Which is better to buy a crossover when 800,000 rubles is


Crossovers are the best-selling car class in the world. Manufacturers annually create new SUVs and improve existing models. The development of the Chinese automotive industry. Today, the Russian market is represented by many models of Chinese-made crossovers at an affordable price. The choice of a crossover to 800,000 rubles always remains for the buyer.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Дилеры предлагают покупателям технические средства класса люкс, более дешевые варианты, а также модели для активного отдыха и путешествий на дальние расстояния. Эксперты прогнозируют ежегодное увеличение средней стоимости паркетников. Однако на отечественном автомобильном рынке ещё можно приобрести новый кроссовер до 800000 рублей. Ниже представлен рейтинг самых надёжных автомобилей по нашей версии. Здесь собраны лучшие представители своего класса, которые пригодны для эксплуатации в наших дорожных и климатических условиях.Читать далее обзор лучших кроссоверов до 800000 рублей-->

Conqueror of the Russian roads - Renault Duster

Renault Duster - budget model compact crossover. For its reliability and simplicity, this car model is considered the best in its price and build quality. Renault Logan is the platform for Renault Duster. Most of the same type of parts allowed to significantly reduce the cost of production, and accordingly, the price to the final buyer. All-wheel drive car. Patency is not inferior to the well-known “Niva” VAZ-2121. Renault Duster - the best crossover to 800,000 rubles.

Power unit

The buyer is available to choose from two engines running on gasoline 1.6 and 2.0 liters. (105 to 143 hp) and two engines operating on diesel fuel 1.5 liters. and 1.5 l. (85 to 110 hp respectively) engine. Only mechanical gearboxes are available: 4, 5, and 6-speed. The version is equipped with an engine operating on a 110 l diesel engine. forces, which operates together with 6-st. mechanics, received wheel formula 4x4 (4WD). This model behaves well on the easy roads.

Modern electronics

Renault Duster salon

Salon Renault Duster

You can buy Renault Logan with multimedia navigation system Media NAV. A large LCD touch screen will not let you get lost in this world. The package includes: air conditioning, ABS, automatic torque distribution, ESP. For passenger heated seats and power windows rear windows will need to pay.

Cost of

The price of the new Renault Logan crossover is on average eight hundred thousand rubles.

Japanese conqueror of country roads

The second place in the ranking was taken by Nissan Terrano, which by its appearance is a bit like a Renault Duster. Did the Japanese learn to make copies of cars, like the Chinese? Not at all. The body of the crossover Nissan Terrano is only a modified chassis "Duster". All the stuffing and body kits are designed by Nissan engineers.

Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano

Overpayment for comfort

The work of Japanese engineers was not in vain. The output was a comfortable crossover with a fashionable "facelift" and a rich bundle. The car is slightly more expensive than the Renault, however, it fits perfectly into the price segment between the Renault Duster and the Nissan Quasquai.

Salon Nissan Terrano

Comfortable lounge

The price of the new Nissan Terrano crossover in the Comfort package will be 615,000 rubles. The package includes: air conditioning, multimedia system, ABS, many electronic systems of dynamic stabilization, electric mirrors, central locking. Car safety includes a reinforced body and two Airbeg.

Options "Elegance" includes additional options: side airbags, trip computer, heated front seats and mirrors, fog lights. In the configuration Elegance + additional options will be: rear parking sensors, leather-trimmed steering, rear electric windows, alloy wheels. Buy Nissan Terrano Elegance + configuration with a gasoline engine can be for 810,000 rubles.

Sports Chinese Geely MK Cross crossover

A customer who has a small amount of cash, but wants to become the owner of a car with features that allow you to overcome easy off-road, you should get Geely MK Cross. This car is a passenger hatchback with minor changes to the body structure and suspension. To operate the car in the city center and fishing trips Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru is an acceptable option for the price, quality and practicality.

Geely MK Cross

Geely MK Cross

Many crossover buyers opt for a representative of the Chinese automotive industry - Geely MK Cross.

Design by Geely MK Cross

Externally, the MK Cross resembles the significantly modified MK 2. The front bumper received a two-tone scale. Matt black paint, in which the bottom of the bumper is painted, protects the coating from small chips and scratches that certainly occur during operation.

The arches of the wings received a powerful lining. There are also large door moldings. Designers also worked on the thresholds, installing plastic lining on them. All this together protects the paintwork of the car from hitting small pebbles. It is good that the railing is installed in the upper part, to which a special additional trunk is attached.

Ground clearance Geely MK Cross significantly increased to 17.5 cm. Now a compact crossover can easily overcome off-roads, fords, etc. What is the best way to use a car for riding kebabs or fishing? The answer is simple - MK Cross.

The front dashboard concentrated almost all devices in the central part. Analog devices are replaced by digital. Devices at night illuminate the interior in a pleasant turquoise color. The steering wheel is height adjustable.

