Gm-avtovaz announced april discounts for chevrolet niva

Руководство GM-Avtovaz объявило апрельские скидки на Chevrolet Levels

Discounts on popular in our country "Shnivy"made in the current year will be valid for the whole month. Nothing new has been invented by sales managers: you can buy a Russian SUV more profitably by extending the trade-ins and utilization program for the whole of April. The action of these programs applies to ordinary customers and legal entities. To receive a discount on the purchase of a new Russian SUV, the buyer must either exchange his old car according to the Trade-in scheme, or send it for recycling. lyayutsya all authorized dealers GM-Avtovaz. Price tags on picking "Shnivy"today are determined by the range from 586 to 712 thousand rubles. If we take into account the maximum discounts on trade-in and recycling, then the new one Chevrolet Levels will cost the buyer forty thousand cheaper - from 546 to 672 kilorubles. The car has a 1.7-liter, eighty-strong, naturally aspirated engine under the hood, stitched to the Euro-5 environmental class. Руководство GM-Avtovaz объявило апрельские скидки на Chevrolet Levels Car prices GM-Avtovaz from the new year rose twice. Since January 1, the basic configuration of the Russian SUV has risen in price by five thousand rubles, the rest - by six thousand. The second time the price list Chevrolet-Niva has risen by almost two thousand rubles. The company's management argues the rise in prices for their cars as compensation for the more expensive components, just why they are becoming more expensive when the dollar exchange rate has been falling since the new year, and the ruble, respectively, is becoming completely unclear. In any case, those who raise prices will find any excuse for this. I wonder why the components of the Chinese Lifan, which is not the first year, in spite of any crises, sell their cars at dumping prices, do not go up in price? Nevertheless, the rise in prices did not greatly affect the demand of the Russians for their favorite SUV. This, of course, motivates domestic car dealers to raise prices even higher. Руководство GM-Avtovaz объявило апрельские скидки на Chevrolet Levels So, in January of this year, the Russians bought forty-two percent "Shniv" more than in the same period last year. In numbers, this amounted to 1,670 SUVs. In February Chevrolet Levels hit the top ten of the most popular cars in the country. In the "native" segment of the best crossovers "Shiva"ranked third.

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