Turbine failure: symptoms and faults

For most car owners, the car is his long-awaited and hotly-loved child. But, as you know, children get sick, and cars tend to break. There is a good and well-known expression: "the disease is easier to prevent than to cure." So with the machines, you need to make technical repairs in time, but it does not always work.

All owners of vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, it is known that the car has such a mechanism - a turbocharger, but not everyone knows its location inside the car. For the quality of the car, this unit is very important.

When problems arise in the engine lubrication system, as a result, there are problems in the turbocharger. In other words, it is impossible to fill in the engine with oil of a manufacturer that is not suitable for the vehicle parameters. Oil and air filters should only be used by quality manufacturers. The procedure for changing the oil in the engine must be done after every 7,000 kilometers of the car, and it is necessary to do so. Another cause of failure can be the work of the turbine in negative conditions, that is, its work at high engine speeds, and, as a result, an increase in temperature.

Of course, only a good specialist can, with the help of special equipment in a service station, diagnose a breakdown in the turbine, but by certain signs, the car owner can understand the fault of the turbine, and in time to drive the car away by a hundred.

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Main signs of turbine malfunction

  • When driving, you can see that the engine did not work properly, its power dropped dramatically.
  • Droplets of oil appeared on the exhaust pipe, or even whole spills, the smoke became blue-gray, there is a peculiar smell of engine oil.
  • The consumption of engine oil has greatly increased, for every thousand kilometers from 0.2 to 1 liter.
  • At low revs, the engine runs unevenly, and spark plugs, electrodes, and other parts are splashed with engine oil.
  • The engine does not start up very well, or even stalls at idle, there may be some rattle in the turbine.
  • A strong whistle from the turbine.

If you find such signs in your car, you must immediately contact the auto repair service, to eliminate the problem, in order to continue to enjoy the ride on your vehicle.