Remove the instrument panel vaz 2114 for repair

VAZ 2114 cars are equipped with a newer and improved instrument panel, which is also called the europanel. If necessary, repair or tuning VAZ 2114, it is necessary to remove the instrument panel VAZ 2114. Despite what is supposed to do with the panel, you need to learn how to remove it.

remove the dashboard VAZ 2114

Removing the dashboard VAZ 2114

The following tools must be prepared for this procedure. This is a curly screwdriver and a regular one, two keys for 8 and 21. The machine must be placed in a convenient place so that no one interferes with the work, and proceed to removal.

First of all, unscrew the screws that secure the left side. Then the pad is removed and the instrument panel of the VAZ 2114 advances. After that, the right-hand screws turn out. There are five of them. After that, remove the hood and disconnect the battery from the negative terminal. Then removed the radio. After the wire is disconnected from the cigarette lighter. Highlighting ashtrays also remove.

removing the dashboard VAZ 2114

Go to the control levers and heating. All this is also removed. Screws are unscrewed, located under the instruments and above them. Now you can remove the instrument panel of the VAZ 2114. And do anything with it: you can install the VAZ 2114 panel on the VAZ 2109, thereby seriously improving the interior of the nine.

The assembly is carried out in reverse order. If you carry out this procedure for the first time, be sure to remember the sequence of operations. This will help avoid various mistakes. In general, the new instrument panel VAZ 2114, the price of which does not exceed 15,000 rubles, can always be on the market or in the store.

Dismantling the instrument panel VAZ 2114, as well as its assembly, the processes are simple, but require care and accuracy. If necessary, the disassembly process can be fixed on the photo, so that later it is easier to assemble.

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Pinout dashboard VAZ 2114

The instrument panel displays contacts that are responsible for a particular indicator on the dashboard. There are 26 such conclusions, they can be seen on the instrument panel diagram of the VAZ 2114. The first contact when giving a plus sign indicates the level of brake fluid. And so each contact when giving a plus gives information about the condition of the car and its various parameters.

disassembly of the instrument panel VAZ 2114

It is the electronic unit that controls the instrument panel and the sensors and indicators installed on it by converting an electrical signal. Pinout dashboard VAZ 2114 next. Two pads of white and red, conventionally numbered. Each plug corresponds to a connection with controllers, instrument inputs and outputs, fuses, etc.

Repair of the instrument panel VAZ 2114

It is worth starting a dashboard refinement with reducing its noise. And although this panel creaks much quieter than its predecessors, but this noise can be removed. You can do this with foam. It will help to significantly reduce the rattle.

repair of the instrument panel vaz 2114

There are several problems that may arise with the instrument panel. A combination of sensors may fail. We'll have to do her replacement. If the devices have a faulty sensor, then a new sensor must be installed in its place. If there is a problem with the wires, they need to be checked. If the wires are damaged or oxidized, you need to replace them.

If the warning lamps fail, the instrument panel of the VAZ 2114 carries out such repairs. If the lamp burns out, then it is replaced with a new lamp. If the sensor of the lamp has failed, then it will also be replaced with a new sensor. There may also be problems with the wires, for example, their oxidation or breakage. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the damaged areas and make a cleaning of the ends. If there is a poor connection of the lamp contacts with the board, then it is worth bending the contacts or replacing the lamp holder itself.

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If the instrument panel is out of order, and everything else: the radio, lights and other elements work, then you should check the operation of the fuse. If it is defective, replace it. If the fuse is OK, then you need to check the wiring and in case of its damage, make a replacement. Also, a fuse may burn out due to a short circuit.

And here is a video about how a girl removes the instrument panel VAZ 2114: