How to set the ignition

Разновидностей систем зажигания на сегодняшний день существует немало. Совсем недавно на автомобили устанавливались контактные, сегодня такие почти не встретишь. Все функции отданы надежным и многофункциональным микроконтроллерам, которые способны совершать сотни операций за секунду. И неважно, какая именно система у вас в автомобиле, регулировка угла опережения зажигания необходима любому двигателю. Но перед тем how to set the ignition, требуется провести полную диагностику. Не только механизм газораспределения должен быть в хорошем состоянии, но и его шкивы необходимо выставить строго по меткам.


  • 1 Why settings are lost
  • 2 Adjustment procedure
  • 3 Methods of diagnosis and correction of the ignition angle

Why settings are lost

how to set the ignition

Setting the timer

There may be many reasons for changing the lead angle, but the main one is the carelessness of car owners. It is only necessary to remove the ignition distributor or rotate its body, as the ignition changes immediately. For machines with a microprocessor control system, this is irrelevant, since the spark is distributed over the cylinders using an integrated circuit. But if there is a distributor, you will have to set it to the desired position. It should be corrected by performing a set of measures:

  • check the correct installation of the timing drive (chain or belt);
  • set the timer runner;
  • make a final adjustment.

If the adjustment is incorrect, the engine may not start at all.

Adjustment procedure

First adjust the position of the marks on the pulleys relative to the engine block. Now you need to set the distributor. To do this you need to put the slider clearly opposite the contact to which the high-voltage wire is connected to the first cylinder.

On some vehicles, a distributor was installed, the drive of which was carried out using an axis; two different crescents are located on it. Set the timer can only be in one position. But carry out the final installation after mounting the case on the unit, turning it in different directions. It depends on whether earlier ignition or later. When the ignition is set, you can start the engine and evaluate its operation.

Try to use only high-quality and workable spark plugs, broneprovoda, coil, timer, switch, Hall sensor or contact group.

how to set the ignition

The numbers on the cover of the distributor will help not to get confused with the order of connecting the armored cables

Methods of diagnosis and correction of the ignition angle

Before starting the engine, be sure to double-check whether the armored wire is installed correctly. On the distributor cap there are numbers corresponding to the cylinder numbers. If only the first is specified, it is necessary to count clockwise: the next will be the wire to the third cylinder, then to the fourth and second. Now is the time for final adjustment, adjustment and verification. To do this, you can use several methods:

  • of hearing;
  • stroboscope;
  • motor tester;
  • oscilloscope.
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The first is considered the simplest and most accessible, but with its help it is very difficult to make an adjustment. Accuracy will be insufficient, which will affect smoothness, acceleration and, of course, fuel consumption. The use of diagnostic equipment greatly simplifies the work, and the adjustments made will be as accurate as possible. When using the stroboscope, you will need to connect it to the power supply, armor wire on the first cylinder and speed sensor, if there is a wire to connect to it.

ignition timing

For more accurate diagnostics, it is better to use special equipment (for example, a stroboscope).

If you decide to carry on by ear, then simply accelerate to 50 km / h, then turn on the fourth speed and squeeze the gas pedal to the floor. Note that the road should be as smooth as possible so that there are no holes or bumps. Pay attention to the sound of the engine when you press the gas pedal. If there is no sound, then the ignition later and the distributor should be turned slightly clockwise. But if the sounds from the engine are loud and distinct, the distributor housing should be turned counterclockwise. The ideal state is short and quiet sounds that are barely audible.

When using diagnostic equipment, such as a stroboscope, you will need to clearly mark the flywheel mark. It is there, but its thickness is small. In addition, the label merges with the flywheel itself, so for accurate adjustment it is necessary to finish it with a corrector. At the moment when the spark in the first cylinder slips, the strobe starts blinking. This flash should be at the moment when the label on the flywheel passes near the pointer on the clutch unit. Here's how to set the ignition on the car.

The angle of advance also depends on the quality of gasoline, so you can set the octane-corrector, which can be used to change the angle in the right direction by an insignificant degree in just seconds from the passenger compartment.

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