Body repair and painting cars do it yourself

The first impression about the car is most often made by how the body looks. However, in this significant part of the car not only aesthetic properties are concluded, but also it is responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers. In many cars, the body is the bearing element of the design.

After undesirable external deformations occur with the car, it has to be restored. Some drivers immediately dial the phone number of the service, although in many cases you can do body repair with your own hands, without the assistance of outside help.


  • 1 Fault Diagnosis
  • 2 Local repair
  • 3 Major restoration work

Fault Diagnosis

It is necessary to start independent work only after a competent assessment of the damage to the car and the resources necessary for the correction. Each case is individual, but many situations can be typified by performing repairs on already established schemes.

You need to know that body repair and painting cars with their own hands are quite expensive operations, so you can purchase consumables as needed.

how to do body repair with your own hands

Significant body damage

The cost of repairing a car with a long-term release is not always financially viable. In some cases, this repair reaches 30-50% of the cost of the car itself. For a preliminary assessment of damage, you can contact the experts.

Local repair

If the damage is minor, it is enough to repair the problem area of ​​the body to bring it in order. Most often such problems are:

  • small dents;
  • scratches or chipped paintwork;
  • small areas affected by corrosive processes.

To remove small scratches or chipped paint using modern special pencils or auto polish. Such devices for body repair do easy to find in any auto shop. Highly qualified for their use is not required. It is enough to use them carefully according to the instructions for use.

how to do body repair with your own hands

Local repair work

You need to know that working with pencils or polishes do not take much time, but they are able to restore the appearance of the car.

Working time with such tools depends on the depth of the defect. In some cases, it will be necessary to use means for restoring the geometry of parts of the body without painting.

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For deep and significant dents in diameter with damage to the paintwork, use a rubberized mallet and auxiliary substrate. This will require access from the inside.

You need to know that the impact force should not be excessive, so as not to lead to additional thinning of the metal and the impossibility of restoring the factory form of the processed element.

Dents with chips are subjected to the same treatment, but after leveling they smooth the surface from the side of the damaged paint. Next are spackling, primer and paint work.

how does body repair do it yourself

Independent repair of body defects

To restore small dents, you can apply the method with the influence of a significant temperature difference. During operation, the damaged area is heated with a burner, and then cooled rapidly. Such stress contributes to the return of the metal to its original position.

Emerging corrosion zones must be treated with special protective agents. If the process has gone into Bole deep layers of metal and occupies a large area, then such a repair of the body requires only welding work.

Major restoration work

During major traffic accidents, the car may be out of service. The most common situations are:

  • significant damage to the subframe;
  • significant deformation of the bearing parts of the body;
  • clear and deep violation of geometry.

It is difficult to reproduce such resuscitation at home, because many of the safety parameters set by the automaker will be lost during the restoration work. When operating or the next road incident, the car will behave less predictable.

how much do the accessories for body repair do it yourself

High-quality restoration of the car body, taking into account all geometrical and power parameters, is possible only with professional computer support.

If such work is carried out independently, it will be necessary to operate the car with a significant reduction in speed, providing the driver and passengers with additional safety.

The result of poor-quality restoration work can be such consequences:

  • the visual perception of the car is significantly impaired;
  • illiterate straightening can lead to deviations in the running gear of the car, leading to significant tire wear.
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The most effective use of self-recovery in areas that do not affect the basic performance of the car.