What kind of car can you take for 50 thousand rubles and is


If you ask such a goal, then you can find cars up to 50,000 rubles. But you have to try to find something more or less normal. Not every person can afford to set aside a tidy sum every month in order to save at least 200-400 thousand rubles a year. This money is enough to buy a good car. But in the case of a limited budget of 50 thousand, the task becomes much more complicated. If you afford something more expensive than a car for 50 thousand rubles, you cannot, you will have to choose from what the market offers. The range is not so large, although several relatively decent options can be found.

What cars can be purchased up to 50,000 rubles

Choosing a car worth up to 50 thousand rubles.

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Important nuances

Buying cars for 50 thousand rubles, future car owners should understand that this is an extremely small amount. Therefore, to rely on something unique and powerful is definitely not necessary. Also, experienced owners of cheap cars are advised not to rely on such a car as a means to move long distances. Such cars are recommended for use in the city or at most for going to the cottage, which is located near the city.

Too long distances can turn into unpleasant surprises. The technical condition of the machines for such an amount leaves much to be desired. Therefore, there is a high probability that a long trip will end with a call for a tow truck. For 50 thousand rubles you buy exclusively used cars, which have almost exhausted their resources. And because the damage will become an integral part of the operation of the vehicle. Get ready for this in advance. If you do not know how to repair cars yourself and perform at least elementary maintenance work, it’s better to abandon the idea of ​​buying a cheap car.

Why buy such cars

Many people do not understand why in the presence of only 50 thousand rubles to buy a car. After all, this is a tiny amount, which is hardly enough for any normal option. But there are those who strongly want to buy a vehicle for 50 thousand. But what kind of car you can afford for such money is not all immediately understood. There are several main reasons why buying cheap cars with mileage for the sum of no more than 50,000 rubles.

  1. Youth and excitement. Young people who have reached the age of majority always want to get behind the wheel. And for them it is not so important what kind of car it will be, and in what technical condition it is. Here the main thing that the car went. Therefore, having collected the minimum amount, they are eager to buy the first available car for which they had enough money. This can be called a good aspiration if the guy himself earned this money, turned in on the rights and will be servicing the car with his own hands. This is a great experience and good practice.
  2. Training. There are some people who are afraid immediately after passing the exams in a driving school to drive a rather expensive car. Because they take something elementary and simple for about 50 thousand. The purpose of such a purchase is to learn to drive a car in order to gain experience and confidence. A temporary measure that will allow you to not be afraid to hit a car somewhere, break it, etc.
  3. Cottage, hunting, fishing. Summer residents, fishermen and hunters often have two cars at the same time at their disposal. One is good enough to travel around the city, for work and other daily activities. The second car serves as a workhorse. She is not so sorry, it is possible to transport a different load on it, to do construction work, to wade through a bad road to fish places, etc.
  4. Project. There is a category of people who love to make cars, repair old cars. Buying a vehicle for the project, few people initially spend a lot of money. This is the essence of this work, to make a real work of art out of a practically dead car. Someone does it for the purpose of earning money, others are engaged in projects for themselves.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to buy a car for 50 thousand rubles. Therefore, it is worth proposing several possible options that can suit a potential buyer with a budget of only fifty thousand Russian rubles. The amount is small, but if you wish, you can find a lot of good specimens.

Offered assortment

Since we are talking about cheap cars worth up to 50 thousand rubles, the majority only thinks about domestic cars. But in reality, even with such a budget, it is possible to buy our cars and foreign cars. Therefore, the list of proposals will be divided into 2 categories:

  • domestic cars;
  • foreign cars.

You have to decide for yourself which of the two options suits you best. It depends not only on personal preferences, but also on a number of other features:

  • access to spare parts;
  • availability of good service stations in your city;
  • personal experience in the repair and maintenance of machines;
  • tasks that are set in front of a cheap car;
  • budget available for maintenance and maintenance of cars.

Having decided on what kind of car you better take inexpensively, spending no more than 50,000 rubles, get ready for the need for periodic maintenance, repair and meticulous care. It is important that the vehicle is not very costly to maintain. Otherwise, this vehicle will turn into a huge expense item of your family budget. As practice shows, such cars do not take for work and taxis. If you take the car as a vehicle for commuting to work, at least you will be ashamed in front of your colleagues, and low reliability can confront you with extremely unpleasant situations.

Cars for villas and villages

As for a taxi, low reliability plays a major role here, since all the money earned will have to be invested in repairs. Cheap cars are not recommended for frequent trips, which contradicts the very essence of working in a taxi. If you buy a car for summer cottage, fishing, sometimes you need to use it, or you just want to gain driving experience, you should choose the right copy. It will be a domestic car or a foreign car, you decide.

Domestic cars

First of all, you need to look at the domestic market and our cars, because they are the cheapest today. The choice is quite impressive, despite the strictly limited budget for buying a car.

