Compare hyundai solaris and skoda rapid


Few motorists can boast that they know exactly which car will come to replace the one that they have now. Most still torn in the choice of at least between the two models. In this article we will discuss what is better: Skoda Rapid or Hyundai Solaris.

Skoda Rapid and Hyundai Solaris - which car will be better?

Skoda Rapid and Hyundai Solaris - which car will be better?

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  1. Body type Hyundai Solaris is available in two versions - a sedan and a hatchback, while the Skoda Rapid is in only one - liftback, which is a mixture of the previous options. Both cars are assembled in Russia. In St. Petersburg - Hyundai, and Skoda - in Kaluga. The manufacturers for Skoda are the Czech Republic, and South Korea for the Hendai.

    Hyundai Solaris Car доступен в кузове седан и хэтчбек

    Hyundai Solaris Car доступен в кузове седан и хэтчбек

  2. Luggage capacity.The Korean car, these parameters are more modest compared to the Czech. For a sedan, the capacity of the luggage compartment is 370 liters, for a hatchback, this value is already 470 liters. At the same time, the performance of the Czech car is much more impressive - 550 liters, and with the seats in the back row of seats lowered, the volume rises to 1500 liters, so if you want, you can even put a washing machine there. In this respect, European practicality is immediately felt. In both cars under the boot floor there is a spare wheel.
  3. The convenience of passengers and driver.Here it is more difficult to choose what is better than Solaris or Rapid, because both cars for second-row passengers are spacious enough even for a tall person. Additional options include door pockets, lights and handles on the ceiling. Solaris also has a niche for a bottle in the back door.

    Skoda Rapid liftback is a car that combines sedan and hatchback

    Skoda Rapid liftback is a car that combines sedan and hatchback

  4. General equipment.In the basic configuration, the situation is as follows. Hyundai Solaris boasts six airbags, an audio system with 4 speakers, and depending on the configuration equipped with air conditioning or a single-zone climate control. There is a heated steering wheel and windshield. In the rearview mirror is mounted camera display, which adds convenience when parking, for example. Skoda Rapid in this respect is somewhat more modest - only two airbags, but there is an audio unit and climate control system.
  5. Clearance. This figure is different and is 143 mm for Skoda and 160 mm for the Henday.


Specifications of Hyundai Solaris
Car model:Hyundai Solaris
Producing country:South Korea (build Russia, St. Petersburg)
Body Type:sedan, hetčbék
Number of places:5
Number of doors:5
Engine capacity, cubic cm:1591
Power, l. c./about min .:123/6300
Maximum speed, km / h:185-190
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.2 (manual transmission), 11.2 (automatic transmission)
Type of drive:front
CAT:5 Manual, 6 Manual, 4 Automatic, 6 Automatic
Fuel type:gasoline AI-92
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​7.9; highway 4.9 - for manual transmission, 8.8 - city, 5.2 - highway - automatic transmission
Length, mm:4375 (sedan) 4115 (hetčbék)
Width, mm:1700
Height, mm:1470
Clearance, mm:160
Tire size:185/65R15
Curb weight, kg:1100
Full weight, kg:1565
Fuel tank capacity:43

