How to glue the film on the car

Having pasted a vinyl film on the car, it is possible to solve several problems at once. You can protect the body from adverse external effects on the paintwork, protect it from minor scratches and damage. In addition, pasting vinyl perfectly and performs a decorative function. With it, you can give the car a more attractive appearance, as well as hide pockets of corrosion or other minor defects.

Pasting car film is not such a difficult process. If you wish, you can do everything yourself, without resorting to the services of specialists. There are no special difficulties here. To successfully complete this operation, one must have patience and know the technological features of the procedure.


  • 1 The necessary conditions
  • 2 How to prepare the body
  • 3 What is required
  • 4 pasting technology

The necessary conditions

Pasting of the car with a film should not be made in the open air. This should be done in a clean room. Unacceptable any dust. In case of its falling under the film, the work may be spoiled. Large dust particles will noticeably protrude and everything will have to be redone. To avoid this, before starting work should wet the floor with plain water. Indoor temperature also plays an important role. It should be around 20 degrees.

carbon film for cars

You can cover small areas of the car with film without your own experience.

How to prepare the body

Wash the car thoroughly. After complete drying, the paintwork of the body should be degreased using white spirit. In the case of its absence, you can use other solvents, after making sure that they do not corrode the paint. In order to enhance adhesion at the edges of the film, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of primer on them or use a primer.

What is required

For successful pasting the car with vinyl you need to prepare:

  • Scotch tape that will first be fixed to the film;
  • marker or bright marker;
  • sharp knife. Scissors are not suitable;
  • spray with soapy water;
  • squeegee to smooth the surface;
  • building hair dryer;
  • Microfiber cloths, but you can restrict yourself to any soft cloth.
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Pasting technology

how to glue film on cars

First you need to make a pattern, without removing the protective layer from the film

First of all, you need to make a pattern. The process must be approached with all the responsibility, as it is easy to spoil the material. Vinyl film on the car from the inside is covered with a protective layer. Without removing it, we lean the vinyl against the place we are going to glue, and mark the surface with a marker. The pattern must be fixed using masking tape for this. On it should be applied labels. On them it will be possible to properly set the vinyl film when the protective film is removed.

Итак, how to glue film on cars? Есть два способа: мокрый и сухой. Профессионалы рекомендуют мокрый способ, как наиболее надежный. Раз так, его и следует применять. До того как приступить непосредственно к оклейке, надо распылить на лакокрасочное покрытие мыльный раствор, который можно приготовить разбавив в воде немного моющего средства.

It's time to remove the protective layer. It is best to do this with an assistant so that the vinyl does not touch anything and does not hit anything. After that, you need to attach a vinyl film to the middle of the glued surface and gently glue it, smoothing it with a squeegee from the center to the edges. Haste can do much harm, so work must be done without haste. Smoothing is necessary to remove air bubbles that form under the film. Where the surface of the body bends, the vinyl is heated by a hairdryer. This is done to make the film more elastic. In places where vinyl had to turn up, you also need to work with a hairdryer. Sometimes it makes sense to treat tucked edges with a sealant that dries quickly.

pasting car film

To glue the film on the car is most convenient with an assistant

Having covered with vinyl all pasted surface, it is necessary to make continuous heating of this surface. This is necessary for the final disposal of minor defects and a more correct distribution of vinyl in places of protrusions and depressions. It is also necessary to heat up in order to slightly remove the vinyl film. Naturally, it is not shrinkable, however, a small effect of heating is still noticeable. This concludes the work process.

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When the glued surface cools down, it should be perfectly flat. Do not worry if the first time something did not turn out as we would like. If desired, badly pasted vinyl can be reheated with a hairdryer and re-glued. To achieve excellent results on a large surface is more difficult than on a small one, so it is advisable to start from small areas. If you want to paste over the entire body of the car with vinyl film, then you will most likely not be able to do everything qualitatively and the first time. In this case, it is better to resort to the help of professionals. And if you need to stick a film, say, only on the trunk or hood, then this is quite possible for an ordinary car enthusiast. In extreme cases, it will take several attempts.

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