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Almost every car owner sooner or later thinks about how to upgrade the acoustics in his car. Music for many people is very important: one helps her relax, others cheer up, others include it in order to distract from problems, and some just for the background at any time of the day. However, the pleasure of musical works, if the sound quality is low, is more than doubtful.

Rating the best speakers in the car

TOP best speakers in the car.

Most budget-class cars, even the modern model, are produced with unsatisfactory acoustics even for the average listener, and in order to enjoy listening to music, the sound quality must be at a decent level. Often, the standard replacement of the radio for a modern-class product does not give significant results, since the sound quality depends on the speakers in the car, which provokes the need to replace them. In this article we will tell you how to choose good speakers for a car, consider the priority criteria for selecting and rating the best products of this class, analyze which columns are best to put into the car, based on the needs of the car owner.

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Selection options

For many car owners, the question of which car speakers will sound best is really difficult. The fact is that the car is limited in terms of volume parameters, and therefore the approach to the selection of goods is significantly different from the choice of acoustics for home or office. Speakers, even of very high class, capable of pleasing with excellent sound and good bass at home, often when installed in a car, not only do not provide high-quality sound, they also quickly fail due to high humidity in the vehicle.

Complicates the selection and regular place to install the speakers: often the acoustics, which the buyer liked, is not installed in the seats in the car, designed for car columns. To decide which speakers are best to buy into the car, you need to familiarize yourself with the important parameters of the products, which directly determine the sound quality and ease of installation.

Speaker Selection


Before you decide which speakers in the car is better to choose, it is necessary to determine their dimensions, which will directly affect the possibility of their aesthetic installation, without additional modifications to the seats. When selecting, it is important to consider not only the diameter of the devices, but also their depth, since the seat has significant limitations depending on the make and model of the car.

The modern range of car speakers on the market is presented in two sizes: 16 cm and 13 cm, which in inches is six and five units, respectively. Specialists recommend installing models with a size of thirteen centimeters to lovers of high-frequency sound, while the six-inch speakers fall into the category of low-frequency, it is they who better reproduce the bass. Before buying, it is necessary to measure the parameters of a regular place to install the speakers, or, buying devices of inappropriate size, be prepared for the need for modifications during their installation.

Speaker Size


The second criterion that must be considered when selecting the dynamics is their power. To the question, which is better to pick up the speakers in the car for power, the answer is extremely simple: this parameter should be several times higher than the output power of the car radio, or at least not be less than this parameter. The higher this criterion, the better the speakers will sound.

Criteria for the sensitivity of car columns

To take into account the sensitivity parameter when buying a product, you should pay attention to three criteria:

  1. Sensivity. The higher this figure in the technical characteristics of the speakers, the better the speakers will sound. Experts advise buying speakers in a car with a Sensivity of at least ninety-two units.
  2. Indicator Fs is responsible for the resonant frequency. This criterion is responsible for the qualitative reproduction of the bass, which should roughly range from sixty to seventy-five units.
  3. The Qts parameter characterizes the complex sound quality. When purchasing goods for installation in the front of the machine, it is worthwhile to select models with a Qts criterion of at least 0.6.

If you choose the right speakers for the sensitivity parameters, you can get excellent sound quality of music without additional amplifiers.

Diffuser: manufacturing material

A diffuser is a device that is directly responsible for the transformation of electrical impulses into sound. Production material - cardboard or paper treated with a specific impregnation. When buying a product, it is worth finding out what material the diffuser suspension is made of: in columns of decent quality it should be made of rubber or high-quality rubber, cheap models can be modified with fabric elements, which will significantly affect the quality of sound reproduction.

Installation location

Before buying car speakers, it is also worth deciding in which area of ​​the cabin their installation is envisaged. The range includes speakers that are designed for installation in doors, on the rear shelf or for the dashboard. They differ in modification, installation methods, dimensions and other important indicators, because you need to choose exactly the type of product that is suitable for a particular region in the cabin of the car.

Type of car acoustics

By type, car speakers are divided into two categories:

  1. Coaxial speakers are mainly budget class devices, characterized by ease of installation and settings, medium sound quality, and low pricing.
  2. Component systems are classified as more expensive products, compared with the previous type. Component-type models are characterized by improved sound reproduction rates, however, consumers often have certain difficulties with their installation due to the presence of additional details in the kit.

Additionally, devices are divided into two-component and three-component systems. From the names themselves one can understand: the three-component look is a richer equipment, which will significantly affect the sound in a positive direction. If you choose by sight which speakers are better to put in the car, then the answer is unequivocal - the acoustics of the component category, however, you should be prepared for the fact that it is not cheap. A more affordable purchase option is coaxial type speakers, especially since you can find models of decent quality among them.