Салон Geely MK Cross


Technical equipment

The power plant is a four-cylinder petrol, 16-valve, 94 liters capacity. with. For the engine is only available 5-speed manual gearbox. The choice of Geely MK Cross will be right, as the level of fuel consumption is very attractive: 6.5 liters. on 100 km. in the city and 5 l. on 100 km. In the countryside.

Basic equipment «Comfort» will cost the buyer in the price of 370000 rubles. The set of options available for such a price is very impressive: air conditioning, ABS, fog lights, two front airbags, power windows on all doors, power steering, music system with 6 speakers.

Another Chinese: Great Wall Haval M4

Great Wall Haval M4 is a compact Chinese crossover belonging to the class "K1". For the first time, sales of the model began in 2012 with minor improvements and modifications. Now the car is sold in our car market.

Great Wall Haval M4

Great Wall Haval M4

Perhaps the Chinese car is not as attractive and popular as the famous brands of the German or Japanese auto industry, however, low prices and reasonable quality win the hearts and wallets of customers.


The Great Wall design team and engineers did a great job on the Haval M4, making the crossover easily recognizable and modern. The length of the car - 3961 mm, width - 1728 mm, height - 1617 mm. The length between the front and rear axle - 2383 mm.

The front suspension is based on McPherson struts, assembled on a stretcher. Rear suspension - torsion beam semi-dependent type, attached to the supporting body. Suspension works perfectly, quite energy-intensive and works out almost all the irregularities and pits. Basic equipment received 16-inch alloy wheels with 205/60 tires. Clearance is - 18.5 cm.

The basic equipment is impressive: ABS, EBD, hydraulic steering wheel, twin pillows, power windows, electronics adjustable side mirrors, air conditioning, audio system with USB.

Luxury equipment is better equipped than other options. Options are added: leather steering wheel cover, electric sunroof, SD card slot, GPS navigation, heated seats, parking sensors and a rear-view camera.


Great Wall Haval M4 оборудован двигателем объёмом 1,5 л., работающим на АИ-92, оборудованным системой фаз газораспределения и новой технологией впрыска топлива. Мощность силовой установки составляет 106 л. с. Engine разработан в соответствии с Евро-4. Установлена пятиступенчатая механическая коробка передач. Также доступна автоматическая коробка передач на 6 диапазонов.

Fuel consumption is too high. The manufacturer reluctantly shares the results of factory tests that determine the level of fuel consumption of the engine. According to the road passed in tests in city mode, the Haval M4 showed 92 gasoline consumption levels at 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Design Haval M4

Compact size and excellent visibility allow you to drive in cramped urban conditions without much difficulty. On the off-road, the M4 boasts a fairly high ground clearance for passing uncomplicated obstacles and will be able to drive into a place where a regular car won't pass.

Design Haval M4

Design Haval M4

Buyer available 6 options for painting the body. It will not be easy to choose the color of the car, because the body color is excellent.

Great Wall Haval M4 prices

The price of the Great Wall Haval M4 in the Comfort package with a manual gearbox will be 549,000 rubles. Luxury equipment will cost 619,000 rubles. Choose a crossover, based on existing personal funds.

Резвый Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX - compact urban crossover with the possibility of passing simple off-road. The car belongs to the class "K1". The new model of the updated ASX appeared on the European market in September 2016.

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX

Design and interior

Restyled model Mitsubishi ASX well copies the X-shaped style of Mitsubishi Outlander and Pajero Sport. The crossover received a modified frontal part and aft, the roof was slightly higher than its predecessor, the doors and rear-view mirrors also received a modified form.

Салон Mitsubishi ASX

The design looks more sporty compared to the previous model.

The interior has also undergone some changes. Completely new steering wheel is a pleasure to hold. The new multimedia system with a large display size of 6.1 inches will allow you to work with the on-board computer and customize the car to fit your needs and driving style.

Mitsubishi ASX is designed for long journeys. It will also be comfortable in close urban traffic.

Specifications ASX

The crossover is equipped with a 1.6 liter engine., 117 liter capacity. with. front-wheel drive and manual transmission. Other engines are also available to the buyer:

  • gasoline - 1.8 liters, 140 liters. with. (INC);
  • turbo diesel - 1.8 l, 150 l. with. (AKP);
  • turbo diesel - 2.0 liters, 150 liters. with. four-wheel drive (automatic transmission).

The average fuel consumption of the basic model with a manual transmission: in the city - 7.5 l / 100 km. Country cycle - 5.0 l / 100 km.

The price of the basic configuration - 739,000 rubles.


All cars considered in the “rating” differ from each other. Crossovers are different in price, appearance, as well as comfort and interior details. Any of the crossovers presented in the rating can be bought for 800,000 rubles. All of these cars have a common feature - they are all a bit cheaper than flagship models. You should not expect great comfort from them, since all of them are budget options and belong to the K1 light SUV class.

In any case, it is necessary to study all the crossovers available on the market up to 800 thousand rubles new in dealerships and then only to buy a car.