Isofix attachment system in the car: photo

Car owners and caring parents should know the basic safety systems. The most popular is the Isofix system, what it is in the car, you can find out further.


  • 1 Path to implementing the current standard
  • 2 Isofix mount: what is it and what are its design features
  • 3 Application Methods
  • 4 Pros and cons of car equipment system Isofix

Implementation path of the current standard

The safety measures that are introduced in the passenger car for adults cannot fully provide similar quality protection for children. In connection with this, at the beginning of the 90s of the last century, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) introduced a new uniform standard for child seats - Isofix.

Understanding what Izofiks in car seats, it is worth considering that its essence is described in the rules of ECE R-44 and from 96th year of the XX century in Europe it is mandatory to include in the design of the car a rigid connection with the body of a special node in the form of fixing brackets. They are located at a distance of 28 cm from each other and are part of a strong metal frame.

what is it Isofix mount

Finding coupling elements in any European car is quite simple. Their location is between the back of the back sofa and the seat. It is prohibited to sell new cars in the European Union without such an element.

It is important to know that the Isofix fasteners are marked with the signature of the same name and the cradle icon.

Isofix mount: what is it and what are its design features

According to the Russian rules of the road, the carriage of children in special seats is mandatory. It is important that the chairs provide maximum protection for children in any emergency situations. In the majority of cars produced, the proposed system has been present since 2006 and is indicated by a corresponding marking.

Special fastening is located near the two rear passenger seats. They are easy to find in the basic configurations of the vehicle, even before buying information signs or pictograms.

In addition to brackets welded to the body, the counter-type fixation is used. It is presented in the form of a sled and snap fastener located directly on the seat itself. Counter construction can be mounted from different angles, depending on the type and model of the product. The use of additional structural elements, presented in the form of an emphasis on the floor or the Top Tether system on seat belts (anchor fasteners), is permissible.

What is Isofix in car seats

For the second option, a prerequisite is the presence of an additional element of fasteners, for example, in the form of an additional bracket. It can sometimes be found in the luggage compartment, on the ceiling or on the back of the back of the sofa. Adds an informative emblem on a plastic case with an anchor.

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However, a more reliable option is to focus on the floor. He also demonstrates universality in practice. This is due to the fact that most machines are not equipped with additional brackets for the anchor variant. The second advantage is reliability, which reduces the risk of overturning during possible collisions.

Manufacturers offer to purchase additional stops as an option. Such elements allow you to customize the leg height for different types of seats.

Application Methods

Apply mounts for Isofix child seats in groups of car seats 2/3, 1 or 0+. Such security systems are relevant for children weighing in the range of 15-36 kg. Auxiliary devices will create not only safety, but also comfort. In this case, the main load is decomposed on a regular car seat belt.

what is in the car Isofix system

In these groups of chairs there are no personal belts for fixation. In this case, fasten children with a system of regular inertial belts.

At first glance, with this arrangement of chairs, the question arises about the advisability of installing additional seats for toddlers. Fixing the Isofix car seat is almost indispensable for side collisions, as it prevents the child from moving in the transverse direction.

During a possible head-on collision, the installed element moves along the slide along the fastenings with the small passenger to the point of drawdown of the regular belts. This technique is called "circular protection."

фото how isofix looks like in a car

Particular attention should be paid when choosing products from the group “0+”. This Isofix in the car, the photos of which are presented on the page, is a two-component system. It includes:

  • the base on which the main fixing elements are located;
  • cradle-carrying, which is a minor passenger.

Acquisition of both nodes is allowed independently of each other if the coupling is unified. Thus, it is possible not to acquire a second time basis, saving and buying only a new top with a seat. This solution is available from the Dutch brand Maxi-Cosi. When changing the age or weight category, the base remains the same.

Having a quick and easy detachable cradle at “0+” is comfortable for parents. Often, manufacturers minimize their dimensions and make them lightweight. In this case, the device will be able to move, even without waking the child. This can be done both before the landing and after the landing.

It is important to know that the product groups "0" and "1" have built-in seat belts.

Additional fastenings for the smallest groups with the help of regular belts are not required, which forces manufacturers to impose the highest safety requirements on their own products, paying attention to such nodes:

  • base mounting base;
  • mechanical lock to the built-in brackets of the car;
  • high degree of reliability built-in belts;
  • maximum strength stop.
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how isofix looks like in a car

To reduce risks, it is necessary to purchase branded products from official representatives. Counterfeit products that can save a small amount can end up in trouble.

For seats of categories “0” and “1” a more comfortable swivel bowl is used. This approach is due to the fact that the older guys are sitting in the location facing forward. It’s more convenient to keep an eye on babies when reversed - face back.

It is mandatory for the group "1" and more is the presence of a third reference point. It is spelled out even in the rules ECE R44 / 04. During a possible frontal impact on the chair, a large frontal load is ensured. It is important to note that there are trademarks on the market that do not have a third pillar, for example, Romer Versafix.

In the absence of an additional point of support this is offset by the mobility of the structure. It thus redistributes energy from a blow down to the standard seat design, but it is not possible to mount such devices on vehicles with Isofix.

what does izofiks mean in car seats

The Romer Versafix User Manual contains model vehicle features and a list of compatible vehicles. Before buying such devices, you need to carefully examine the equipment.

Pros and cons of car equipment system Isofix

The main achievements in picking the child seat mounting for safety are the following factors:

  • the connection is not provided with a regular car seat, but directly with the vehicle body;
  • it is very simple to fasten the structure, since it ensures the unambiguity of fixing the product;
  • high degree of protection of the small passenger and small displacement in case of a possible side impact;
  • everything meets modern international safety standards.

Certain disadvantages or inconveniences of using additional salon equipment:

  • products equipped with Isofix, has a slightly higher price tag than without this universal lock;
  • chairs can be put only in those models of cars that are equipped with such systems;
  • Some models of cars have fastenings in hard-to-reach places.

It is important to understand that fully rely solely on protection from the chair is not worth. It is only an additional security system in the car.