Land rover discovery 3rd generation in the secondary market

The previous generations of Land Rover Discovery (the first and second generations) are still troublesome to their owners. The truth with each new generation of problems was becoming less.

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For example, the 2nd generation, which was produced from 1998 and until 2004, turned out to be more resilient than the first. But from 2004 to 2009, the third generation of Discovery began to be produced, and now we will deal with this car in more detail in terms of technical troubles and difficulties in operation.

The first and most noticeable difference of the 3rd generation is that it has become really used a lot of different electronics. For example, there are Terrain Response - A system that allows you to adjust the modes of the suspension, engine, gearbox and even brakes using a joystick. But as you know, the more electronics, the more problems, because electronics often fails after some time.

If on the first cars of this generation there was slightly damp software, and glitches in the operation of equipment were very often noticed, then on newer cars it was necessary to update this software very often, which is also troublesome. Over time, problems with the software have been fixed.

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In addition, after several years of using this car there are problems with contacts, under the insulation wiring rots, and the connectors are blooming, so they have to grease with grease. From such problems with contacts the sound can disappear, the turn signals themselves can turn on, even the doors of the locks can be locked. But most importantly, the Terrain Response system suffers greatly from this. For example, even if contact with the ABS sensor is lost, the speedometer may turn off, and all instrument panel lights and even the suspension may go down to the middle position.

In most cases, instead of springs on the 3rd Generation Discovery, there are pneumatic elements that can also present many problems to their owners. For example, replacing a piston compressor alone will cost 1,250 euros. During off-road driving, it is worth remembering that this compressor is located near the left rear wheel, and it can be easily damaged if there is no special protection, which is an additional option. Also, during the replacement of wheels it is worth reminding employees of the workshop, so that they do not think that the compressor casing is a place for a jack.

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There are cases when Land Rover Discovery 3 may fall on one side - this may be the case wheel sensor suspension position (there are only 4 pieces, each of which costs about 100 euros). It may also be the case that the airtightness of the bellows has been lost. Usually, this happens after about 130,000 km. run, because there are cracks in the rubber sheath. New air bellows cost about 500 euros. Approximately after the same 130 thousand km. run it's time to change the shock absorbers on the usual spring suspension. The price for the front shock absorbers is 250 euros, and for the rear - 350 euros. As for wheel bearings, they can fail even earlier - their replacement will cost 200 euros for the front, and 80 euros for the rear. All because of the front wheel bearings in the kit are rotary cams.

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On those cars that were released before 2008 after 40,000 km. suspension begins to rumble and require bulkheads. And this is quite a frequent deal on these cars. You can install stronger ball bearings, they are considered to be reinforced and cost 50 euros, and the silent blocks of levers are often also necessary to change, although they are not expensive - about 15 euros each. But the steering tips are no more than 60,000 km. and they can be changed separately from the entire steering gear.

Photo of the Land Rover Discovery 3 car with mileage

Yes, and the steering mechanism itself may require attention, here the rack and pinion mechanism, after 60 thousand kilometers. backlash may appear, it is better to adjust it immediately, it will cost less than buying a new rail for 1000 euros. And if there is a knock at the steering shaft, where the cardan is attached, then you shouldn’t hurry to correct this situation, but you can always do this by replacing the shaft for about 150 euros.

The 3rd generation Discovery has a rear differential lock. But over time, it may fail, due to the fact that the electric drive of the lock-up drive is poorly protected from dirt. As a rule, if the car is traveling off-road, then the blockage on the electric motor cannot be avoided. If you clean the motors, the lock will work again, though not for long. At all, change the electric drive drive lock under warrantyand if you do this at your own expense, such a replacement will result in 900 euros, and if the motor is restored at the factory, you will have to fork out about 550 euros. By the way, if the rear differential lock fails it can also mean that the razdatkoy control unit has broken. This unit is located in the engine compartment, near the battery. If you suddenly decide to wash the engine, then you need to do it carefully, so as not to wet this unit, because it does not like water.

Land Rover Discovery 3 problems with the gear

As for the gearboxes, transfer case, manual ZF box, they serve for a long time and do not create problems. There are modifications with a 6-speed automatic ZF 6HP26, then you just have to follow the shaft seals and the oil pump, along with its seals, especially after 150,000 km. run If you drive more quickly, with a slip, this will lead to faster wear of the torque converter, jerking will also appear during the ride. To make the transmission bulkhead, you need to lay out about 2500 euros. There are such cases that after an off-road raid, the automatic transmission will start to confuse the transmissions, and switch them with jerks, this may be the case in the box control unit. You can reset the settings in this block and the problem will pass by itself.

In the Russian market, most Discovery 3 - diesel. This is usually a V6 engine with a volume of 2.7 liters, which was developed jointly by companies such as Land Rover, Ford, Jaguar and Peugeot-Citroen.