Consider some possible options from what can be purchased for 50 thousand rubles:

  1. ИЖ-2124 - 2125. Советские автомобили, которые выпускались на Ижевском автозаводе в период с 1973 до 1990 год. Их создавали на базе Moskvicа-412. Машина устаревшая, хотя в техническом плане далеко не самый худший вариант. Если постараться, можно приобрести авто в неплохом состоянии.ИЖ-2124 - 2125
  2. IL-2126. First, the Soviet, and then the Russian car, which belongs to the small class. Izhevsk plant started its production in 1990, and production was completed only in 2005. Relatively good cars, which are still offered in good condition. The car is compact and not very roomy, because drivers of impressive build will not work. Also, do not count on solid functions for cargo transportation.ИЖ-2126 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru
  3. Moskvic. Он существует множества видов, вариаций и модификаций. Потому привязываться к какому-то конкретному Moskvicу мы не будем. Это всё ещё популярная в России машина, которая пользуется спросом среди дачников и рыбаков. Вместительный салон, достаточно просторный багажник, достойные технические характеристики. При определении того, какую машину взять всего за 50 000 рублей, выбор в пользу Moskvicа будет одним из наиболее удачных.Moskvic
  4. Volga. A huge Soviet machine that has a wide range of advantages over its competitors. Once, the Volga was considered an elite machine that only the wealthiest people could afford. Now the popularity of the Volga has subsided, although our grandfathers still consider it the best car. This is understandable, given the large cabin, spacious luggage compartment, durable engines and basic maintenance. Most of the Volga repair works can be done without any problems.Volga
  5. Oka. Простейший городской автомобиль компактных размеров. Если вы живёте в большом городе, где нужно аккуратно маневрировать и с точностью до сантиметра парковаться на узких участках, для новичка ничего лучше Оки за 50 тысяч не придумаешь. У машины элементарная конструкция, очень доступный сервис, дешёвые запчасти. С ней легко работать, если что-то вышло из строя. Надёжность не образцовая, но факт наличия на отечественных дорогах такого большого количества этих автомобилей не первой свежести говорит нам о том, что Oka способна прослужить не один десяток лет.Oka
  6. VAZ-2108, 09 и 099. Изначально такие авто кажутся наиболее интересными и привлекательными. Но на практике опытные люди не советуют покупать эти модели. Либо же нужно тщательно выбирать, внимательно проверяя техническое состояние и наличие серьёзных проблем. Всё дело в том, что многие восьмёрки и девятки находились в руках молодых водителей, которые не жалели двигатель, часто давили на педаль газа и минимально занимались качественным ремонтом. За 50 тысяч сложно найти 2108, 2109 или 21099 в идеальном состоянии. Вам наверняка придётся их ремонтировать и восстанавливать.VAZ-2108
  7. VAZ-2101. Classic penny is considered the best that can be found on the Russian market for used cars worth no more than 50 thousand rubles. This is a good solution for the project, the machine is perfect for giving, hunting and fishing. Available parts, relatively good engines, a great resource and practicality of the VAZ-2101 make it an optimal car for many.VAZ-2101

But buying a car in the secondary market always remains a lottery. Here it should be the most competent and careful approach to the issue of choice, examine the condition of the machine, check documents and send to independent stations. You must understand that with such a budget it is impossible to rely on something durable and trouble-free. Such cars will break down and require repair. The only question is how expensive the maintenance of a budget vehicle will cost you.

Available foreign cars

In most cases, the situation is such that the buyer wants to get a foreign car, not a domestic car. Even with a budget of 50,000 rubles, it is possible. But in the case of an imported car, you will have to turn to even older models than when buying domestic vehicles. Practice clearly shows that the overwhelming percentage of used cars, which can theoretically be taken for such an amount, have traveled more than 400-500 thousand kilometers, which indicates an almost complete development of the resource.

Eternal machines do not exist. Therefore, if you are told that the car is in excellent condition, you can’t believe such a seller. But since you are determined to purchase imported cars for 50 thousand rubles, then be sure to give up the automatic box. Despite all the advantages in comfort and convenience of their use, the repair will be extremely expensive. And the probability of failure of the automatic transmission in this case is 100%.

Of the cars that are offered in the secondary market within 50,000 rubles., We can distinguish the following.

  1. Ford Scorpio. A great option if you can find in good condition. The machine is reliable and durable. There are problems, but this is mainly due to natural aging processes. Motors keep for a long time, work confidently, and their repair does not cause many problems.Ford Scorpio
  2. Ford Sierra. Also a good car from the American automaker. The build quality at that time was at a decent level, because many models have survived to our time, despite more than a solid age.Ford Sierra
  3. Volkswagen Jetta. German quality largely justifies the funds that you have to gradually invest in cars for its maintenance. Practical, comfortable, quite frisky and durable. Plus Jetta is well suited for young and novice drivers.Volkswagen Jetta
  4. Among all used cars that can be taken for such a modest sum, Volkswagen Golf looks the most attractive. Sophisticated design, engines with a huge resource, a corrosion-resistant body and good dynamics make the Golf the number one choice for young drivers and those who need a car with a minimum of chronic problems. Volkswagen Golf
  5. Again, the German Volkswagen, but more of a representative class. A car will cost more to maintain than the same Jetta or Golf. But you get a more solid size, attractive appearance, rust-resistant body. If you find the Passat in good condition, it will last more than one year. Volkswagen passat
  6. Audi 80 and 100. The once very popular models from the German automaker, which have managed to survive adequately until our times. Count on the car after 1990 release is not necessary here. Look well for Audi to have problems with the engine and rotting body. In this state, it will be an excellent choice for several years of operation.Audi 80
  7. The model range is quite extensive, if we talk about sedans and station wagons. But since the budget is limited to 50 thousand, you should not even look in the direction of the German cars from Mercedes younger than 1984 release. The advantages of these machines are that they have been made for decades. Because these cars are perfectly preserved and can be operated for many years with proper maintenance and care. Mercedes under 1984
  8. An interesting copy of the company Opel. At that time, the company from Germany was at the peak of popularity, because the samples of 1995 and older have a decent combination of quality, reliability and durability. Opel 1995
  9. Often used for projects car from the company Opel is one of the best cars that actually buy 50 thousand in relatively good condition. But you have to carefully search, because many Kadett have a problem body, covered with rust. It does not make sense to restore it.Opel cadet
  10. Another representative of Opel, which is worthy of your attention. For 50,000 rubles. you don't buy anything younger than 1991-1993. But Vectra of those years had good characteristics, high-quality assembly and well-made body. If you try, you will find Vectra in good condition. Maintenance is not the most expensive, plus a number of repairs can be done by hand. Opel Vectra

If this list is not enough for you, you can look at Japanese and French cars:

  • Subaru;
  • Toyota;
  • Mazda;
  • Peugeot;
  • Renault.

The French in adequate condition can be taken from the 1995 release and older. But a decent Japanese car is offered no later than 1988 release for the money. You can clearly see that among the cars offered a wide range of different cars from various manufacturers. But not all of them will suit you and will be able to meet the requirements. If you want to take minimal risks in terms of quality, reliability and durability of the car, it is best to opt for German cars Opel and Volkswagen.

Should I buy

Old cars will break down. This is a truth against which nothing can be done. If domestic cars cause less problems with maintenance, since spare parts for them are offered in almost every store, then with foreign cars it will be more difficult. The same cars from Subaru are extremely expensive to maintain, especially when problems arise with the engine. Yes, and masters who can cope with the old foreign cars, not so much in Russia.

The old foreign car will create more problems than the old domestic car. And this is the main problem of such vehicles. They require a lot of time, attention and money. You can take an old Mercedes and ride a German classic, even with 50,000 rubles at your disposal. But will you have enough money to maintain such a machine when it only requires 20 liters of gas for every 100 kilometers for gasoline? Add to this the cost of spare parts, services of masters and other expenses.

Everyone decides for himself whether it is worth buying such cheap cars or not. You just have to understand what awaits you in the case of a purchase. Try to choose the most practical machines that will not require daily repairs, and fuel consumption will be at an adequate level.

Recommendations for selection

When the required amount is collected, the process of searching for a suitable instance begins. Many people wonder how huge the list of offers is with such a small budget. The first thing that a potential buyer should look at is the body. If it is in good condition, has no signs of corrosion and other defects, you can safely take. The body is considered the most expensive to repair. When it rusts more than 5 to 10%, it does not make sense to rebuild the car. You will spend on it more than the amount for which you took the car.

If the body is in good condition, the next important points will be the engine and chassis. On motors, the mileage is often twisted to give a price and give the car a marketable appearance. Only specialists can confirm this. But you also compare the age of the car with the specified mileage. If he is too small, there is reason to suspect the seller of deception. It is better to check the engine and chassis at the service station with friends, or to invite a comrade who understands such things. A number of serious problems can be found already when starting the engine, when it is working at idle or after several kilometers traveled.

Trying to look for a car on the ads is not worth it. This is very tiring and time consuming since you will have to travel to different addresses and even cities repeatedly. You spend more money on the road. It is better to report them to the cost of the car and take something more interesting and fresh. There is a special car market where a large number of vehicles are exposed. This will allow you to view dozens of cars in one go, compare them, compare prices and pick up even the most suitable equipment.

But you will not get away from reality. 50 thousand rubles are frankly a small amount for buying a decent decent car. Therefore, experienced car owners who have passed through this, are advised to be patient, collect some more money and start looking for a car from at least 200 thousand rubles.