Price and manufacturer

No less relevant among potential buyers of acoustics in the car are the questions, which column of the company is better to put in the car, does the brand affect the quality of sound reproduction? An unequivocal answer to this question will not give any specialist, however, buying acoustics in a vehicle, it is worth understanding that choosing a product from an unknown manufacturer company, you get "a cat in a bag." On the one hand, the criteria stated by the manufacturer may not correspond to the real product returns, on the other hand, you may smile at fortune, and you will get a high-quality product. Experts advise not to experiment, to give preference to the products of those firms that are tested by time and consumers. The most popular among manufacturers of automotive speakers on the current market are:

  1. Japanese brands Pioneer and Infinity with a decent history and indicators of the reliability of the goods. Japanese brands Pioneer and Infinity Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  2. JBL has American roots and an eighty-year history. The company's products enjoy the trust of consumers, are distinguished by high levels of reliability and quality. JBL speakers
  3. The manufacturer with the brand Kenwood, paying maximum attention to the introduction of innovative technologies in their products. Kenwood
  4. Polk, characterized by products of excellent build quality, products with a modern design and an adequate price. Polk

The financial side of the issue is also an important criterion that determines the choice of goods. Many car owners who are faced with the problem of choosing speakers for the first time are wondering how much good speakers can cost in a car? The range of prices for acoustics for cars is so extensive that it is actually very difficult to answer this question. If we talk about coaxial systems, the price can start from two thousand rubles for the most budget option and reach fifteen thousand rubles.

Component car speakers are much more expensive: a democratic model can be assessed starting from six thousand, while the maximum price for multifunctional quality products can reach several tens of thousands of rubles.

Top car speakers

To make it easier for consumers to choose, we will continue to provide a 2018 car speaker rating, which is based on consumer feedback, based on an assessment of the main parameters of the products responsible for the quality of sound reproduction, as well as from the standpoint of reliability and functionality.

Coaxial Speaker Rating

Coaxial columns, despite the fact that they are significantly inferior in quality to component models, are the most popular among budget buyers due to their more democratic pricing policy. Opens the TOP-5 of the best speakers for auto coaxial-looking model Pioneer NS-G 1731i. According to consumers, these speakers are the best among models of coaxial category. Among their advantages, there is a lack of unevenness in reproduction, clear sound even when listening to music at high volume.

Pioneer NS-G 1731i

Model Infinity 9603ix is ​​in second place in popularity among consumers. It is characterized by good sound reproduction, excellent sensitivity criteria, durable diffusers, which ensures a decent operational period for the product. Of the minuses, users call the late inclusion of bass in the winter, however, the problem is solved by preheating the machine before turning on the music. The model is presented in different sizes, which allows you to choose a convenient option for installation to any car owner.

Infinity 9603ix

The JBL GTO 939 speakers ranked third and ranked third. They are characterized by balanced and complex sound, decent indicators of power and sensitivity, the absence of uncharacteristic wheezing and distortion, thanks to which they are leaders among buyers. Of the minuses can only highlight the lack of low-frequency music playback.


The fourth position in popularity went to the well-known manufacturer Kenwood with the model KFC-S6994. These car speakers are the best in terms of price and quality: excellent sensitivity, excellent working out the base, the complex sound of music - these are the main advantages of the model. If you need good quality speakers for a car, the KFC-S6994 is a worthy choice.

Kenwood with KFC-S6994

The Polk Audio DB691 model closes the TOP-5 best coaxial speakers. Excellent build quality, excellent sound on any bands, stylish design and affordable price are the main criteria for choosing this particular model of acoustics. Users note the almost unlimited possibilities of bass speakers, which makes them a priority model for fans not only to listen, but also to feel the music. Polk Audio DB691

Component speaker rating

The most popular component-type model are car speakers 603 virtue morel. Their cost is not going to please the budget buyer, as it varies within thirty thousand rubles. The six-inch model is characterized by a detailed, airy sound that will satisfy the requirements of even the most fastidious music lovers. With proper installation and availability of a decent audio path, the model allows you to get a sound that is not inferior in terms of sound characteristics to the characteristics of good home acoustics.

603 virtue morel

The Focal 165 KRX2 is in second place in terms of quality indicators, while its cost is slightly higher than the previous model. It is characterized by excellent drawing of sound, decent dynamics at high volume, which allowed the models to enter the list of the best.

Focal 165 KRX2

Model Audio System Radion 165 belongs to the category of budget component car columns. The cost of the model ranges from ten thousand rubles, while the speakers are characterized by excellent low-frequency parameters, decent high-frequency bands, and dense bass.

Audio System Radion 165

Alpine SPG-17CS are high-quality speakers capable of producing a bright sound, with rich bass and excellent dynamics. These speakers are so popular that you can buy them at any car store. Their cost is a little more than six thousand rubles. Of the advantages, consumers note the possibility of their operation without additional equipment, in the form of a subwoofer or amplifier, an excellent reproduction of the "bottom", the presence of a safety margin of diffusers. These columns are an excellent choice in the price / quality ratio segment.

Alpine SPG-17CS

The most popular, budget version of component car columns users called the model Morel Time 6. Speakers perfectly play at any frequencies, characterized by detailed playback, excellent sensitivity, clear high frequencies and decent low-frequency sound, not cutting hearing bass. Among the shortcomings, users note the need for proper installation.

Morel Time 6

Let's sum up

The rating list contains models of speakers that are in great demand among modern buyers, and are characterized by excellent sound and reliability criteria. Which speakers are best to buy is up to you; however, when making a purchase, consider the fundamental criteria that determine the sound quality as much as possible. Acquire products only from verified, certified points of sales of automotive products in order to maximally protect yourself from buying unauthorized goods, and the music in your car will deliver only positive emotions and pleasure.