began to be used more often than public transport, not only for trips to the cottage or to the neighboring town, but also for trips abroad, business trips.

DVD head restraints

DVD head restraints

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The reasons for this are more than enough. In your car it is easier to transport the necessary personal belongings, you will not be tied to the schedule of buses, trains or airplanes. If, apart from air travel, then the rest of the car, as a rule, greatly exceeds the speed of rail transport or road transport.

Including there is a certain freedom of movement - you can stop where you want, choose a convenient route. Why do we examine these moments in detail? It's simple. When traveling, the passenger is often quite bored; children may interfere with their parents. To prevent this from happening, we suggest finding out which is the best headrest from the DVD, what is it and how to choose it correctly.

What are the features of this know-how

It is often difficult to install a monitor in a car so that it is guaranteed not to interfere and not spoil the appearance of the cabin, in fact, it is an alien part of the "car interior". But the headrest, equipped with a screen, fits perfectly into the overall style of the car. The developers offer various colors: white, black, beige, gray, which makes them quite suitable for any interior trim.

Such devices are full-fledged entertainment centers, some are equipped with a TV tuner. So, it is possible to view various TV shows. By connecting your portable hard drive, you can listen to music or watch movies with virtually no restrictions. Even inexpensive options have a memory card and USB input. Manufacturing plants made sure that most models had basic games.

Headrests with a monitor have great functionality.

Headrests with a monitor have great functionality.

Must be taken into account

Like any modern technology, a headrest with a monitor is not a cheap thing, so take some tips into account:

  1. Who is the manufacturer. You may be offered more than “tasty” prices, but the Chinese options do not always justify themselves.
  2. When buying, pay attention to the warranty period. Small clarification: the guarantee may be, but where the service center is located is very important. If you are 200-300 kilometers away from you, think carefully.
  3. Strictly check the equipment, otherwise when installing the problem can not be avoided. The absence of a single wire or fastener will result in a loss of time.
  4. Compatible monitor and head unit.
  5. Ask to be told about the functions and how to manage them. Often the instructions are translated using Google translator, and in this case it is very difficult to understand the meaning. But such a problem is mostly sinned by inexpensive options purchased via the Internet or on the car market.

    It is better to learn about the functionality of the head restraint from the seller than to suffer with poor-quality instructions.

    It is better to learn about the functionality of the head restraint from the seller than to suffer with poor-quality instructions.

Which models are the best?

«Kareeb Kabak Haddad» (9 inch monitor) - a great offer of manufacturers, the kit includes two head restraints. Comfortable headrest shape. Material: high quality leatherette. It has great features and functions:

  • The head restraints have their own individual DVD players (the discs are loaded very conveniently: vertically), you can connect headphones.
  • Supports: DVD, CD, SVCD, MP4, in addition, VCD, JPCD, Kodak, etc.
  • There is an excellent function for outputting a car’s audio system through a special FM transmitter.
  • The resolution of the matrix is ​​very high: HD 800x480.
  • Convenient and functional input that is used to connect audio, as well as video.

    Headrest with monitor

    Headrest with monitor "Kaier" KP99HD

These are just some of the features of this beautiful option. As a bonus: 300 games and comfortable joysticks.

«Frozen FZ9009D» (9-inch monitor) - the option is a bit cheaper, but also has a high resolution: HD 800x480, built-in FM transmitter, in addition, it has:

  • Two individual DVD player.
  • The set includes discs with games. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% (2 pcs.).
  • Comfortable joysticks for two passengers.

    Подголовник с монитором«Frozen FZ9009D»

    Подголовник с монитором«Frozen FZ9009D»

These models are available in several colors: white, black, beige, gray.

«ENVIX L0233» - This option is already easier for the price and characteristics. Like previous versions, it has built-in DVD players, joysticks, remote control, game discs, supports the same formats, 12V power supply, but has its own differences:

  • The resolution of the matrix is ​​somewhat lower: 800x400.
  • The screen size is smaller and is 7 inches.
  • The screen format is wide.

    Headrest with monitor

    Headrest with monitor "ENVIX L0233"

Additional ease of operation adds a zipper cover, thanks to which it is easy to perform maintenance or repair.

«ha ID IH DI-7118DT» - also a good option. At a price roughly equivalent to the previous model, but it has a 9-inch screen.

  • Display manufactured by SONY.
  • Infrared headphone transmitter.
  • Power supply 10 W, voltage 12V.
  • Fastening is adjustable in the range of 12−19 cm.
  • Headrest colors: black and gray.

    Подголовник с монитором«ha ID IH DI-7118DT»

    Подголовник с монитором«ha ID IH DI-7118DT»

Suitable for any car: special legs and wires are included.

Useful and enjoyable entertainment

We have already considered a little why it became necessary to create this completely new kind of leisure. Now we will take a closer look at when the headrest with a DVD is not just irreplaceable, but also helps in promoting the business.

  1. Trips with children. Who faced this, will understand what is at stake. As a rule, it is very difficult for a child to explain that it is necessary to be fastened in a special chair for quite a long time. He wants to play. However, the rules of the road say that this is the only way to guarantee safety. And here comes the dilemma: the toys are fed up with what to do. A great option: turn on the younger member of the family cartoon or film for children. Be sure, he will long look with enthusiasm and will not distract from the road. This is especially true if you are traveling with a child alone.
  2. Taxi services are also adopting this offer. In this case, the double effect: the prestige of the company increases, and passengers are less distracting to the driver during the trip. This is especially useful in our major cities: traffic jams knock everyone out of a rut, including passengers, and they sit and watch the film calmly and do not express discontent with what is happening around.

    Headrests with a monitor fit into any interior cabin

    Headrests with a monitor fit into any interior cabin

  3. These models are gaining more and more popularity from intercity road carriers. Imagine how more comfortable these beautiful devices are, instead of one small monitor near the driver’s seat. At best, passengers in the middle and at the end of the cabin will hear the sound, but to see what is happening on the screen is extremely problematic. In contrast, the quality and sound of these devices guarantee. In addition, it is easier to promote advertising, which is also becoming popular in transport.
  4. For people engaged in serious business, there is a great opportunity to prepare for meetings or presentations. It is convenient to view the necessary video materials and at the same time make the necessary notes, since you can simultaneously use the phone, laptop or tablet.

Such assistants are absolutely necessary during many hours of downtime in urban traffic. You will agree that this becomes a problem not only in metropolitan and regional megalopolises, but also in relatively small towns, and as a result, you can not lose time, but spend it fascinatingly and usefully.

Our life has already moved to a completely different level of comfort. We travel more, spend more time on the road, moving from city to city. This is often associated with the promotion of business or business travel. Modern DVD headrests will help you enjoy your time. These new devices are reliable and relatively inexpensive, purchase them, and you will feel how much more comfortable your travels will become.