  1. Fuel tank volume and fuel consumption.Here, the values ​​are also different and look like this: 43 liters of gasoline enter the tank of a Korean car, and 55 liters of fuel are already placed in a Czech car. As for consumption per 100 km, for Hyundai Solaris “on the mechanics” when traveling around the city will spend 7.9 liters and 4.9 liters on the highway, while on the “automatic” these values ​​will be 8.8 liters and 5.2 liters, respectively. At Skoda Rapid, these figures are slightly different: Manual transmission will show 8.9 liters in the city and 4.9 liters for a country trip, and automatic transmissions will already be 10.2 liters and 6 liters.
  2. Speed.Максимальная скорость этих двух марок примерно одинакова — около 190 км/ч. Разгон до 100 км/ч также не слишком разнится, несмотря на то, что под капотом у них разное количество «лошадей» — 105 у Шкоды и 123 у Хендая. Так, для чешской модели эти значения таковы: 10,6 с на «механике» и 11,9 с на «автомате», а у корейской — 10,2 с на МКПП и 11,2 с на АCAT.
  3. CAT. We looked at cars with a 1.6-liter engine produced in 2014. Here Skoda Rapid against Hyundai Solaris can not argue. The choice is wider in Solaris - six-speed automatic transmissions and manual transmissions have been added, to the existing 4 automatic transmissions, 5 manual transmissions. The sixth gear will not add speed, of course, but it will increase the efficiency of the engine. At the same Skoda options only two - a five-step "mechanics" and a six-speed "automatic".
Specifications Skoda Rapid
Car model:Skoda Rapid
Producing country:Czech Republic (assembly Russia, Kaluga)
Body Type:liftback
Number of places:5
Number of doors:4
Engine capacity, cubic cm:1598
Power, l. c./about min .:105/5600
Maximum speed, km / h:193
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.5 (manual transmission), 12.2 (automatic transmission)
Type of drive:front
CAT:5 Manual, 6 Automatic
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​8.9; highway 4.9 - for manual transmission, 10.2 - city, 6 - highway
Length, mm:4483
Width, mm:1706
Height, mm:1461
Clearance, mm:143
Tire size:185/65R15
Curb weight, kg:1155
Full weight, kg:1700
Fuel tank capacity:55

What to choose in the end?

If you focus on the design, those drivers who focus on the severity and some broken lines, will choose the Skoda. This is a fairly classic car. Hyundai also features a more modern interior and in general the car looks more dynamic and youth. Korean car seems to be more urban model than its competitor from the Czech Republic, which is clearly a workhorse and more family-owned, something that is facilitated by just a huge trunk.

Inside the car Hyundai Solaris you will find elements of modern interior

Inside the car Hyundai Solaris you will find elements of modern interior

Noise insulation Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% is about the same, despite the fact that each car makes noise in its own way. Changing the wheels when buying will slightly reduce the sound effect.

Что касается езды, то по городу она достаточно комфортна в обеих моделях. На загородных трассах Хендай Солярис несколько уступает Шкоде Рапид в основном потому, что не решена проблема с задней подвеской. Эта проблема вообще отличает некоторые корейские автомобили от европейских. Сама подвеска настроена средне. При колейности дороги автомобиль начинает болтать. Шкода же в этом отношении чувствует себя несколько увереннее. Вообще, все владельцы Хендая знают, что этот автомобиль более устойчивый и лёгкий, однако после 70 км/ч начинает слегка вибрировать, правда этот момент нивелирует 6 АCAT.

Test drive a car Hyundai Solaris:

As for the gearbox, I must say that Skoda has a great five-speed "mechanics", so smooth is the car. In this regard, it becomes even slightly incomprehensible why a six-speed automatic was released for the Russian market, because it significantly increases the amount of the purchase. Although, of course, there is a personal file for each customer.

The interior of the car Skoda Rapid is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable travel.

The interior of the car Skoda Rapid is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable travel.

If you haven’t decided yet, on which scale the choice will fall: Solaris or Rapid, then continue the review.

The back of the driver's seat at Hyundai Solaris is regulated in steps and the distance between the steps is large enough, which creates some inconvenience. On the driver's seat at the Skoda Rapid is somewhat more convenient. Both cars have adjustable steering wheel height and height, but the skin on the Rapid is much more pleasant to the touch.

Test drive car Skoda Rapid:

The front panel in Rapid looks simple and concise in comparison with Solaris, but at the same time all the necessary functions are present there. For Hendai, some elegance of lines is characteristic without loss of information content.

Regarding the price of cars. Both cars in the basic configuration are about the same in value, another thing is that the equipment itself is somewhat different, as we said above.

Therefore, when choosing a car, it is worth being guided mostly by one thing - if you are an avid summer resident or have a large family, then the Skoda Rapid will be a better choice. Hyundai Solaris is more suitable for urban residents and young people.