Features of the purchase of hummer h2 with mileage

A huge SUV with a defiant appearance, with a spacious interior, today you can buy for just a million rubles. Now we will examine in detail whether it is worth buying such a car and what you should pay attention first of all when choosing such a jeep.

Bottom view of the Hummer H2 SUV photo

For the first time, the Hummer H2 began to be mass-produced in 2002 in the state of Indiana at a car factory in Mishawak. Before that, 3 years ago, GM (General Motors) acquired the rights to the Hummer brand. At that time it was fashionable to drive huge off-road vehicles with powerful and voracious engines. In Russia, these cars were actively supplied by unofficial dealers, and in 2004, when serious demand for Hummers in Russia was noticed, General Motors began to assemble these cars at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. In Russia, 500-800 new Hummers were sold annually. But, in most cases, Hummers with mileage from the USA are sold on the market.

SUV Hummer H2 Photo

The Hummers produced in Kaliningrad even have their advantages over the American versions. The point is that Kaliningrad machines are better adapted for Russia. To drive a Hummer it is enough to have category B rights, that is, those with which you usually drive cars. A full Hummer passport is 3901 kg. By the way, the platform of the huge Chevrolet Suburban is taken as the basis for the Hummer H2. According to the Russian rules, for cars with such a weight, you need to have a cargo category C. But here in the certification process, many details, such as a spare tire with fastening on the 5th door, thresholds, extra seats and others - were sent to the category of "additional equipment" therefore, according to the documents, the Russian version of the Hammer began to weigh 3493 kg and fit into category B.

Vehicle Pass for Hummer H2

Did not think at the expense of corrosion protection. In the Hummer H2, a spar frame made of closed ladder profiles is used, and in the Russian climate it rusts very quickly. So, if you bought a new Hummer, - the first thing you need see in what condition the bottom, and then go to the service and make anti-corrosion treatment.

The body itself is made to the conscience, well cooked and painted, the paintwork is powerful, rust does not appear even on cars that are more than 10 years old. Immediately there is a desire to drive off-road, to drive into the forest and other impassable places, but it is worth remembering that the prices for such spare parts as the bumper or hood are quite high. The front bumper - 670 dollars, the rear - 1200, and the hood - 2150 American rubles! In addition, these parts will have to wait for a long time until they are delivered from the States, the wait can last for a couple of months.

Salon SUV Hummer H2

Electrical equipment

Corrosion can spoil the wiring of the body position sensor, which is located below, the fuel pump control unit can also fail due to corrosion, it is located below the driver's seat, and the new control unit will cost $ 350.

There are a lot of problems with the electrician in the Hummer H2 and without rust - with time it can spoil anything. It often happens that heater motor relay starts to fail, after which the fan will spin as quickly and without stopping, and the replacement of this relay will cost $ 100.

Hummer H2 Fuel Consumption

Often happen leakage current, because of which the battery is quickly discharged and becomes unusable after 3 years. Moreover, it uses no ordinary battery, a new one costs $ 330. As for the lamps that are installed in the headlights, they serve extremely little - about six months. At the plant, they do not put xenon on these Hummers, and the headlights of cars brought from the States differ in other light distribution, so they must be changed, and this is minus $ 200 from the budget.

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With time instrument lighting stops shining, and the bulbs in it are not replaceable, so you have to turn to the masters on the soldering, so that the instrument panel began to shine again, you have to spend $ 200.

Electrical appliances SUV Hummer H2

In the cabin of the Hammer, everything is quite simple, a different plastic is used - both hard and softer, so after a while a lot of squeaks appear. On the seats, the skin is quite tenacious and looks like new for a long time. Many owners of the Hummers make tuning the cabin, there is a huge field for imagination, since there is a lot of free space, you can roam the soul. Salon Hummer can be done individually for themselves - change the skin, install TVs, make the backlight, change acoustics, even put a refrigerator, the main thing is to know the measure and not overdo it with tuning.

An electrician at Hummer can even make the motor work not as it should be - oxygen and detonation sensors may fail, replacing which will cost $ 100 and $ 75, respectively. And after 70,000 km. may appear floating idling speed, due to the fact that the throttle valve fails along with the entire node, as well as the idling regulator, which costs $ 100.

The new throttle assembly will cost $ 260. But you don’t have to rush to change these parts right away, first you need to clean them of dirt, in most cases it helps.

2004 Hummer H2 SUV Engine

Huge motors

But in general, these large engines from GM are very reliable and unpretentious, the only thing that will often have to spend money on is gasoline. In the versions of the Hammer H2, before the 2008 restyling, a motor with a volume of 6 liters was installed, model LQ4. Exactly the same engine is installed on such giants as Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon. But over time, this engine was increased in volume - and became 6.2 liters. Also in this engine appeared a system of variable valve timing at the inlet. As a result, such an engine consumes easily 25-30 liters of 92nd gasoline per 100 km. If you drive in a “boy’s” mode, and if you smoothly get under way and don’t go very fast, you can invest in 18 liters, but basically, the average gas mileage is 22 liters per 100 km.

6.2 liter engine for Hummer H2 photo

These are the Hummer motors:

  • volume 6.0 with a capacity of 321 liters. with. - about 76% of cars on the market;
  • volume 6.2 with a capacity of 409 liters. with. - 21%;
  • volume 6.2 with a capacity of 393 liters. with. - 3% of cars.