These engines use the Common Rail power supply system, in which Siemens injectors are installed, each of which costs 500 euros. Instead of solenoids, there are piezoelectric elements; therefore, it is necessary to refuel only with high-quality fuel. Poor fuel does not like not only the motor, but also an autonomous heater Webastoin order to repair it you have to pay approximately 500 euros. If the poor-quality fuel has really poured in, then the emerged troubles can be immediately noticed - thick smoke will appear on the left side, near the front wheel.

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Land Rover Discovery 3 suspension problem

On engines that were released before 2007, failures often occur due to the fact that exhaust gas recirculation valves are clogged with soot. New such valve costs about 300 euros. If the valve is clogged, the symptoms will be a loss of power, and the engine will not start well. And if you got a diesel Discovery 3, modified to Euro-4, then we must remember that on these machines there were frequent cases that a replacement of the high-pressure fuel pump was required. Many such cars were withdrawn under warranty. If you change this node yourself, the costs will be 1,500 euros. The high-pressure fuel pump is installed in the collapse of the unit, so if the front bearing breaks down, the diesel fuel will hit the fountain throughout the engine compartment - a column of smoke will appear, such that the driver will have unforgettable memories. Therefore, in the future, there would be no such troubles with a car that was produced before 2009, Ask the seller whether the pump was replaced under warranty.

The turbine breaks very rarely., but if it happens, then its repair will be quite problematic, because it is inconvenient to climb to it, many details need to be removed, therefore such work will cost at least 500 euros. There are more simple problems with the turbine, to eliminate which you just need to change the rotor with bearings that cost 500 euros. But if you do not, then you have to buy a new node, which will cost 2600 euros.

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Also important Check coolant level: if it is low, it may mean that a crack has appeared in the heat exchanger of the recirculation system. But in general, the diesel engine is quite resistant, its compression ratio is rather low, therefore its resource is quite large - more than 500 thousand km. It is also important not to forget to change the timing belt every 120 thousand km. If the belt is not changed in time and breaks, you will have to buy a new cylinder block, because it can not be repaired, and its cost is 4,500 euros. It will be cheaper to throw such a machine.

The petrol versions use an aluminum cylinder block. The motor from the Jaguar V8 and in the timing belt installed circuit, which does not require replacement at all. This motor does not create serious problems, there are some trivia such as the replacement of gaskets and seals after 120 thousand km. run This 8-cylinder engine is adapted for off-road driving, even at different angles of roll, the oil is always where it is needed, thus there is no oil starvation. In rare cases it happens that fuel pumps failwhich cost 150 euros for new ones, it also happens that ignition coils fail (new ones cost 60 euros), nozzles, each of which costs 250 euros, the throttle servo is 350 euros.

There is also a less powerful gasoline engine from Ford - the V6, the volume of 4 liters, is a rather rare engine, it was put only on the American and Australian versions, therefore in Russia it can be found extremely rare.

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Off-road Land Rover Discovery 3 2009


As you know, the body on the first generation was considered a real problem - rust appeared at the joints. At the 3rd generation Discovery began to use winged metal only on the hood and in the tailgate sash. All other body parts are made of galvanized steelfor which rust is not for anything.

Land Rover is not as reliable as the Land Cruiser, but in terms of reliability, Discovery 3 is not worse than Volkswagen Touareg. 3rd generation Discovery has really become luckier than its predecessors. And the fact that electronics are sometimes naughty is a common thing in the automotive world. Now the 4th generation of Discovery is on sale in full swing, but we'll talk about it next time.

Land Rover Discovery 3 car with a mileage in the secondary market

In general, the British car requires to be careful, and service on the company service. Buy second-hand Discovery of the 3rd generation can and should be, because they are favorable prices. The cost of the car falls by about 15% per year from the initial cost. Now the car of 2008-2009 costs around 900,000 - 1,500,000 rubles. It is better to buy cars younger.

Feelings driving Land Rover Discovery III

190 l are under the hood of the Discovery. with. power, and the weight of the car is about 2.5 tons. But in this car good traction, especially at low revs. Plus to the diesel engine there is an automatic transmission on 6 steps. Therefore, in each program, Discovery 3 has excellent traction and the car accelerates confidently and quickly.

The cabin has good sound insulation, especially since this diesel engine works very quietly and with the least vibration. true trim on the steering wheel after 50,000 km. run starts to climbIt even leaves small pieces of dyed leather on the hands. The chairs themselves are trimmed with high-quality leather, and for a long time they will be able to maintain their appearance.

Land Rover Discovery 3 car bottom problems

In terms of management, the diesel version of the Discovery is the same as the gasoline one, it clearly follows a predetermined trajectory, it behaves confidently on turns. The response to movements is not very high, it even makes driving a car more comfortable. But if you make sharp turns, then there will be big banks. In the 3rd Discovery there is a stabilization system that does not turn off and always ensures that the car is traveling along its path. Also here is a great smoothness, except that on the waves the car slightly shakes, but in general, quite a nice car.

If you are interested in other opinions on the purchase of a Land Rover Discovery 3 used car, then it is worthwhile to watch the following video, where, in addition to a useful story, you will also get a visual demonstration: