Ssangyong gets rid of russian intermediaries

SsangYong избавляется от российских посредников The company SsangYong, a South Korean manufacturer of SUVs that are quite popular with us, is going to refuse the mediation services of the domestic company Sollers. Koreans intend to organize own representation in Russia. Open it is planned for the next three months. The result will be direct sales organization from the manufacturer конечному пользователю. Причина, по которой SsangYong, входящая в индийский автоконцерн Mahindra & Mahindra, решила дистанцироваться от дистрибьюторских услуг Sollers, скорее всего является следствием того, что российская компания не оправдала ожиданий автопроизводителя. Это удорожило конечную стоимость уже двух моделей SsangYong, что в условиях и без того падающего спроса сыграло на падение доверия к российскому игроку.

In Sollers itself, all this information is called rumor and still calls itself the exclusive distributor of SsangYong. However, it was noted that the company is currently “optimizing” its business for a specific demand for SsangYong models. The word "optimization" can be interpreted in different ways. But given the refusal of Koreans from further cooperation, it is completely transparent what sense the leadership of SsangYong felt in this word.

Currently SsangYong sales centers sell only last year’s model range of their cars. It is quite possible that new deliveries will start in the period of April-July of the current year. It is not necessary to rely on the previous supply volumes, since the SsangYong management has already officially informed that due to the economic crisis and currency exchange dances it has been forced to reduce supplies to the Russian market.

How will the Koreans' refusal to cooperate with the Russian distribution company affect the end user? Most likely, direct delivery of cars from the manufacturer, excluding from the chain margins Sollers, reduce the cost of Korean SUVs for the Russian buyer. Although due to the crisis, this amount may not be as tangible. Although in a crisis and any discount you will be happy. But Sollers is clearly not good. Indeed, according to statistics, the share of sales of SsangYong cars was about forty percent of the total sales of Sollers. In ruble terms, we are talking about several tens of billions. It is unlikely that the company will be able to safely survive such losses.

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