Is it possible to buy a new car up to 300,000 rubles?

Car manufacturers today are trying to provide the opportunity to purchase a new car up to 300,000 rubles. At first glance, it is impossible to purchase a good car from the passenger compartment for such an amount, however, it is not. There are several excellent purchase options that are worth paying attention to. And for those who changed their mind, there are interesting new cars up to 800,000 rubles.

Now in Russia, you can choose the appropriate option from domestic and foreign automakers. It should be noted that most of the cars are representatives of Chinese car manufacturers, to which many people have a biased negative attitude, despite the constant development of the Chinese car industry.

New car up to 300,000 rubles

When considering suitable options that fall under this category of budget options, the package bundle is not taken into account. Modern security system and a good audio system, climate control and other options that can make the movement comfortable, are not inherent in vehicles whose cost is less than 350,000 rubles.

The most important criteria that apply to this version of performance can be called practicality, overall dimensions, reliability and adaptability to Russian roads, namely: a high ground clearance of the car.

Of course, as an option, you can offer to buy a killed six, suffer a little from it, and then do the tuning of the VAZ 2106 with your own hands and enjoy life, driving around on a pumped engine at a speed of 200 km per hour. But this is only an option, and since we have an article about new cars up to 300,000 rubles, we will probably move on to new ones.

Daewoo Nexia - cost 299,000 rubles

Daewoo Nexia is one of the most reliable and spacious cars in this class. Today, the production of Daewoo Nexia is established in Uzbekistan. Among the main advantages are cheap parts and the ability to carry out repairs at almost any technical inspection station, as well as a fairly high ground clearance.

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Among other features, it is worth noting that the cheapest and simplest version of execution can be purchased for 242,000 rubles. However, the best option is the one that has a new 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 108 horsepower under the hood. There is an opportunity to purchase a car with an old engine, whose power is 80 horsepower, and the volume is 1.5 –liter, but at the same time only 8,000 rubles will differ.

Cars new to 300,000

Summing up the Daewoo Nexia, we note the following: in order to purchase this car for the sum of 300,000 rubles in the maximum configuration for this money, you can turn your attention to the version with a 1.6-liter engine, a standard radio tape recorder and a power steering. If there is more money, then you can look at new cars up to 400,000 rubles.

About options such as climate control or air conditioning, ABS and airbags will have to be forgotten, since such an embodiment has a cost of more than 330,000 rubles. But do not get very upset if the car is standard and does not have serious functionality, if you want, you can always do the tuning yourself, thanks to which this standard Nexia can be turned into a monster car.

Lada Kalina

Considering the new cars up to 300 000 rubles, it is impossible not to note the options for the performance of the Russian car industry. Lada Kalina - the versatile person in a complete set "Norma" will manage for 290 000 rubles. What can be said about this purchase option?

A few years ago, the reliability of Lada Kalina was highly criticized, which was not unreasonable. Given this fact, AvtoVAZ corrected its mistakes, and the car became much more reliable. Now Lada Kalina can compete with new cars up to 500,000 rubles, and even some foreign cars up to 600,000 rubles are also left behind.

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New car up to 300,000

This fact influenced the fact that Kalina today is among the first ten cars that are most often bought in Russia this year. It is also worth noting that there is a rumor among buyers that the Kalina wagon has a higher build quality, the same as on new cars up to 600,000 rubles. I do not know how this rumor is different from the truth - it should be checked in more detail.

A separate talk can be made about the configuration, which I offer for 280,000 rubles: the Lada Kalina "Norma", like similar machines from other manufacturers for this price, does not have airbags and so much needed ABS, but a 1.6-liter engine is installed with 8 valves, electric windows, electric power steering, central locking and alarm.

A new car up to 300,000 rubles from a domestic manufacturer can also be purchased in other body versions.

Daewoo Matiz and a record 252,000 rubles

Daewoo Matiz is the cheapest foreign car that has been a sales hit for several years. If you want a comfortable car, but not for big money, then this is the most advantageous option: power steering, power windows, central locking, installed audio system with 4 speakers, and even remote control of the trunk and tank cover. All this for 252,000 rubles. But if suddenly you change your mind, and save up money, it is better to choose a new car up to 1,000,000 rubles, for this money there are some interesting crossovers.

Among all the competitors, this particular car has an excellent value for money.

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cars up to 300,000 rubles new

If we consider the price of this car, then it starts with 192,000 rubles for the minimum configuration. However, for such a cost you can get only "wheels with a frame and engine", and you can forget about the power steering, central locking, power windows powered by electricity.

The most suitable option, which has all the necessary options, is the Daewoo Matiz with an engine capacity of 0.8 liters, in the configuration DX. When considering this option of purchase, it is worth noting that the Daewoo Matiz has two significant drawbacks: small capacity and very small permeability, which limits the use of the car in the winter in Russia. And of course, the disadvantage is that this is not a car from Germany, but from Korea.

Cars 300 000 rubles new, as a rule, have low-power engines, are representatives of little-known manufacturers, have a minimum set of options. Therefore, if you want to buy a car better, you will have to save some money and choose a new car up to 750,000 rubles. Well, or even, new cars up to 700,000 rubles are of good quality, they will be nice to ride.

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