At avtovaz went to the series "trimmed" priora

AvtoVAZ went into a series

Conversations that AvtoVAZ will produce only the most affordable, and therefore, the “trimmed” version of what is possible Lada PrioryBeen a long time. But today there is information that the auto giant has started from the words to the case, already at the end of last February, releasing the first twenty of the "lightweight" Prior. And what's more, he released it, and he also sent out the entire batch to the dealerships. Order this Priora it is possible, but the limit of orders for March has already been exhausted, but it is impossible to order for April yet: dealers and the automobile plant are waiting for the speed with which the cars assembled and assembled today for the March order will diverge. The speed with which Togliatti residents will collect depends on this. budget option Priors. In case of divergence of "new products", which is called, like hot cakes, the plant will be able to produce up to 425 "lightweight" Prior in one shift. AvtoVAZ went into a series "Cut down", and therefore the most affordable sedan Lada Priora attributed today to picking "Standard". The body is made only in black or only in white. The eight-valve 1.6-liter aspirated, capable of demonstrating the power of the modest 87 horses, can be detected in a single variant by raising the hood of the "novelty." It is paired exclusively with a mechanical five-stroke.

What do u have lightened priors as standard? The driver has the opportunity to save his life as the only airbag in the set, the steering wheel is enhanced by an electric drive, there is an anti-lock system. Chairs are equipped with fixtures for child seats. No alloy wheels, only hardcore steel thirteen-inch "stamps". For all this, dealers will ask 389 thousand wooden. AvtoVAZ went into a series AvtoVAZ Orient "stripped down "Lada Priora for those who want a reliable and affordable car. This includes government organizations, state employees, just citizens who are hard hit by the financial crisis in the country. As already mentioned, the plant waits for the dealers. If a Priora it is easy to "go to the people", all opportunities for full load production will be involved.

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Besides "trimmed" prior the plant is engaged in assembling these sedans in a cooler configuration: under the hood there is already a 106-powerful aspirated, which also works with a mechanical transmission. Such assemblies are implemented in two versions: “Norma”, 438 kilorubles are asked for it and the same “Norma”, but already with climate control and heated front seats, 464 thousand rubles will have to be paid for it.

Since December last year, AvtoVAZ ceased collect priors in the "universal" and "hatchback". On the released facilities today do Lada 4x4.