How the car behaves if the lambda probe does not work

Foreign cars, produced from the 80s, in European or American models already had a lambda probe in their construction. He is involved in the chain of formation of the fuel mixture. The sensor contributes to the balance of its formation. A good driver should know the signs of malfunctioning of the lambda probe, since the car’s performance depends on its condition.

How does the sensor work?

The basic task that the λ-probe performs is to control the volume fraction of oxygen in each portion of the exhaust gases. The optimal value should be within the range of 0.15–0.3%. A significant deviation from the norm set by the manufacturer leads to negative consequences with the power plant of the vehicle.

Traditionally, the installation of the oxygen sensor is carried out in the exhaust manifold near the connecting pipes. Less often in some models, its designers put in a different place. At the same time the position does not affect performance.

how the car behaves if the lambda probe does not work

There are variations of oxygen sensors with both broadband and dual channel types. In the first case, the device is described from high and middle class cars, and in the second, from economy series cars and vehicles manufactured 2–3 decades ago. Also characteristic feature of progressive designs is balancing the correct reading and a high degree of accuracy.

It is important to know that due to the diligent work of oxygen sensors in cars, the engine life significantly increases, the speed is balanced and fuel consumption is reduced.

Due to their design features and a certain location in the collector, the sensor does not expect a uniform signal. This is influenced by the fact that the controlled exhaust of exhaust gases gets on monitoring after a large number of operating cycles. In fact, the λ-probe is able to react after the fact to failures and send information to the ECU about it..

Symptoms of an oxygen sensor malfunction

Malfunctions of the device affect the operation of the motor as a whole. Failure can unbalance the smooth functioning of the fuel system, sending the mixture calculated by proportions into the combustion chamber.

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The following symptoms manifest themselves:

  • inside penetrates the outside air and exhaust;
  • the case is depressurized;
  • прибор морально устареет;
  • oxygen sensor overheats due to improper operation of the ignition;
  • there are problems with wiring, which affects the quality of sending a signal to the electronic control unit;
  • appeared damage due to improper operation of the vehicle.

Usually, external effects begin to appear gradually, so motorists do not always correlate the problems of the ignition system with a lambda probe. Although to detect it and monitor the status is not difficult.

At first, fluctuations in performance occur in a wide range. Periodically deteriorates the loss of quality of the fuel mixture.

what are the signs of malfunction lambda probe

Drivers should know how the car behaves if the lambda probe does not work. There are unreasonable jerks in the work, uncharacteristic popping from the engine or closer to the exhaust. Often on the dashboard while driving a characteristic light indicator. Such anomalies are not worth ignoring, but it is worth conducting a primary diagnosis.

It is important to monitor the sensor with a significant decrease in power.. Moreover, this is done for cases when there is no obvious reason for this. It will be necessary to look into the knot when the car stops reacting quickly to pressing the gas pedal, and at the same time you hear the pops from the engine compartment. You can not lose sight of the noticeable overheating of the motor.

Manufacturers of modern cars can lay the launch signals on the dashboard, as well as a complete blockage of the movement of the machine. The driver will only have to cause emergency evacuation.

The most problematic option for breakage is considered to be the loss of the sensor tightness. We do not recommend to continue driving in this case, as it can lead to more serious engine damage. With such a flaw, exhaust gases do not go into the pipe, but are able to penetrate into the area where the reference atmospheric air is located. Thus, the sensor detects a surplus of molecules and sends the wrong signals to the computer, disabling it.

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Loss of power - true sign of reducing the tightness of the lambda probe. Also, the engine starts tapping and there is a smell of exhaust in the cabin. You can notice the symptoms by increasing the soot on the exhaust valves and near the candles.

The device will have to be tested or completely changed. In SRT conditions, expensive oscilloscopes are used, and multimeters are used for this in the home garage. Based on the results of the check, the final decision is made on what to do with the sensor.

As a rule, with oxygen sensor, most motorists do not carry out repairs. They simply change or assemble a special self-made plug. It is preferable to carry out final diagnostics on high-quality equipment to make sure that it is the lambda probe that is subject to repair.