Honda civic 4d: tuning sedan do it yourself. step-by-step

Honda Civic car belongs to the small middle class cars, he knew the utmost changes in 2012, and now the eighth generation of this model is available to all motorists. Manufacturers promise an imminent release of the ninth model, however, what does the eighth version of the Honda Civic offer us?

Sport Tuning Honda Civic

Honda Civic 4d can have both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive equipment, with a coupe, sedan or hatchback body. The engine package can be 1.4 or 1.8 liters with a manual or automatic gearbox.

Advantages of auto tuning

Having passed some time on such a unit, it feels like we are missing the installation of a new aerodynamic body kit, wheel disks and improved rubber, spoiler, optics and other accessories that the Civic 4d simply needs. The car has always looked stylish, temperamental and dynamic, now the elegant sedan after tuning will look even smarter and more powerful. No wonder "Civic" supports the brand of the legendary car.

Tuning Honda Civic

Tuning elements chosen very carefully, they had to look exclusive, as the car itself Honda Civic. The choice of motorists are invited to tuning Honda Civic 4d by installing mudguards, deflectors on windows, grille and bumper covers, install roof rails for cars, winches, rear and front view cameras, and GPS navigator. Actually, we added all the same elements when tuning the body of the Audi 100 - be sure to compare.

To order Honda Civic 4 tuning now does not force much work. All you need is to have some money, and a good supplier will find you himself. The supplier will do everything to ensure that your car has a perfect look, both from the outside and from the inside. He will also be engaged in installation. After tuning Honda Civic 4, you will get another car, more powerful, aesthetically perfect and for use. Tuning significantly saves money, rather than buying a new modern car model.

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Honda Civic stylish tuning

What and how to tune?

Let's start tuning cars. Pay attention to the Honda Civic skirts. By installing reliable aerodynamic body kits, you can significantly transform the car, make it more aggressive and sporty. The car has always been famous for its economy in fuel consumption, even when traveling on a city route, to emphasize this feature, aerodynamic body kits were installed. In addition to the appearance, the kit can reduce drag by redirecting air flow. This feature will affect the better on the car's handling, especially at high speeds.

The body kits are made of durable high quality plastic, there are enough options in the dealer networks. In addition to the aerodynamic body kit installed front and rear spoilers, bumper pads and grille. By installing the front optics, you can drastically change the appearance of the car. In order to emphasize the tuning carried out Honda Sivic 4, install the lining on the wheel arches. Below you can see one of Honda Civic 4d tuning photo.

Honda Civic tuning photo

Installing the skirt and thresholds improves aerodynamic drag and affects auto acceleration. Products are made of polypropylene, which are superior to plastic in strength, stability and elasticity, regardless of temperature. Devices are installed without adhesive tape and sealants, and with the help of metal fastening.

By installing the rear bumper, you will not only change the appearance of the car for the better, but also improve its technical characteristics, thereby making the Honda Civic 4 even more unique. For improved aerodynamics, do not forget to install a spoiler on the trunk of a car, it will reduce the formation of vortices that brake cars and which load the rear axle.

Professional tuning Honda Civic

Alternative optics headlights with halogen lighting will significantly affect the external style of the car. If desired, you can install even brighter - xenon headlights. One of the most popular kits is considered the Civic Eagle Eyes optics (Angel Eyes), having the appearance of neon glowing rings around the lenses. Lamps are based on a cold cathode, which makes them durable and economical than alternative light sources. By installing the lower LED strip, you can emphasize the bending of the headlight profile, and optionally use the element as daylight.

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Противотуманные фары смогут украсить Ваш автомобиль, повысить безопасность на дороге, особенно когда присутствует плохая видимость. Задние габариты фар также меняются на более мощные и надежные, улучшая при этом видимость другим машинам. Задние фары модели Smoke&Black в отличии от стандартных ламп не имеют красного цвета.

Tuning Honda Civic

The behavior of the car Honda Civic 4 on the road significantly depends on the state of the suspension. This part is the connecting element of the body with the road surface. By tuning the suspension using DGR coilovers, you can get improved handling, acceleration of the car, braking quality and passenger comfort in the cabin. Such a detail will work stably and will last a long time.

By changing the external characteristics of the car, you emphasize your own taste, and will always stand out among the masses of other gray cars. The car will always look original and memorable.

And from this test drive of a Honda Civic car, you can just find out which parts should be upgraded and how best to do it: