Recommendations for the correct choice of daytime running


Increasingly, cars from the factory are equipped with high-quality and highly efficient daytime running lights. And car owners, on whose machines the DRLs were not provided by the plant, themselves install such devices, rightly considering them more efficient and practical in operation. In this regard, many drivers have a logical question about how to choose the right daytime running lights on cars, what you should pay attention to and why in general DRLs look so preferable. Statistics clearly indicate that the commissioning of DRL had a positive impact on reducing the number of accidents and accidents. The first daytime lights as a passing beam began to be used in Scandinavia. Their experience took over the driver of other countries. As a result, the corresponding changes were also made to the traffic regulations of Russia, which occurred in 2010. Although the time with the official permission of DRL has passed a lot, the question of choosing the right lights still remains relevant and important among motorists.

How to choose the daytime running lights

Recommendations on the choice of daytime running lights.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main function of daytime running lights is to increase the level of road safety. Such lights have proven their worth in practice, and therefore many vehicle owners tend to put such devices on their cars. But before making a final decision, you need to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the DRL. For some, this will be the deciding factor. Before choosing DRL or daytime running lights, you should learn a little more about them. Daytime running lights are called exterior lighting devices for vehicles that are located in front of the car and allow you to label and highlight the exterior of the car. These lights increase road safety because they make cars more visible in daylight. There are several main advantages that most objectively characterize DRLs:

  1. Power consumption level Good daytime lights minimize the energy costs of the car, so do not strongly affect this component of the vehicle. This can be evaluated by comparison. Standard headlights that are responsible for the dipped beam, or dimensions consume approximately 170 watts. If you use LEDs in the DRL, the flow will drop to 14 watts.
  2. Fuel consumption. Not everyone knows, but daytime running lights can also affect the level of fuel consumption in a car. Savings do not seem impressive, but if we consider it in the long term, the figures are solid. According to experts, DRL save up to 4 - 6% of fuel. This gives a reduction in fuel consumption of 500 ml. for every 100 kilometers traveled.
  3. Long service life. Another indisputable advantage of daytime running lights is the fact that they are able to work for about 50 thousand hours.
  4. High level of practicality. Modern DRLs have excellent functionality, which makes them very easy to use. The lights are able to automatically fade out and turn on when the engine stops and starts.
  5. Brightness. With very efficient lighting, these lights do not affect oncoming cars or pedestrians. In the case of the correct installation, you will not have to worry about the fact that the drivers moving in front of you will be blinded, or you will disturb pedestrians.
  6. Reliable and durable case. In the manufacture of high-quality DRLs, special materials resistant to loads and external influences are used. Most manufacturers use polycarbonate or plastic. This case is reliably protected from moisture, and is not afraid of external damage.
  7. Range. A wide range of offers on the market allows the car owner to choose the best kit in shape, size, characteristics, or simply by manufacturer.
  8. Versatility. Specifications that are used to create daytime running lights are considered universal. This allows you to use different devices for different machines.

It cannot be said that DRLs are completely devoid of flaws. If you are going to buy cheap products of dubious origin and production, it is not a fact that you can count on all the claimed benefits. Discard such an idea. If we consider really high-quality DRLs, they will have only one drawback. It lies in the high cost of production. But with such a minus you can argue and consider it conditional. In practice, the quality, reliability and durability of daytime running lights fully justify the investment in them. Because the high price is hardly worth considering as a disadvantage. From here we draw the logical conclusion that DRL, with a wide list of objective advantages, is not characterized by obvious defects. This explains the high demand for good daytime lights.

Why are LEDs used

It is important to bear in mind that installation on a DRL vehicle must necessarily meet the requirements and standards. Therefore, when making a purchase, be sure to check whether the lights you have selected are certified. Many drivers have a question about why LEDs are used in daytime running lights. And there are objective reasons for this. This knowledge will also help you in how to choose the right running lights for cars. When buying LED based car lights, you will get the following benefits:

  1. Attractive appearance. They really look spectacular, while remaining very effective. Because DRL can also serve as an element of tuning.
  2. Variety of shapes and sizes. Manufacturers offer LED daytime lights of a rectangular, large type, in the form of strips, with an original design, unique bends and more. You can only determine what you like more, and with what lights the car will look the most profitable.
  3. Easy installation. LED lights are appreciated for the fact that their installation is nothing complicated. But if you have no experience in such matters, the installation is better to entrust experts. This is an inexpensive service, because it does not have to spend much.
  4. Automatic power on system. This allows you to not forget to turn on the lights as needed. So you get rid of the risks of getting a fine, and also always maintain the maximum level of your road safety.
  5. Increase in visibility. A car with LED lights is becoming more visible to surrounding vehicles and other road users.
  6. High level of profitability. LEDs practically do not consume the electric power of the car, in parallel working for a long time and reducing fuel consumption in the car.

To argue with the advantages of LEDs for DRL is meaningless, because they are objective and recognized by all experts. Therefore, the best that a motorist can do is correctly choose good daytime running lights for his car.


Criterias of choice

Motorist can install DRL own hands. It is not necessary to contact specialists for these purposes. But self-installation imposes additional responsibility on the driver. Therefore, the choice of devices must be approached very carefully. The main criteria for the selection of DRL are:

  • dimensions and design;
  • the number of diodes and their power;
  • LED type;
  • manufacturer;
  • moisture protection.

Each item deserves special attention. After examining all the nuances of choice, you will be able without any problems to purchase a suitable set of DRL and install it on your car.

Size and design

Since these devices directly affect safety, appropriate standards have been developed for DRLs. In Russia, repelling GOST 41.87-99. The same requirements of the state standard meet international UN criteria. The lights should be located as follows:

  • at least 250 mm. from the roadway to DRL;
  • no more than 1500 mm. from DRL to the road;
  • at least 600 mm. between the two inner edges of the lights;
  • no more than 400 mm. from the DRL to the most distant point of the body, that is, the edge of the overall width (side mirrors are not counted).

In addition to the requirements for the location, there are criteria for the direction of flow of light. As you understand, the light from the lamps should be directed only forward. The vertical angle is allowed in the range from -10 to 10 degrees. A horizontal is limited to 20 degrees in both directions, which in total gives 40 degrees. This is due to security requirements. DRL in no case should not blind vehicles that move towards or along the way with you. When choosing a diode lights try to focus on higher-quality products. They will provide you with all the benefits mentioned earlier.

Installing DRL

The number of diodes and their power

There are no specific regulations or requirements regarding the number of LEDs in the daytime lights, because here you need to push off from the generated power of the stream of light. If we rely on GOST, then from there we learn that each DRL lamp must generate light of at least 400 candelas. At the same time, the illuminated area should be between 40 cm². These conditions are extremely important to comply with. After analyzing the market, we can conclude that many of the proposed lights do not meet the specified requirements. This somewhat complicates the selection procedure. But then the best solution would be to buy proven and well-proven devices. It is not in their interest to make DRLs that do not meet the standards.

LED type

When choosing daytime lights for your car, be sure to look at the marking used, which indicates the type of diodes used. In the production of DRL involve three main types of diodes:

  • HP;
  • DIP;
  • SMD.

Use of any of them is allowed. But in practice, the best performance and characteristics show those diodes, which are labeled HP. They are able to meet all requirements, and therefore are a priority choice for most car owners.

Example DHR DRL

Manufacturer's role

The experience of many motorists has proven that a high level of security cannot be achieved through the use of cheap daytime running lights. But this does not mean that you only need to buy the most expensive solutions. When choosing devices, if you start only from their cost, the likelihood of taking low-grade DRLs with inappropriate characteristics is greatly increased. Trying to save on DRLs is not recommended, as this will result in unpleasant consequences. Moreover, when installing cheap lights, not only the DRLs themselves often fail, but also the regular car lighting system breaks down in parallel. Therefore, the most objective solution to the issue will be the choice in favor of proven and well-established firms. These include:

  • Eco Light;
  • Osram;
  • Philips;
  • Nolden;
  • Hella;
  • Falcon.

Their leadership in the DRL production segment is recognized by ordinary motorists, as well as experts and experts in the field of automotive lighting.

Moisture protection

When choosing a set of daytime running lights, be sure to look at their level of protection against moisture. A reference point is a value from IP67 and higher. This is a good indicator that guarantees reliable protection of equipment from moisture. Do not forget that DRLs are mounted in the front of the car at a small distance from the surface of the earth. This leads to their frequent contact with moisture, water, snow, various other liquids and substances. To prevent devices from failing ahead of time, try to navigate by key selection criteria. It is not as difficult as it seems. Based on reliable manufacturers and compliance requirements, your car will be a set of functional, efficient and useful daytime lights. To put them with your own hands, or to trust the work of specialists, the question is already secondary.

Leading manufacturers

Despite the huge range of products manufactured by various companies, a group of leaders has formed on the Russian market. They account for the main percentage of the sale of DRL in the country:

  1. Philips. Unconditional market leader. It is the largest manufacturer of lighting devices and technology for cars, but not only. Under the Philips brand, all types of running lights are manufactured for cars of different brands, models and years of manufacture. Their DRLs can be used on all machines operating in Russia. At the same time, the devices are easy to install. The body is made of high quality materials. DRLs generate bright light, but when they work, the body still does not heat up.
  2. Osram. The second manufacturer in popularity and number of sales in Russia. Their lighting devices are characterized by an attractive appearance. But also appreciated for their excellent economy. A distinctive feature of the production is the use of a single LED, and not a whole strip of diodes. The device is placed in a special tube that protects the LED from mechanical damage.
  3. Hella. The third line of the rating was given to the company Hella, which produces DRL with increased durability. This is noted by users and experts themselves. The elements themselves are characterized by excellent quality and long service life. We generate bright light that meets the requirements of GOST and the needs of the motorist.

Each company is worthy of you to choose their products. Here the main compliance with the characteristics of your car and safety standards.

At last

Having bought a DRL kit, not everyone knows how to test it correctly. But this is of great importance, since with the wrong choice or installation on the road can cause serious problems. After installing the DRL on your car, choose a bright and sunny day. Under such weather conditions, it will be possible to most objectively test new equipment. Stand in front of the car and walk away from it for 100 - 120 meters. Take a digital camera or a regular phone with a good camera and take a picture. You must first enable DRL. The machine should stand on a flat surface, that is, look straight at you. If the car turns out to be on a hillock or in a hole, there is no need to speak about the objectivity of the assessment of lighting. From the photo you can determine the actual performance of daytime lights. See to the headlights Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% did not just shine on the roadway, but made others pay attention to themselves. After all, this is the main function of DRL - to make your car more visible. When buying a DRL kit, check their brightness indicator will not work. Because here it is better to start from a fairly simple rule. If the LEDs have a good working brightness, that is, power, a metal body will always be used in their production.

Choosing the right DRL

After studying all these nuances you should have no questions about the correctness of the choice of daytime running lights. It remains to install them. But this procedure is of great importance. If you have never encountered such work, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists. You will have to pay more, but DRLs will stand correctly and in accordance with safety requirements.