The motor is simple as a stool, there are no these FSI and TFSI, which only create problems. Plain mineral oil is poured in, which is much cheaper than synthetics. It is important not to pour synthetic oil into cars that have already been in operation and brought from the USA. Over the years the engine has been running on mineral oil, deposits have accumulated in the engine, and if you fill in with synthetics, it will wash away these deposits, which will easily clog many oil channels, and all this will end in disrepair - engine overhaul.

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Hummer H2 prices depending on model year

The range of prices for cars Hummer H2


As for the gearbox, in the Hummer H2 there is an automatic transmission on 6 steps. In early models, she was completely unreliable. After 2007, they began to install an automatic box GM 6L80, which is designed for higher torque, comes with a 6.2-liter engine. This box has already become much better than the one that was on the early models. If you drive a Hummer with such a box quietly, forget about the sport mode, then this machine will last for a very long time, the main thing is not to forget to change the transmission oil with a regularity of 60,000 km. It is also worth ensuring that the oil seals and oil tubes are dry.

The bottom of the Hummer H2 SUV

In Hammer, which were released before 2008, installed a 4-speed automatic transmission GM 4L65-E, she has a very hard time. This box has a reliable and simple design, it is unpretentious and feels great on cars easier. But heavy Hummer it is difficult to withstand. Already after 50,000 km. you have to change for $ 450 a friction clutch drum with a brake band. Next will require attention to the hydraulic unit, which costs $ 730. And after about 140,000, or even less kilometers, the whole box will order to live long and you will have to make an expensive overhaul - change gears, friction clutches, bushings - all this will pull about $ 3,000.

There are cases that due to poor contact in the wiring that goes to the selector, automatic boxes do not switch the mode, but remain locked in the parking mode.

Hummer h2 pickup

On the Hummers, released before 2005, there are such unpleasant features: front gear is not very reliable, and its replacement will cost $ 935. A few years later, this node was finalized, but even after modernization there were cases that the level of oil fell due to leaking seals and the front gearbox failed due to overheating. Also, the cardan shafts are not particularly reliable, the time that they will last depends on how often the car accelerates intensively. New crossings of driveshafts cost about $ 200.

Suspension at Hummer H2

The suspension is strong and reliable, an independent torsion suspension with 2 forged levers stands in front, there are also separate ball bearings and a thick stabilizer. Such a suspension is very difficult to kill. Even if it is intense and frequent off-road driving, the suspension will still work quietly for at least 100,000 km. To extend the service life of the suspension when driving on hard off-road, preferably every 30,000 km. lubricate ball bearings, crosses, steering tips and other points, there are more than a dozen of them. You also need to change the brake pads every 25,000 km, it will cost $ 185.

Rear suspension Hummer H2 photos

The rear suspension is just as powerful - 5 levers hold an integral bridge beam, which can lie either on springs or on pneumatic elements. The springs are better, in this case there is nothing to break, but the air suspension does not tolerate the severe Russian frosts very well; there are literally 3 cold winters with salt and sand, - after which the pneumoelements will have to be changed - $ 450 each. And in a temperate climate, the air suspension keeps very confident.

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In general, air suspension is an additional option. When air bellows failthey no longer hold a constant height of the body and, regardless of the weight transported, are gradually blown away, which is why the Hummer crouches on its backside. By the way, in the rear overhang there is a compressor that can be used instead of a pump to inflate the wheels, so it is very reliable and very rarely fails.

Hummer H2 compressor and air bellows

Despite the climatic conditions, the weakest point in the Hummer is the steering. Already after 80,000 km. There is a backlash in the gearbox, but it can be corrected by adjusting. But for this run, the fry and pendulum are decrepit, they are weak enough, as for such a large jeep. Replacing the bipod will cost $ 200, and the new pendulum costs $ 300.

Externally, the Hammer H2 looks very brutal, and inside, in some places, is quite gentle. Hummer H2, like any car requires attention and proper care. When buying a huge American SUV, you can also see such cars as the Chevrolet Tahoe or Cadillac Escalade, they are about the same reliability, but the price is about 600,000 rubles less than the Hammer.

By the way, there are also Hummer pickups. In Russia Hammer pickup - a great rarity, but in the US you can easily find one, the length of the luggage compartment is less than a meter, but the rear wall of the cab folds up, the rear seats also fold down, which makes the luggage compartment quite impressive, you can put even high loads.

Photo of the Hummer H2 SUV

But for those who still decided to buy a Hummer H2 and there is a million rubles, then you can take the American version of the first years, but during the operation you will have to spend a little money on repairs. And for those who have more money, it is advisable to look at cars manufactured after 2008, the Russian assembly, although they are almost twice as expensive, but they are more reliable.

Feelings of riding a Hummer H2

When you drive a Hammer H2, you feel in front of you a powerful 6.2-liter engine with a capacity of 409 liters. with., which easily pushes forward a huge colossus with aerodynamics like a brick. When cornering at high speed you feel not very comfortable - huge rolls and a squeak of tires deliver special feelings.

On a public road, the Hummer H2 has little to do, but off-road it works wonders. You can safely ride through the swamps, fields and forests, absolutely not worrying that the machine can get stuck. Only very large pits will be able to swing such a huge tank. Hummer can easily pull out any other car that is stuck in the sand, for example. The only thing that is alarming is the fuel consumption of 25-30 liters per 100 km. For the power you have to pay.

On the other subtleties of driving a Hummer H2 and a little about driving convenience in our new video: