Assembling restyled nissan x-trail will take place in our

Сборка рестайлингового Nissan X-Trail будет происходить в нашей стране

Изменения, которые получил crossover в результате модернизации, известны нам еще по Шанхайскому мотор-шоу. Restyled Nissan X-Trail посвежел внешне, обновилась решетка радиатора, V-образный декоративный элемент укрупнили, обновили головную оптику, противотуманки, ранее круглые, стали квадратными. На заднем бампере crossoverа появились хромированные вставки. Легкосплавные катки получили новый дизайн, в максимальной комплектации появились боковые молдинги. Внешнюю антенну исполнили в види плавника акулы, инженеры говорят, от этого улучшился прием радиосигнала, а дизайнеры говорят, что crossover от этого стал внешне просто неотразим.

Salon also redrew, the steering wheel is now D-shaped, the keys on it are located somewhat differently. But most importantly, the steering wheel is now heated, which is very good news for Russians. The rear seats are also heated. Salon sheathed better quality material. In the maximum configuration, if you pay extra, you can trim the interior in white and black leather. Сборка рестайлингового Nissan X-Trail будет происходить в нашей стране The crossover is equipped with a digital radio tuner, the newest navigator with a touchscreen and a new “smart” interface that looks a lot like the appearance of smartphones or tablets.

The designers have rearranged the luggage compartment somewhat, as a result, its volume has grown by fifteen liters and now amounts to 565 liters instead of the previous 550. If, on the other hand, the passenger seats are folded down, the XTrail “hold” will grow to almost two thousand liters. The driver has access to various shelves and dividing walls, whereby he can independently build his trunk configuration in as many as nine possible ways.

The back door now opens, if you hold the strip under the rear bumper. The function is not new, but for XTrail - know-how. The crossover will receive a “recognizer” of pedestrians, a bunch of assistants, for example, when leaving a parking space or when starting a hill. Сборка рестайлингового Nissan X-Trail будет происходить в нашей стране Constructively crossover was not injured, he has the same three-engine line: a 163-strong 1.6-liter gasoline engine, the same volume, but a 130-horsepower diesel engine and another diesel engine, but already two-liter and 177-horsepower. This last diesel appeared on the market just a year ago. The motors work with either a six-speed mechanic or a variator gearbox.

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The basic equipment front-wheel drive, although for extra money 4x4 can be screwed there. Restyled in China X-Trail they are already selling, the European car market will arrive closer to the fall of 2017. Now at the St. Petersburg plant Nissan set up a line for localized assembly of this model