What threatens to drive with expired rights

In most modern countries, a driver's license, usually called “rights,” is issued for a limited period. This innovation has not bypassed Russia. Now, unlike in the Soviet Union, where this document was issued on a perpetual basis, it is necessary to confirm the right to drive a vehicle at intervals of 10 years. With expired rights, you can not sit behind the wheel.

Whether it will help the decision to reduce accidents on the roads, improve the culture of driving and whether it will help increase the level of knowledge of the rules of the road, time will tell. We, as road users, need to know what penalty for expired rights is relevant, and what other punishment can be for this offense.


  • 1 Situations in which the driver was without a certificate
  • 2 Is it necessary to renew rights
  • 3 When can a driver be punished?
  • 4 What is the punishment for the lack of rights
  • 5 The behavior of the driver with the inspector
  • 6 Replacing a driver's license

Situations in which the driver was without a certificate

Answer the question about the punishment for the lack of rights during the verification of documents by a law enforcement officer will help the RF Code of administrative violations. Chapter 12 indicates the variants of punishment. One of them is fine, which makes 500 rubles. Also, the inspector may use the administrative “carrot” as a “warning” in the first such case instead of the financial “stick”.

what is the penalty for expired rights

Overdue Penalty

Similar developments are possible. in the presence of a valid, not expired certificate. Indirectly, this fact can be confirmed with the help of a passport, car insurance and vehicle documents. If these documents are with you, then the chance to convince the DPS officer of his forgetfulness remains, because when the action of rights is over, then the punishment will be at least tenfold.

Is it necessary to renew rights

Most of us are accustomed to the fact that if we are late to pay for any service, then we are punished for it with fines, penalties or some kind of additional forced payments. No similar or other penalties for non-renewal of a driver's license are not provided for by law.

You need to know that expired rights can be renewed at any time.

However, those who are interested in how much you can travel with expired rights should understand that after the date indicated in the column “Valid until”, the document is subject to replacement on a voluntary basis. New rights will take effect from the date specified in the renewed certificate, and not from the date of termination of the old rights.

what threatens the driver riding with expired rights

Sample driver's license

When can a driver be punished?

The Law on Road Safety lists all cases in which a document allowing to drive a vehicle becomes invalid. Article 28 provides four comprehensive points:

  1. certificate validity period has expired;
  2. using medical examination revealed any contraindications for driving a car or other transport;
  3. the discovery of not previously identified restrictions that do not allow the management of transport;
  4. deprivation of the right to drive by the decision of the judicial or other authorities.
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how much can you drive with expired rights in Russia

If the driver falls under one of these points, then under the current law, he can not drive any vehicle, and he will know what threatens driving with expired rights. Wherein identity card may be in possession of a citizenbut in these four situations it does not guarantee driving permission.

What is the punishment for the lack of rights

Violation of the first three points is punishable by fine from 5,000 to 15,000 rubles. When eating and driving after the deprivation of rights, the amount of the fine reaches 30,000 rubles. It is also possible to use administrative search for a period up to 15 days or the appointment of forced labor for a time of 100-200 hours. These types of penalties cannot legally be applied to certain categories of people (pregnant, disabled, etc.). Intangible punishment for this offense is rarely used.

is it possible to travel in Russia with expired rights

Overdue Punishment

This ends direct punishments, but there may be additional consequences. A driver removed from control must hand over transport control means to another driver legally. This means that in the CTP policy there must be a right to manage a third party.

If there is no point in the insurance and there is no familiar driver next to it, then car evacuated to a paid penalty area. You will also have to pay for this item. Although it would be necessary to first find out whether it is possible to drive with expired rights in order not to get into such a situation.

To avoid sending a car to the penalty area, you can indicate in the protocol a petition for the inspector to delay the car only until your friend or you bring the valid rights. In this case, you can get 500 rubles.

The behavior of the driver with the inspector

There are a number of rules that will help citizens not to exacerbate the situation when communicating with law enforcement officers. Observing an uncomplicated procedure, you can even incline him to your side:

  • in any situation it is necessary be polite when communicating with an official of law enforcement agencies; often the result of communication affects the further actions of the police officer;
  • According to the document of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 185, registered on 02.03.2009. the inspector can not stop the car outside the fixed stationAlso, an employee of the authorities is obliged to prevent other violations of instructions and rules, which in a polite manner can be reminded of such manifestations;
  • sometimes car owners try reclassify violation to softer, hiding expired rights and explaining their absence by their forgetfulness; in some situations it works.
how long can you drive with expired rights

Proper behavior with the DPS inspector

In any case, you must comply with the rules and laws so as not to subject yourself to unreasonable or unwanted punishment. To do this, it is enough to reissue a new document within the specified time period.

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 Driving license replacement

It is possible to replace the certificate earlier than it becomes invalid in time. To do this, you must perform a few points. The procedure for replacing a driver's license is as follows:

  1. execute the application of the established sample for the replacement of rights;
  2. make a photocopy of your passport and take along its original;
  3. get information about the suitability of transport management of the selected category;
  4. bring along an old ID;
  5. have a driver card;
  6. get a document confirming the absence of deprivation of rights;
  7. pay the state fee and make three 3x4 photos.

Usually the replacement procedure takes one business day. It is important to have all the documents available.