Choosing the best car lamps


A good car needs a good flashlight for each eye. So much so that the light that you could see a bright future. A test of lamps, conducted by reputable experts, installed the best models for the lights of your car.

Types of car lamps

For the correct selection of lamps for automotive optics you need to know their main types. As well as the design features of each of them.

The basis of the international classification of automobile lamps put alphabetic and digital marking. The letter in the model marking indicates the type of construction of the base.

Automobile lamps and their marking

Automobile lamps and their marking

Для крепежа лампы в фаре применяют различные системы. В последние годы резьбовая система крепежа в автомобилестроении практически не применяется. Связано это с тем, что цокольная часть является наиболее уязвимой. Резьбовая система крепления не является оптимальным вариантом. На смену ей приходят эффективные конструктивные решения, обладающие большей сопротивляемостью к действию механических и физических факторов (тряска, вибрация, удар, перепады температур). Многие из этих крепежных конструкций перекочевали из экстремальных видов автоспорта.Читать о том, как выбрать лучшие автомобильные лампы-->


The most common type. Most often used in four-lighting system. The design of such incandescent devices consists of one spiral. Type E refers to the flange species, characterized by a rigid parameter of the arrangement of the spiral with respect to the flange. This ensures optimal focusing on the optics and reflective mirror surface.

Автомобильные лампы E, применяемые в фарах головного света и противотуманках, имеют вытянутую или скрученную спираль. Цоколь E чаще всего применяется в моделях для противотуманных фар и дополнительных огней.

Галогенная противотуманка с цоколем E

Галогенная противотуманка с цоколем E

Depending on the technology used, E lamps can be divided into the following main groups:

  • Glow - arranged according to the principle of an ordinary household light bulb.
  • Halogen - such E models are designed like ordinary incandescent bulbs. But instead of a vacuum, a mixture of inert gas and a halogen substance (iodine or bromine vapor) is pumped into them. The cap of the device is made of quartz glass, which significantly increases the shock resistance of lamps. Today halogen models E are the most common in our market.
  • LED-based - advanced technology. In such devices, E uses semiconductor crystals. LED models are most resistant to mechanical stress. The use of LEDs in automotive optics began relatively recently. Therefore, they are not yet widespread.
  • Xenon lamps - they use an electric arc between two metal electrodes located in a xenon medium to produce light. To start these devices need a special unit. Therefore, xenon models are the most expensive of all.


Automotive lamps with H4 base are used mainly in headlamps optics. The design of the H4 lamps includes two spirals. The main types of this type of devices:

  • Halogenki
  • LED models.
  • Xenon.

H4 halogens are the most common. Their modifications:

  • Models with an increased term of operation - their service life is several times longer than the usual H4.
  • H4 bulbs with increased luminous intensity produce a luminous flux that is 30% brighter than usual.
  • Weatherproof - produce light yellowish color.
  • With the increased power capacity - are used in off-road light optics.


Belongs to the flange type of single-filament automotive lamps. Hah are produced relatively recently (mid-90s).

The main types of Hah:

  • Hah halogen models.
  • LED models.
  • Hah based on xenon.

This type is used mainly in headlamps. On the market are available models Hah with increased power and light output.

Top models

The rating of lamps for a car includes the best models of devices of various types. The selection was made not only in terms of popularity among Russian motorists, but also according to the results of tests of reputable automotive publications.

OSRAM H4 Standard

Characteristics of the model opening rating:

  • Type - H4.
  • Main light lamps.
  • 12 V.
  • 60-55 watts.
OSRAM H4 Standard - great for both city and highway

OSRAM H4 Standard - great for both city and highway

The test model showed that the degree of illumination of the upper limit is much lower than the established norm. That is, it is completely safe for other road users (does not blind).

The lamp lighting of the working area turned out to be the most effective of all the samples presented. No blind spots or dark spots were detected on all the border of illumination.

The model is suitable for both the urban cycle of the car and for driving on the highway.


  • H4.
  • For the main light.
  • 12 V.
  • 60-55 watts.

The test showed that the car lamp illuminates the work area evenly on both sides. That for right-hand traffic is not an ideal indicator.

The level of the upper limit of the luminous flux is below the allowable. No blind spots or dark spots were detected in the main focus area.

Philips Vision + 50% Plus

  • Hah.
  • With an increased level of lighting.
  • 12 V.
  • 60-55 watts.
Лампа Philips Vision + 50% Plus

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Illumination of the working area without blind zones. The upper limit of the beam within the permissible height. The test of the lighting power showed that the luminous flux is above the established norm by only 10-12%, which is much lower than the level declared by the manufacturer (50%).


  • Hah.
  • For the main light.
  • 12 V.
  • 60-55 watts.

Test work area lighting model passed. Beam height limit is normal. The light power is slightly below the minimum, which is a critical indicator in conditions of limited visibility (rain, snow, fog).

OSRAM is recommended for use in urban environments and road only with sufficient visibility.

Philips X-Treme Vision  + 100%

  • Type - E halogen.
  • For the main light.
  • 12 V.
  • 55 watts.
Philips X-Treme Vision + 100% - provide a powerful light beam

Philips X-Treme Vision + 100% - provide a powerful light beam

Special series. Declared by the manufacturer as a model of automotive lamps, designed for the most extreme road conditions. Thanks to the use of halogen technology, it was possible to increase the power of the light beam by a factor of 2.

A test of the capabilities of the model showed that it has an increased level of illumination. What when using it in the high-beam mode on steep road biases negatively affects the safety of movement of other motorists (can blind).


Characteristics of the model, which closes our rating:

  • E, xenon
  • For the main light.
  • Starting block 35 V.
  • 35 watts.

The lamp life declared by the manufacturer is 2,000 hours. The level of power of the light beam is 200% higher than normal.

Тест возможностей модели подтвердил заявленную мощность луча и потребление энергии на уровне 35 watts. Тем не менее, вызывает опасение столь высокая мощность луча, которая может быть опасной для остальных участников автомобильного движения.

Video on the advantages and disadvantages of H4 halogen lamps


Из всех рассмотренных типов очевидным преимуществом в ценовом и ресурсном эквиваленте обладают галогенные модели E. Но только при условии грамотного использования галогенок на крутых дорожных уклонах в режиме дальнего света.