Based on the concept of subaru viziv future will assemble a

На основе концепта Subaru Visible Future соберут новый кроссовер

Subaru developers have long hinted that a new crossover will soon appear in their model range. The first signs of this transparent hint were identified with a demonstration of the first concept Viziv, which was held several years ago. Then the Japanese finalized it and presented the second version of the concept to the world. And at the last Tokyo Motor Show there will be presented a third concept development called Viziv Future Concept. In something, these experiments should result. Three concepts one after another are not released into the void. New concept car Viziv Future, if you compare it with the previous version, got a more narrow radiator grille, a plastic trim on the front bumper, a completely different head optics, and more modest foglights. Designers and developers of Subaru noted that there is nothing superfluous in their car, that each part is strictly verified and designed to perform a specific function, and in general the car is ready to overcome any off-road conditions. На основе концепта Subaru Visible Future соберут новый кроссовер Under the hood концепта Subaru Visible Future the hybrid unit is located, the component parts of which have undergone long-term tests on test models. The internal combustion engine here is a turbo engine, known for equipping the Subaru Levorg. The Japanese do not yet specify its power characteristics.

The propeller shaft in the construction of the new Subaru concept is completely absent; instead, the four-wheel drive is implemented by an electric motor installed in the rear axle position. About him, too, the descendants of the samurai did not particularly spread. The floor of the cabin of the future crossover will be flat, due to which the designers have equipped the interior of the cabin on the basis of the utmost comfort for the driver and passengers. На основе концепта Subaru Visible Future соберут новый кроссовер Subaru Visible Future equipped with a complex of telemetric technologies, which will allow developing an unmanned vehicle model on its base. By the way, already in the current performance, the future crossover can move without a driver. It has cameras and processors for processing information coming from cameras, any obstacle is recognized automatically, the car parks itself without any problems. На основе концепта Subaru Visible Future соберут новый кроссовер It is worth recalling that at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, the Subaru developers will show the concept car of the new Subaru Impreza. It will also demonstrate the updated Forester.

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